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Bucky Barnes Masterlist

Jefferson x Reader

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Date night

Netflix night.

Lilac Skies. (*)

Matt Murdock x Reader

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I’ll buy you a sofa

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Because I love you

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Fair play.

From Firenze with love. One. Two Three  (*)

Ivar the Boneless x Reader

The Wolf and the Dragon. (*)

Punishment. (*)

Santa’s Naughty List.  (*)

Summary: You’ve been wicked this year and you won’t get presents.Collection of smutty fanfics involving our favorites Marvel characters.


Baby on Board (Bucky Barnes x Pregnant!Reader)

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*coughs up blood* p-parkour continuation, death by arahir's writing is how I wanna go... ur too good I love you omg.

yo here have some passably cute and anguished parkour

sheith parkour au part 3: matt falls into a romantic comedy by accident

[part 1] [part 2]

Dear Katie,

I’m disowning you.

Matt doesn’t talk to Shiro for a full twenty four hours. Not because he’s mad, but because he can’t look at Shiro without his bright eyes and his red face and Keith’s soft little Sir playing on loop in his mind.

It’s the like an intrusive thought, but instead of something innocuous like wanting to drop his phone off the side of the Garrison, he wants to jam his head against the wall until the memory is gone or he sustains permanent brain damage.

He’s about thirty seconds from giving in when the door to their room slams open—actually slams—and Shiro flings himself inside.

“Someone sent him flowers,” he moans in absolute agony. Shiro should be at lunch, far away from Matt, which means he actually hunted Matt down in their rooms to cry about this, which—

“Wait, what? Flowers?” Matt asks, because it rings a bell in the worst way.

“I knew this would happen,” Shiro mutters, not listening. “He’s got that hair and the legs and the accent…”

Keith has at least two of those things, but so do most people, and there’s no way two people at the Garrison have been bewitched by that hair. It’s not statistically possible. “How did they send him flowers all the way out here? How did you even find out?”

Shiro flops down on his bed and pulls his pillow over his face in a fair imitation of a distraught teen girl. “Iverson,” he says into the cloth, followed by something long and moaning that Matt can’t make out, which is probably for the best.

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Eddsworld God/Devil AU

So just the bored person I am and it’s almost 3am I bring a AU to everyone! This one is a AU where the EW characters are holy or unholy entities or people who are in part of it. Here’s the following I made for the list. If there’s any other character you like to be put onto this AU list, send me a ask!

Edd being God since it is Eddsworld and he created it.

Tom being a Priest speaking out to the people.

Jon being the cinnamon roll he is deserves to be an Angel in this AU!

Matt being a Fallen Angel, following under Devil’s rules and helping to tease the priest and the Angel’s good deeds. But would be neutral to Tom and Jon sometimes which pisses Tord off a lot.

Eduardo would take position of a anti-priest, spreading Tord’s word along side with two others so that way he doesn’t screw up.

Paul and Patryk would be demons helping under Tord’s rule to bring chaos around the world and do their best to try to convert Tom over but as they try, Tom is still spreading Edd’s word which renders Paul and Patryk useless.

Tord being the Devil himself and trying to take over Edd’s world with a iron fist.

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Hi, I love your blog, I am so glad to have found it. I wanted to ask if you have any rec for books that have multiple POVs and do it well, when i say multiple i mean between 5 and 10. Anything that is NOT Game Of Thrones related.

Thank you!  That’s wonderful to hear, and I’m glad you found it as well.    

My favorite in recent memory (in no particular order:)

1.  ‘Salem’s Lot, by Stephen King.  

Viewpoint characters include author Ben Mears, his eventual love interest Susan Norton, high school teacher Matt Burke, priest Father Calahan, precocious twelve-year-old Mark Petrie, and many others as King allows the reader to explore the town and its residents.  

He handles the intricate narratives beautifully, and if you’re not squeamish about horror (both the mundane and supernatural variety) it’s a great read.

2.  Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. 

One of my favorite books of all time.  Viewpoint characters include the beloved angel/demon duo Aziraphale and Crowley, Adam (the Antichrist) and his small posse, the witch Anathema and witch hunter Pulsifer, as well as the Four Horsepersons of the Apocalypse and others.  If you love intelligent satire, Pratchett-esque wisdom, and Biblical mythology, this book’s for you.

3.  The Help, by Kathryn Stockett.

Granted, this one has only three viewpoint/POV characters – Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter – but it’s handled so beautifully I consider it a must-read for anyone planning on writing a book with multiple viewpoints.  Every character feels uniquely her own, with a distinct voice and personality.  It’s extremely well done, profound, and entertaining.

4.  The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, by Ayana Mathis.

A wonderful and gut-wrenching book about Hattie Shepherd, a Black woman in early 1900s America, and her nine children.  Each glimpse into the lives of Hattie and her family as they all recover from the grief of Hattie’s lost dreams – particularly the death of her firstborn twins – and find hope for the future is incredibly moving, personal, and human.  I highly recommend it.  

5.  The Forgotten Garden, by Kate Morton.

Okay, this is another book with only three viewpoint characters, but it’s still incredibly beautiful and well done.  The viewpoint alternates between three women and three respective time periods as they attempt to reconnect to their forgotten past and histories.  

Fair warning:  this book is incredibly sad and depressing.  Like, Charles Dickens meets the Bronte sisters depressing.  Every character has experienced profound loss of one kind or another, and it’s not for the faint of heart.  But it’s very beautifully and intelligently done, so if you have the stomach for it, I highly recommend giving it a read. 

In any case, I hope this helps, happy reading, and happy writing!  <3

12 days until Fates is out in Australia/Europe!

i realized halfway through this that he looks like the condescending wonka meme and i 

Saint of the Day – 7 June Venerable Matt Talbot OFS (1856 – 1925) (born Matthew Talbot) – Layman, Ascetic, Mystic – known as the “Saint in Overalls” and “the Workers’ Saint”, disciple of Eucharistic Adoration and the Blessed Virgin –  Patron of Struggling and Recovering Addicts and Alcoholics and many addiction treatment programs, retreats and centres throughout the world bear his name.  His grave is at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Seán McDermott Street, Dublin.

Ven Matt Talbot lived at an incredibly difficult time.   He and his 13 siblings were born into poverty in Dublin shortly after the Irish Potato Famine.   One million people died from this largely human-made disaster that saw, even while starvation was rampant, the British government’s siphoning off profit from Irish crops and livestock.   Another million people emigrated and alcoholism was rampant among those who stayed behind.

His father beat him, made him change jobs—but nothing could stop Matt’s habit.    After work he and his buddies went straight to the pub.   Matt spent every penny on drink and once pawned his boots for a pint.   Remarkably, his drinking did not prevent his putting in a good day’s work.   And he said that when he was intoxicated he occasionally thought about the Blessed Mother and prayed an off-handed Hail Mary.   Matt speculated later that she may have had something to do with his conversion.

One day in 1884, when Matt was 28 years old, an incident occurred that changed his entire life.   For a week he had stayed away from work, drinking heavily.   Saturday found him sober, thirsty and penniless.   But confident that his workmates, for whom he had often bought drink, would come to his assistance, he stood with his brother near O’Meara’s pub on the North Strand to meet his colleagues coming from Pembertons.   The men passed in twos and threes but none stopped to ask the brothers to have a drink. Matt said later that he was “cut to the heart” by this treatment and went home. Mary Andrews, his sister, reported what happened when Matt came home that day:

My mother said, “You’re home early, Matt, and you’re sober!” He replied, “Yes, mother, I am.” After dinner he remained in the house which was not usual, and finally he remarked to my mother. “I’m going to take the pledge.” She smiled and said, “Go, in God’s name, but don’t take it unless you are going to keep it.” He said, “I’ll go, in God’s name.”

As he was going out mother said, “God give you strength to keep it.”   He went to Clonliffe, made his confession, and took the pledge for three months.   He had been a couple of years away from the sacraments then.   Next morning—Sunday—he went to Holy Communion.   On Monday he went to 5 a.m. Mass in Gardiner Street and was at his work as usual at 6 a.m.   This he made a regular practice from that time on.

But after his work, to keep away from his companions, he used to walk to a distant church, either St. Joseph’s, Berkeley Road, or St. Peter’s, Phibsboro and remain there until bedtime.

Once or twice—possibly on a Saturday—he went with the men to the public house but he drank only minerals and he usually spent Saturday afternoons away from where he might meet his old companions and generally in a church.   He had a bad time of it at first and sometimes said to my mother, that, when the three months were up, he would drink again.

But Matt extended the three months into forty-one years.   His new behaviour flabbergasted everyone.   Matt supported his sobriety with traditional Catholic disciplines such as prayer, frequent communion, weekly confession, spiritual reading, fasting and charitable works.   He also seems to have taken guidance from a wise spiritual director but the person’s name is not known.   In 1891, Matt found community support by joining the Franciscan Third Order.

Matt often read the Bible and the lives of saints and he also began reading papal encyclicals on social justice and books on the labour movement.   His faith and his concern for the poor led him to action and in 1900 he joined a strike from the Dublin Port & Docks Board to demand a modest raise of sixpence to their daily pay of four and sixpence.   When management refused, he was one of four workers who held out from returning to work while the rest slowly gave in to the financial pressure.

He became a loyal member of Ireland’s Transport and General Workers Union.   When the Dublin Lockout of 1913 led to sympathy strikes throughout the city, Matt consulted a trusted priest as he discerned joining the strike.   The priest encouraged him and Matt joined the strike also came to quote a phrase from a book the priest gave him: “No man has the right to starve a worker into submission.”   During this strike, he refused the strike pay given by the union to ease financial hardship, saying that he had not earned it. Later he accepted the pay but shared it among the other strikers.   Matt was a vocal supporter of James Larkin, a famous union organizer and major figure in Ireland’s labor movement.   One union leader, Stephen McGonagle, described Matt as “a beacon of light to Irish workers.”

Prayer and mortification
Matt Talbot mortified himself rigorously.   He slept on a plank bed with a piece of timber for a pillow.   This left his face numb in later years.   He slept in chains which he wore for 14 years before his death, round his leg and on his body.

He prayed each night from 2 to 4 a.m., then dressed and prayed again until it was time to leave for Mass in St. Francis Xavier’s Church.   He would arrive at 5am, if not earlier,and would kneel in prayer at the church’s iron railings, waiting for it to open.   On entering he would kneel and kiss the ground, then make the Stations of the Cross.

In 1892 Matt took up employment as a bricklayer’s labourer with the firm of T & C Martin, on the North Wall, where he remained until his death.   He fasted constantly.   His breakfast consisted of cocoa prepared the previous evening by his sister, which he often drank cold.   With this he ate some dry bread.   For his midday meal he had cocoa to which he would add a pinch of tea and again drank cold.   With this he took a slice of bread.   His sister would bring him a small evening meal.   If she brought fish he would insist that she take it home with her and would make do with bread soaked in the fish juice.

On Sundays he remained in the church for every Mass.   Only on returning to his room at about 2 p.m. would he break his fast for the first time since 6.30 p.m. the previous day. The remainder of the day was spent in prayer, reading the Scriptures and the lives of the saints. He gave all his money to neighbours in need and to the missions.

Collapsed and died
Matt was on his way to Mass in St. Saviour’s on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 1925, when he collapsed and died on Granby Lane.   A paragraph in The Irish Independent of the following day stated, “An elderly man collapsed in Granby Lane yesterday and, on being taken to Jervis Street Hospital, was found to be dead.   He was wearing a tweed suit, but there was nothing to indicate who he was.”

He was buried the following Thursday, the feast of Corpus Christi, in Glasnevin Cemetery.

In 1952 Matt Talbot’s remains were exhumed and transferred to a double coffin bearing the inscription, ‘The Servant of God, Matthew Talbot.’   The coffin was placed in a vault in the central circle of the cemetery to which pilgrims began to flock from all over the world.

In 1972 Matt Talbot’s remains were removed to the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes in Sean McDermott Street.   The tomb has a glass panel through which the coffin may be seen.

He was declared Venerable by Blessed Pope Paul VI in 1975.


Lord, in your servant, Matt Talbot
you have given us a wonderful example of triumph over addiction,
of devotion to duty and of lifelong reverence of the Holy Sacrament.
May his life of prayer and penance give us courage
to take up our crosses and follow in the footsteps of Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.
Father, if it be Your will that Your beloved servant
should be glorified by your Church,
make known by Your heavenly favours
the power he enjoys in your sight.
We ask this through Jesus Christ Our Lord,
in union with the Holy Spirit,
one God forever and ever, Amen.

Anyone who receives a favour through the intercession of Matt Talbot is requested to write to Fr John Flaherty, Vice-Postulator of the Cause, Our Lady 83 Marlborough Street, Dublin 1.

my favourite thing about daredevil is how in the confessional booth in episode one matt tells the priest that grandma used to say ‘’be careful of the murdock boys’’ and yet he is so surprised when the priest figures out that hes matthew murdock as if every second new yorker running around is a blind murdock who had a dad who used to box

priest au where mattie went to priest school before law for catholic reasons and left for revenge reasons

one day nelson & murdock is visited by a priest who needed their help, and it turns out that this guy was matt’s mentor (or whatever i don’t know how this works) and foggy just slowly, slowly turns towards matt, and matt can feel his stupid evil little smirk, and he keeps calling him father mattie  the whole fucking time and father james just sits there and laughs at thim the jerk (with respect hail mary) (and he lets foggy call him father jim when it slipped out by accident once, not fair, he didn’t let matt get away with anything)

and the case might be over (and successfully won), but foggy’s not done, and keeps calling him father mattie in that slow, deliberate, smug voice, and matt lasts about a week before he breaks

(well he breaks into foggy’s place in his leather onesie, and foggy’s still smirking and smug and slowly mouthing around the words father and mattie, and matt crowds him against his bedroom wall and bites foggy’s lips as he calls him that just one more time before they tumble into foggy’s bed and matt had foggy on all fours, fingers digging into his soft sides while foggy kept moaning father matthew)

(hello hell here i come)

Trick or Treat

Headcannon: Matt’s afraid of witches because growing up the nuns would tell scary stories about witches that would steal souls of children who were bad. So of course Jessica would be evil and milk that cow for what it’s worth.

Jessica: *hanging out at Matts apartment looking at her phone* Hey did I ever tell you I’m a witch?

Matt: ….Really…. *heads to his his room*

Jessica: What are you doing?

Matt: Hoping my priest can make a house call

Jessica: *mutters* moron

~Later that day~

Matt: Luke did you know Jessica’s a witch?

Danny: SHE IS????!!!!!

Luke: *smacks his forehead*

netflix original series 'daredevil' season 1 episode 1
  • matt murdock: i need to tell u about my dad
  • priest: i am a priest not a therapist
  • matt murdock: my dad has the devil in him and so do i
  • priest: ok but what is ur sin
  • matt murdock: im not seeking penance it does not matter
  • priest: please get out
  • priest: dont sin god loves u bye
  • matt murdock: im definitely gonna sin
  • priest: what
  • matt murdock: bye

Also things like this: from Marvel’s Daredevil, the Priest asks Matt Murdoch how Murdoch knew he was sitting alone in the church seeing as he’s blind, and Murdoch replies “do you want the long answer or the short answer?” in a reference to an earlier conversation, and then the conversation moves on. I know it wouldn’t be desirable for the script and it would be strange if the show parked it to have that talk, but seeing as people in real life aren’t trying to be meaningful all the time, wouldn’t an acceptable response to that exchange from the Priest be “but seriously how did you know? No one else knew I was here.”