matt pichette


Sailor Scouts!

Inspired by the new Crystal reboot of the anime series, Sailor Moon, me and a few other art friends decided to do an art collab where we each take one of the original five scouts and Tuxedo Mask and put our own spin/style into their designs! Below is a list of links to the artists and which character they redesigned! Please check them out!

Sailor Jupiter - Phillip Light aka philliplight

Sailor Mars - Calvin P aka calvinloveinternet

Sailor Moon - Gina aka ginsays

Tuxedo Mask - Matt Pichette aka mattpichette

Sailor Mercury - RDTJ aka rdtj

Sailor Venus - Michael Perez aka illustrated-process


From sketch to color with Matt Pichette

1. Rough sketch
This layer is for the general pose. Doesn’t have to show a lot of detail just getting the form and what not down.

2. Refine for detail
On a new layer. I set the rough on a lower opacity and do a more refined sketch that helps me work out detail for the inking.

3. Ink
I usually don’t ink this thick of lines, i usually use around a 5 px hard brush. Just like before I lower the opacity of the refine sketch to help with inking, but it’s not something you have to do. It just makes it easier for me. I try to make the lines as consistent in similar thickness before I add any line variance to give the inking more weight 

4. Color and Shading
On a layer below the line art, I color the image. Sometimes it helps me to place a solid color down for the entire drawing, then on a clipping layer color on that so you don’t have to worry about painting outside. (the second image shows how I organize the color layers). I also use this for shading as well.