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So Magnus and Alec had a bit of a problem where Magnus was in Valentine’s body, and Alec didn’t believe him? And there was a lot of, sort of betrayal on that? And it didn’t really went anywhere? Is that something that’s gonna come back?

2x12 Alec/Valentine/Magnus Scene Recap by Matthew Daddario 


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listen bitches (marvel)

so after that finale; if in dd s3 they try to shove k*redevil down our throats as matt “moving on” again, i just won’t be able to buy it. matt was 100% ready to die for elektra. he even told danny he basically didn’t expect to make it out. he knew the risks of staying down there with her and he did it anyway. they held each other as they ‘died’. do you understand: matt willingly sacrificed himself for her. just like when she sacrificed herself for him. they’re soulmates, and that’s just a fact. it’s not the healthiest relationship, but there’s no denying their love for each other. i don’t think matt will ever love someone else like he loves elektra. so yea, sorry marvel but i don’t think anyone will be here for matt and karen


Day 03: Pining // Pre-Kerberos heislookingatkeith is what I live for (feat. a charisMATTic wingman) 

cry baby // the nbhd

When pidge was little she believed herself to be very strong so she wanted to give matt piggy back rides. 

So 4 year old pidge getting all ready for it and 11 year old matt being like oookkaaay get ready! And just kinda drapes his body but keeps his feet on the ground to support his weight and she just hobbles around like yes I am so strong! I am the mightiest of all! while matt is like yes you are! my baby sister is the strongest in the world!

Honestly, the worst thing ever about being a wrestling fan is knowing that they can take one bad bump and that’s it. They won’t be able to wrestle anymore and that’s honestly heartbreaking.

I’m trying to lighten up my blog a bit so here’s the old playground!au:

  • first, picture everyone as tiny children
    • Riko is that one kid who takes being “king of the castle” too seriously and he’s always hogging the slides and being a general butt
    • Kevin and Jean go to day care with him, so they’re kinda just going along with it
    • all of the Foxes are pretty fed up with Riko but what can they do?? they get caught trying to beat his swarmy ass into the the sand and they’re grounded
    • of course Riko ends up throwing a tantrum anyways and pushes Kevin and Jean off the play structure
    • the good news is that kids bounce
    • the bad news is that Jean ended up bumping his head and Kevin twisted his wrist and now everyone has to go home and get yelled at for playing too rough
    • the next day Kevin joins the Foxes
    • Jean, perhaps for the best, wanders away and gets invited into the sand pit with the Trojans, who are 500% more civilized and are currently in the process of burying Alvarez
    • meanwhile, the Foxes are determined to take down Riko
    • Dan draws all of them into a huddle and gives probably the most dramatic speech to ever grace the playground:
    • “win because you don’t know how to lose. this king’s ruled long enough - it’s time to tear his castle down.”
    • except, y’know, it’s this tiny kindergartner saying it, surrounded by other tiny kindergartners, and basically they just all climb onto the playground structure and ignore Riko’s yelling
    • the final standoff is between Kevin and Riko as Kevin dramatically shoves Riko down the slide and refuses to let him back up
    • and honestly, the Foxes aren’t impressed with Kevin’s pushiness either (Andrew least of all), but whatever, they’re going home in an hour, it doesn’t really matter

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