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Five favourite films

1. Memento (2000) dir. Christopher Nolan

2. The Lovely Bones (2009) dir. Peter Jackson

3. Shutter Island (2010) dir. Martin Scorsese

4. Pulp Fiction (1994) dir. Quentin Tarantino

5. Good Will Hunting (1997) dir. Gus Van Saint

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Raven Cycle & The Foxhole Court Crossover

okay just listen to me matt boyd and henry cheng would be best bros ofc but what about the others??? gansey and kevin would also be bros geeking out over history, blue and the girls (namely dan and allison) would be besties because they’re powerful women who are amazing and beautiful and feminists that take no shit. and i can see renee and adam being an odd friend pair,, kinda like her and andrew. noah and aaron playing games and shit (and noah introducing the murder squash song to the foxes and only neil and aaron can tolerate it and aaron thinks it’s funny) ronan and andrew and neil like bonding over being badasses and stuff. ronan and andrew bonding over being goth™. and like neil and adam bonding over how their dads are assholes. renee and ronan going to church together and bonding and omfg. renee or andrew teaching blue how to wield her knife properly (i’m crying) omg henry meeting jeremy. NICKY AND ALIVE NOAH DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING. this is really fucking me up i could write an entire novel about my headcanons for this.


Films Seen in 2015 // Cinematography

#24: Lost River (2014)

Written & Directed by Ryan Gosling

Cinematography by Benoît Debie

What’s that? More Foxhole Court and Raven Cycle crossover headcanons? You don’t want them? Well too bad folks because I’m overflowing:

  • Blue not only is a fierce Exy player but also fits in seamlessly with the girls. Actually, she finds it quite nice not to be surrounded by dumb boys constantly. Her and Renee dye each other’s hair. Allison and Blue have vastly different fashion tastes but equally respect each other’s Look and go shopping together. Dan and Blue like to make fun of their dumb tall boyfriends in a lighthearted teasing way. 

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I love the fact that trc and tfc are somehow connected on social media. There’s this beautiful collection of humans who have read both of the series and they’re just struggling to comprehend what could be more perfect in the world and they would all die for their sons and they don’t really understand why the Raven Boys have any relation to the Foxes but they love them. They love all of them and they’re all mixed up together, running around Cabeswater, Gansey playing Exy in boat shoes and an orange team sweatshirt and Ronan is swearing and Andrew is glaring and Renee is complimenting Blue on her latest outfit and Nicky is trying to be sly as he checks out Henry’s ass and Matt is in awe of the Camaro and Kevin is shouting at everyone because no one, except Noah, seems to be following the rules of the game and Adam and Neil are comparing how shit their fathers are and for some reason that no one can explain… They all seem to fit together. And they’re all beautiful. And all the people who love them are beautiful. And I just wanted to say that. 


Lynch – a fanmix for Declan, Ronan, & Matthew (x)

01. the lion’s roar - first aid kit (declan & ronan)
02. dream brother - jeff buckley (ronan & matthew)
03. lemonade - cocorosie (declan & ronan & matthew)
04. eyes shut - years and years (ronan & declan)
05. the mother we share - chvrches (declan & ronan & matthew)
06. dreamers - hopium ft. phoebe lou (declan & ronan)
07. holy branches - radical face (declan)
08. just one of those things - meg & dia (ronan & declan)
09. stronger than ever - raleigh ritchie (ronan)
10. secrets - maria mena (declan & ronan)
11. vagabond - misterwives (matthew & declan)
12. brother song - circa survive (declan & ronan)
13. blue ridge mountains - fleet foxes (ronan & matthew)
14. nobody knows me at all - the weepies (matthew)
15. failure by design - brand new (ronan & declan)
16. brother - matt corby (declan & ronan & matthew)
17. i sing i swim - seabear (matthew & ronan)
18. alien - thriving ivory (declan & ronan & matthew)

all for the game / the raven cycle au (i will never be fed up of these

- okay so after the events of trk (trc) ronan js recruited into the foxes (idc why he would rver say yes but just go w it), adam’s off at some ivy league college, and bluesey + henry are doing whatever on their road trip
- at first ronan Clashes with the foxes, but after a few months things calm down
- andrew is no longer trying to kill him
- the foxes offer to take ronan to eden’s twilight w them and to their surprise he says yes
- but
- “adam’s visitng then. he’s coming too.”
- and the foxes are just like ????? adam ????
- (nicky is dying inside bc he can just tell by the way ronan says adam’s name that the scary street racer is in love)
- ronan casually tells them that adam’s his ivy league super successful boyfriend
- allison takes her winnings
- but the foxes still know practically nothing about ronan, and even less about this mysterious adam guy
- they’re undecided to whether he’s gonna be an ivy league Nerd (bc lbr some of the foxes are kinda judgemental) or someone more like ronan
- anyway, after a day of ronan’s roommates not being allowed in their dorm (i wonder why hmmm) its time to go to edens twilight
- matt offers to drive ronan but instead he says he’ll go on his own with adam
- everyone wants to know who the hell this kid is. because no one expected ronan to be dating an ivy league Genius
- when they arrive and ronan introduces adam to the foxes, nicky dies
- “but he’s so pretty! ronan where did you find him? ronan tell me how to get to henrietta. ronan pls”
- andrew realises that this adam guy isn’t going to be a threat so he dissapears with neil (i wonder why hmmm)
- literally everyone falls in love with adam who is just so overwhelmed how nice half of the team is ????
- kevin is sulking in the corner bc everyone is giving their attention to pretty adam and not eXY
- aaron is making out with katelyn
- as much as ronan loves seeing adam happy and popular, he’s missed his boyfriend too much just to watch him talk w matt, nicky and the girls
- “adam, come dance with me”
- cue nicky taunting ronan for having a heart after all
- adam and ronan dancing. just imagine it. except adam can’t exactly dance and ronan is so In Love
- later on a group of girls hit on adam and hs’s so oblivious except he’s not gonna complain about ronan suddenly taking his hand and being super coupley
- after adam goes back to his college the press spot ronan wearing adam’s college hoodie and ofc they’re like “ronan do you support a rival exy team???” (even tho its not even an exy hoodie jfc)
- ronan’s just like “nope. it’s my boyfriends” and walks off without saying another word
- and the press mutually complain about how the foxes are the Worst to deal with
- but if the press ever asked anything else thats remotely invaise ronan would do a neil and Shut Them Down

- blue joins the foxes a year later after the roadtrip
- everyone knew ronan secretly had a heart but still. he wasn’t exactly the most friendly guy around
- but now his Bro sargent is here and everyone is like wtf
- they’re constantly fist bumping (and bickering lbr)
- blue has a go at 90% of the foxes on her first day for being sexist/problematic in any way
- most of them dismiss her bc she’s smol (have they seen andrew????) but ronan completely backs her up bc sargent is bad. ass
- people begin to fear her
- andrew is like !!!!! threat !!!!!!! before he begins to respect her like he does renee (but they’re not as close)
- blue and ronan just become an amazing duo on the pitch and its beautiful
- henry and adam and gansey come to every game with home made banners covered in glitter (to honour noah)
- gansey and henry, when they first meet the team, somehow manage to accidentally offend half of them
- but its okay because if anyone says anything bad about them that isn’t true, blue and ronan have their backs
- (no one says anything bad about adam. he’s too pure

i just have so many feelings about trc and the foxes byyeeee