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You have been the one for me - A post-finale mix with all the sad and fluffy songs I’ve been listening to on repeat since last night. Listen here.

1. Dear True Love - Sleeping At Last | 2. Come Back When You Can - Barcelona | 3. I Knew I Loved You - Savage Garden | 4. This Love - Taylor Swift | 5. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt | 6. Can’t Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson | 7. Run - Matt Nathanson | 8. Photograph - Ed Sheeran | 9. Venus - Sleeping At Last | 10. With Or Without You - U2 | 11. One Night - Christina Perri | 12. She Is The Sunlight - Trading Yesterday | 13. Down - Jason Walker | 14. I Am A Pirate You Are A Princess - Play Radio Play | 15. Sad Song - We The Kings | 16. Everything Has Changed - Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran | 17. When You’re Gone - Avril Lavigne | 18. All I Want - Kodaline | 19. Make It To Me - Sam Smith

Songs for Writing Sexy Stuff

One in a Million, Aaliyah (open-pandoras-box)
Take My Breath Away, Berlin (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Drunk in Love, Beyonce (open-pandoras-box)
Dirty Laundry, Bitter:Sweet (Skeewiff Remix) (molly-bergstrom)
Gorilla, Bruno Mars (girlwithsixsmiles)
La La, The Cab (burningletter-)
Temporary Bliss, The Cab (burningletter-)
Me & U, Cassie (ohemgeeitscoley)
Save Me From Myself, Christina Aguilera (open-pandoras-box)
Crash into Me, Dave Matthews Band (open-pandoras-box)
Fear the Fever, Digital Daggers (absentlyabbie)
Surrender, Digital Daggers (absentlyabbie)
Kiss Me, Ed Sheeran (girlwithsixsmiles)
Cosmic Love, Florence & the Machine (Seven Lions Remix) (open-pandoras-box)
Never Let You Go, Florence and the Machine (open-pandoras-box)
Paris (Ooh La La), Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (girlwithsixsmiles)
Fall, He is We (maggiefuckingjordan)
Forever and Always, He is We (maggiefuckingjordan)
Pardon Me, He is We (maggiefuckingjordan)
What Gets You Off, Jack’s Mannequin (burningletter-)
Whiskey, Jana Kramer (macyaudenstar)
I Belong to You, Lenny Kravitz (open-pandoras-box)
Run, Leona Lewis (open-pandoras-box)
Melodies & Desires, Lykki Li (boneycircus)
The Beauty of Who You Are, Marc Broussard (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Lonely Night in Georgia, Marc Broussard (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Saturday, Marc Broussard (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Where You Are, Marc Broussard (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Hands All Over, Maroon 5 (girlwithsixsmiles)
Secret, Maroon 5 (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Shiver, Maroon 5 (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Sunday Morning, Maroon 5 (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Bulletproof Weeks, Matt Nathanson (burningletter-)
Come on Get Higher, Matt Nathanson (macyaudenstar & notababoonbrandishingastick)
Kiss Quick, Matt Nathanson (burningletter-)
Sooner Surrender, Matt Nathanson (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Still, Matt Nathanson (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Run, Matt Nathanson ft. Jennifer Nettles (notababoonbrandishingastick)
Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking her Clothes Off, Panic! at the Disco (aristocatly)
Halfway, Parachute (burningletter-)
Kiss Me Slowly, Parachute (burningletter-)
White Dress, Parachute (burningletter-)
You and Me, Parachute (burningletter-)
What’s My Name, Rihanna ft. Drake (open-pandoras-box)
Put Me in the Car, Ryan Gosling (notababoonbrandishingastick)
You Send Me, Sam Cooke (open-pandoras-box)
Smooth, Santana ft. Rob Thomas (absentlyabbie)
La Tortura, Shakira (open-pandoras-box)
So Much Better, The Snowdroppers (erin-louise)
Sweat, The Snowdroppers (erin-louise)
The Kiss, Trevor Jones (boneycircus)
High For This, The Weeknd (open-pandoras-box)

Al Green (waylaidbyjackassery)
Marvin Gaye (waylaidbyjackassery
Prince (waylaidbyjackassery)

Baby Bash Pandora Station (ohemgeeitscoley)

ineedsomeadrenaline  asked:

1-Paramore-Decode 2-Apocalyptica-Bittersweet 4-Sting-Shape Of My Heart 5-RHCP-Hey Oh 6-Imagine Dragons-Radioactive 7-OneRepublic-Counting Stars 9-HIM-For You 10-HIM-The Funeral Of Hearts 11-GN'R- Don't Cry 12-Linkin Park-Pushing Me Away 13-Linkin Park-What I've Done 14-The Cranberries-Promises 15-GreenDay-21 Guns 16-Phantom Planet-California 17-SOAD-Lonely Day 18-Matt Nathanson-Run 19-Aerosmith-Dream On 20-Arctic Monkeys-Do I Wanna Know 21-The Cranberries-You and Me 22-Evanescence-My Immortal

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