matt phare

Matt Phare // Mr Hyde - ShortList

To those of you who know of me as the illustrator of Mr Hyde, in a few months’ time I shall be stepping down and leaving behind a huge body of work I am immensely proud of. I have neither the time nor brevity to explain my reasons but I hope to leave with my head held high knowing I was vital in the launch of such an impressive and successful title. You may be wondering who exactly this suave looking fellow is, well… Matt Phare is in fact a buddy of mine who also happens to be the creative director of ShortList Media Ltd. I can guarantee that without him I wouldn’t be where I am today and without his saint-like patience I would have packed my bags a long, long time ago. Cheers Matt. 

Edit: turns out that as soon as my contract expired Matt decided to cut all ties with me! I guess he was only friendly with me to keep me sweet during my time there, to pacify me whenever I had an outburst… pity that people will go to such measures for the sole benefit of themselves and their company. I also sent a farewell email the day the contract expired and received zero replies, bon voyage ShortList Media Ltd!