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30 Day TV Show Challenge

Day 14:  Favorite Male Character

I can’t choose just one, so in no particular order.

Angel, BTVS & Angel - Angel was this grumpy old soul who made mistakes, who lost a son, and love, and battled his inner demons, and outer demons, and tried and most of the time failed to make the world a little better, not for glory, not because he was chosen, but because he decided to fight, and in the process he became a hero.

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Jesse Pinkman, Breaking Bad - Take a stereotypical stoner drug dealer and make him pathetic, and vulnerable, and heartbreaking, and funny.  Watch this malevolent force come into his life and manipulate him emotionally over and over, because this kid, who has no one is so desperate for approval, and love and acceptance that he suffers and suffers.  The only thing I prayed for in this series finale is that Jesse would somehow survive and be at peace. 

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Chuck Bartowski, Chuck - he started as this goofball nerd and by the end of the series you completely bought him as this action hero spy stud.  But, through it all he kept his heart of gold.

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Matt Saracen, Friday Night Lights -  He was thrust into the limelight by circumstance, but he rose to the challenge.  He was the ultimate good guy, he took care of everyone around him like his grandmother.  He was abandoned by both of his parents, but found a surrogate father in Coach Taylor.  A lot of the heart of the show was bound up in this kid’s journey.

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Ned the Piemaker, Pushing Daisies - Ned brings people back to life, but when he revived Chuck, the first love from his childhood, he was the one who gained a life.  And even though he can never touch her again, their chaste love story is one of the most romantic I’ve seen. 

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Pacey Witter, Dawson’s Creek - If Dawson was the intellect, then Pacey was the heart of the show.  He came from a blue collar background, he never expected to make anything of his life, he struggled after high school to figure out what he wanted to do with his life, he made bad choices, and he made great choices.  He was wise beyond his years and he always (okay most of the time) remembered what was really important in life.  He loved with all his heart and in this teen drama, his portrayal in the Joey love story was surprisingly mature.  I hoped and wanted her to choose him at the end, and was gratified that the show agreed.

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Oliver Queen, Arrow (so I had to include this one right) - The thing I find interesting about Oliver Queen is that he has never felt like he deserved happiness.  He ran away from it before he ended up on that Island.  And those five years of mental, emotional, and physical abuse as he said stripped everything away.  Since then, he’s slowly rebuilding and reshaping himself, finding and appreciating what and who he is and trying not to make the same mistakes.  He’s a painfully slow learner, lol, but I find his journey compelling and inspiring.

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VL-1's Revenge
Overcaffeinated Lad
VL-1's Revenge

Overcaffeinated Lad - VL-1’s Revenge.

Just came across this on my computer while emptying out an old download folder. I believe this song is from highschool. One of my better attempts at using Fruity Loops. The song is named after the Casio VL-1 (or VL-Tone), samples of which feature prominently in this track. The VL-Tone was an early Casio instrument which featured a combination of synth, sequencer, and calculator.

Most people have probably heard this instrument before in the Trio song Da Da Da I Don’t Love You You Don’t Love Me Aha Aha Aha (aka Da Da Da), possibly in a 1997 Volkswagen Golf commercial.


Matt Pacey - My Emotions.

A ‘parody emo song’ I wrote back in the day.


Matt Pacey - If I Needed Someone (Beatles cover).

Once again, learning how to play a song from chords on the internet. Originally from one of my favourite albums, The Beatles’ Rubber Soul. I go on too long and mess up the repetitions, but whatevs. I’s learnin’ stuffs.

The High Castle
Growing Panes

Growing Panes - The High Castle.

Recorded in 2008 in my parents’ basement.

I play bass as Joel makes guitar noise, with vocals spoken through a voice changer by our friend Mike Moore. This track is named for the mistaken belief that Mike was reading from The Man in the High Castle by Philip K Dick. He had actually put down the book and was quoting Silence of the Lambs.

“It puts the lotion on its skin.”

Mike also plays with an accordion a bit.


Matt Pacey - I Know There’s an Answer (Beach Boys)

What makes a better soundtrack for such a bright and sunny day than the beach boys?

Ok, I guess this may not be one of their sunnier tunes…


Matt Pacey - Time (Pink Floyd).