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In the midseason finale, Barry will require the assistance of the “original” Flash (in more ways than one) to take down the looming threat of Doctor Alchemy and Savitar. After all, that would be consistent with the original story in which the “god” is thrust into the Speed Force by a speedster army. Spoilers ahead. With additions Kid Flash and Jesse Quick, Flash will need all the help he can muster if Gorilla Grodd and a mysterious new villain will show up. Would it not be easier to just call in the cavalry (Supergirl) again? Savitar looks unbeatable.

Speedster Team-Up Time, by Christian Saclao.


Falling Skies - Photograph

Thank you Falling Skies! Thank you for this show, these characters, this story, it’s meant so much to me and this is my tribute and thank you to this wonderful show. 


The Flash Season 2 “Everything Will Change” Promo

Teen Choice Wave 2 Nominees...

Teen Choice Wave 2 is posted!!! Congratulations to Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickards, Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Matt Nable and Tom Cavanagh!!! Arrow and The Flash are kicking ass and taking names!

Let’s get them some surf boards fandom!!!!!

Matt Patton. Columbus, OH. 2009.

Matt plays bass in the Dexateens, Drive by Truckers, and is the front man of Model Citizen. This was taken while I was on tour with the Dexateens. They were opening for the Truckers. Matt would later go on to play bass in the Truckers. If you ever have a chance to watch this dude on stage you will witness one of the most amazing stage presences ever. 


Oh God,when Barry popped his collar during this scene my heart skipped a beat.Swag level on the roof was through the roof for real! And Iris, don’t even be playing you weren’t scanning Barry from head to toe to capture him in all his magnificence LOL

“The Reverse-Flash Returns” — (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET) (TV-PG, LV) (HDTV)

HE’S BACK… — When Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gets a vibe of Eobard Thawne (guest star Matthew Letscher), Barry (Grant Gustin) and the team don’t believe it. But, after an attack at Mercury Labs, Christina McGee (guest star Amanda Pays) confirms that the Reverse Flash is back. Meanwhile, Iris (Candice Patton) and Francine (guest star Vanessa A. Williams) share a nice moment that brings Iris closer to her brother, Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale). Michael Allowitz directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing (#211).  Original airdate 1/26/2016


Men’s 400m Freestyle A Final - 2012 Columbus Grand Prix