prompt: Matt gets hit with something like Red Kryptonite

original prompt

Maybe not exactly like Red Kryptonite, but something alters Matt’s mind enough that he starts acting… uncharacteristically.

Like picking fights with a gang of bikers for the thrill of it, not because they’re currently committing a crime. Or viciously tearing someone a new one instead of bottling it in. Or refusing to act ‘blind’ in a crowd. It’s almost like any self-editing impulse he had is now gone or majorly suppressed.

And then there’s how he starts acting around Foggy. Slinking right up to him, circling him, voice dropped low. Never touching, but getting very, very close, breathing him in.

Matt is on the prowl and everyone is alarmed. (And if you’re Foggy, a little turned on, but mostly alarmed.)

+ Whatever it is, it doesn’t send Matt completely over the edge. He still doesn’t kill anyone, he doesn’t break hard boundaries. But he’s definitely poking at areas he wouldn’t have let himself go near before.

++ So. Much. Guilt. when he snaps out of it.


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