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‘Directors Cut’ is an ongoing series of portraits by Matt Needle @needledesign part of a series of limited edition prints based upon the works of his favourite movie directors.

A3 (297 x 420 mm)
A2 (420 x 594 mm)
high quality digital Matte prints on 280gsm paper in limited editions of 50 (in each size) for £25 (A3) and £37 (A2) each.

outercorner  asked:

For the dialogue prompt, #15 with your preferred pairing?

#15: “Was that supposed to hurt?”

I though this would be a cute first prompt for my superfamily AU, which I introduced here. Please tell me what you think!


“It’s just a small needle, Tony. You’re going to be fine,” Steve whispered to his husband, trying to keep him from freaking out in front of the kids.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” Tony grumbled. The two of them were in Bruce’s lab with the kids, waiting for him to give everyone a flu shot.

“Do you want a repeat of last year? When you and the kids got sick and Isabel ended up in the hospital with pneumonia?“ Tony sighed, knowing Steve was right. It was at that moment Bruce came to the family with four disposable syringes with the flu vaccine. Tony and Matt paled at the sight, and Steve knew this was not going to be easy. Both of them had a fear of needles, so he knew they were going to be difficult, and Peter and Isabel hadn’t really dealt with needles since they were babies, so he had no idea how they were going to react, though he had his suspicions.

“Daddy, why does Uncle Bruce have needles?” Matt asked.

“Well, remember last year when everyone got sick? We’re going to make sure it doesn’t happen by getting the flu vaccine.” Steve explained as positively as he could to the 8-year-old.

“You mean a shot?! It’s gonna hurt!” Which was the start of Matt freaking out. Tony tried to calm Matt down as best he could, but unfortunately, seeing his brother freak out, made Peter start to freak out.

“Why does it gotta hurt?” Peter asked, nearly on the verge of tears

“Hey, no, Peter it’s going to be fine. Look, Isabel isn’t worried about a little needle,” Steve tried to sooth, pointing out the youngest, who was just playing with her doll while chaos seemed to ensue around her. Peter was one to feed off the energy in the room, so since Matt was freaking out, he was freaking out, though Steve had hoped he would have followed Isabel’s calm presence.

“Why don’t you watch Isabel go first? She’ll show you guys how easy it is” Bruce suggested to the group, and Steve said a little prayer thanking God for Bruce. Peter seemed to like this idea, and while Matt seemed unconvinced, he went with it.

“Does that sound okay Is? You can sit on Papa’s lap.” Isabel nodded and waited for Tony to sit down so she could crawl onto his lap. Tony seemed to relax a bit as well having her calm presence in his lap, which was exactly what Steve had been hoping for.

“Why are you letting her be hurt?” Matt asked in a panicked voice. Though an anxious kid, Matt usually tried to keep it to himself, but for some reason, he felt the need to get everyone worried about the needles, and it was starting to really frustrate Steve.

“Matthew would you please calm down and stop trying to scare everyone,” Steve said calmly, but sternly, as Bruce cleaned Isabel’s arm.

“Okay, on the count of three you’re going to feel a little pinch,” Bruce explained as he took the vaccine in hand. “Ready, one, two, three.”

Bruce quickly gave the girl the shot, before disposing of the syringe.

“Good job Isabel. You were very brave,” Steve told her. The 5-year-old looked around at everyone, looking a bit confused.

“Everything okay bear?” Tony asked, using her pet name. She looked around a bit more before asking a question that almost made Steve burst into laughter,

“Was that supposed to hurt?” Isabel wondered, in seemingly genuine confusion.

Steve definitely did laugh after the fact when that question alone seemed to get his boys over their anxieties about needles and take their shots without any more complaints.

Prompt: Day 6 - Scars/Bruises

Zombie Apocalypse AU for @shiromattweek!


Matt unzipped his bag and pulled out the first aid kit, “I knew that place wasn’t safe, there was a reason why it was so stocked up on pharmaceuticals.”

The other man watched him fuss and curse, “I’m so sorry…I should’ve never requested to scavenge in there.”

Shiro chuckled and followed by a grimace as the wound pressured under his palm shook with him, “Hey, medicine is hard to come by these days and we took most of it before that door bursed open,” he watched as Matt quickly disinfected the needle.

“You could’ve gotten BITTEN,” Matt had a stern expression before it softened, “I…can’t lose you too, Takashi,” Shiro’s heart swelled and he swallowed the saliva accumulating in his mouth.

Matt popped open a small compartment and Shiro watched with amusement, “Is that dental floss?” he asked Matt after watching him loop the floss through the needle.

“Sure is,” Matt signaled for Shiro to remove his hand and it revealed a nasty gash on his forearm, “That’s going to leave a scar.”

Shiro grinned, “A Minty Fresh one.”

Eddsworld Doll Au request

Anonymous said:

Idea maybe?: A doll(idk who, maybe Matt or tord) has its stuffing fall out and losses it (it drops down the back of a table?) and Tom gives him some of his stuffing since he’s been hurt before and can deal with it better. Bonus is tied is away for a few days and returns to the dolls trying to (badly) fix each other

Tord had to go away for a week. He didn’t want to but Paul and patryck said that Edd and Tom were on his trail, close to finding him, and order to keep himself and the army safe he had to hide. Part of Tord wanted to stay in the main base, and meet Edd and Tom after all this time. But he knew it wouldn’t go down well, someone would end up dead and Tord didn’t want to risk anyone in his army to get hurt in his scuffle.

He made sure the dolls had plenty of small toys and trinkets, and made sure it was locked up. He felt at ease when Paul offered to watch his door and even check on the dolls. Tord said that watching his room would just be fine and The dolls might need a little time on their own.

The dolls were confused at first. Tord never usually locked up the dollhouse in morning anymore, only tucking them away and locking it when it was night, or he had to go to a meeting. So when the second day rolled around and they were still locked away they began to grow uneasy.

The patryck and Paul doll seemed nervous, glancing out the small windows, and even checking on the Tord doll just to make sure he was ok - he was just pouting in the corner - and they paced the small house a lot.

Edd didn’t like being trapped and tried to find ways out of the small dollhouse. Matt eventually also grew uneasy and began searching with Edd. Eventually they found a small hole at the bottom of the house and crawled out, playing a small game of tag.

Matt eventually got up on the workbench, edging Edd on to play a sword fight with two small needles. Edd tried to take the small needle from Matt who refused to let it go. Soon Matt fell back the small needle piercing his small plush body. He yelped and stood quickly the needle tearing the small body. Matt stumbled slowly, almost falling of the workbench, but Edd quickly caught him, only a small amount of fluff falling onto the floor.

Tom had been laying on the couch, ignoring the two soldiers who paced the house behind him. He only looked up from his jacket when he heard the panicked moans of Edd. He jumped up letting Edd lay Matt down, looking at the tear and fluff that was missing.

Tom took almost no time picking up a sharp piece of wood that lay in the house and cut his stomach open Edd gasping loudly and waving his hands in panic. Tom picked out and put it into matt, pushing Edd aside. He was used to the pain and Tord wouldn’t be back soon enough to help matt.

Tom then got the attention of the two wondering soldiers and told them to go get a needle and thread, the soldiers glanced at eachother before agreeing to do so and Edd lead them to the small hole he and Matt had found.

Tom comforted matt, telling him bizarre stories and when he was sure no one was close around - he forgot about tord - he sang softly to Matt, which seemed to calm him down. He focused on the tone in toms voice and soon enough the soldiers came back with what tom had requested.

Slowy and carefully tom stitched matt up, it wasn’t the best but it would hold until tord got back, and matt seemed visibly better. Edd panicked over Tom who only shook his head then went to his room to rest.

Tord came back to a mess.

The dolls were all out of the house - even surprisingly tord - and they were on the workbench. Matt was crying, making small moaning noises as Tom tried to find the string that matched his jacket. Edd was waving a needle around and Paul was trying to stop him, along with avoiding getting stabbed. Tord was helping Patryck who had probably gotten stabbed by edd, and was missing an arm. Tom had to keep pausing to shove some stuffing back into him that wanted to fall out of the wide hole that he contained.

They all jumped at the small door opening and turning to look at tord then gasping, dropping whatever the held and scrambling around.

It took awhile to calm them but eventually they were all calm. Tord took Edd and Tord back to the doll house - he tried to take Paul but he refused to leave Patrycks side only hissing at Tord as he tried to pull him away - then he worked on fixing up the three hurt dolls. Patrycks arm had somehow made it across the room and was also missing some cloth. Tord decided he would just have to remake the arm. He fixed Matt up - felling guilty as he had to take the string out of him and redo it the doll whining the whole time - and Tom then put them back in the house.

It took him awhile but he finished remaking the arm and sewed it back onto the small doll, Paul cuddling him and watching intently. When he finished he put the dolls back into the house, paul placing a soft nonexistent kiss to Patrycks forehead.

Tord stepped out for a moment noticing a worried looking Paul pacing.

“How is patryck doing?” He asked softly and Paul shrugged.

“They won’t tell me anything. They won’t let me see him.” Tord smiled sadly.

“Hey, he’ll be alright. I think he just hurt his arm.” Tord said and paul sighed.

“I hope you’re right”

What happened to Patryck???? Why does he seem to experience the same pain as the doll????????????? Well go follow my new blog @ash-writes-shit where i will be posting my stories. I will still be posting them on here but they will be more organized there. What should i write next?

note: I just realized i spet patryks name wrong up until this point OOPS