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How would America, 2p America, 2p Canada, Spain, Prussia, and Germany react to going to a haunted house with their s/o and their s/o got so scared during a jump scare that they passed out? (Sorry if it doesn't make sense)

(This is such an awesome ask! It was fun to do! I hope you like it~ Happy Halloween!)

America/Alfred F. Jones:

Alfred didn’t want to come, he really didn’t- but at the same time, he practically begged _____ to tag along with him. Now, the duo had made it only ¼ of the way in when ______ screamed and passed out from a jumpscare. Alfred was surprised!

“Hey! S-Stop playing, ______!” He screamed, lightly smacking their face. When that didn’t help, and the jumpscares only got worse, Alfred scooped up his (s/o)’s body and ran. At least he got to feel like a hero…

2p! America/Al Jones:

Al was such a tease. He brought ______ to this haunted house, just go get a rise out of them. He wasn’t prepared when they actually passed out!

“______! Woah!” Al caught them before they could hit the ground. “Geez, I didn’t think you’d get this scared…”

Filled with mild regret, Al scooped up their body and walked out. One day, be would tease them about this incident, but as for today, he just felt too bad…

2p! Canada/ Matt Williams:

Matt hadn’t want to come along, but since ____ begged him, he’d decided that he could at least be their support through the haunted house. The jumpscares didn’t amuse him at all, but what did amuse him was ______’s face. The faces they were making were just too… endearing! Halfway through, however, _____ passed out when someone jumped out at them.

-It wasn’t even that scary…- Matt frowned. He picked up their body and made his way through the rest of the haunted house. He’d let them awake to a nice, cold beverage, and a warm, but teasing, smirk.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt:

Gil was thrilled when ______ asked him to go along with them to a haunted house! He couldn’t wait to be their knight in shining armor! Though, now, he didn’t feel the need to protect them; the jumpscares were so not scary! That’s why Gilbert was left surprised when _____ passed out– they weren’t even halfway through get!

That’s not to say that Gil wasn’t worried. He gasped and threw their body over his shoulder, running out of the building. He needed to make sure that his (s/o) was comfortable when they woke up!

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo:

Toni was glad to tag along. Better than _____ going alone! He and _____ glided along, everything was going just swell! The jumpscares made him laugh, and it was overall just good fun! It took a turn for the worst when ______ passed out. A person dressed up as a zombie had popped out, and now Toni was faced with such a predicament.

“Ah…” Toni was still gaping. The person dressed up as a zombie was still apologizing as Toni picked up his (s/o) and placed them on his back. “It’s alright!” Toni smiled, knowing _____ would be okay. “Things happen!” And with that, he left. He couldn’t wait to laugh along with his (s/o) over this.

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt:

Ludwig wasn’t really up for a haunted house, but, with some coaxing, went with _____ anyway. He enjoyed the faces that they were making, and liked the feeling of them clinging onto him. But, when they passed out because of such a lame jumpscare, he reacted calmly and quickly. He carried their body out bridal style and knew exactly what to do. He wasn’t very surprised at all…

Drunk Arthur (part 3 )
  • Arthur: I need a dick right now
  • Alfred: ....
  • Matt: ....
  • Ivan: ....
  • Yao: ....
  • Ludwig: *100% done with Arthur's shit, so now is laying on the floor wondering when the bittersweet end will come*
  • Feliciano: *pasta*
  • Francis: *breaks through a glass window* MY EIFFEL TOWER WOULD GLADLY GO IN YOUR CAVE OF SECRETS!
  • Arthur: *Drunk giggles* I was talking about a dick, froggy
  • Francis: was I..
  • Arthur: no no you said Eiffel tower..not a dick
  • Francis: ....
  • Arthur: Also,I don't have vagina-
  • Francis: where in that sentence- you know what nevermind I'm going home.
  • Arthur: -yet

Lone Survivor - review

Lone Survivor is based on true events that happened to four Navy SEALs during a mission in Afghanistan in 2005. They were sent on a mission known as Operation Red Wings to eliminate Ahmad Shah, a senior Taliban leader.The team needed to investigate the village from a distance and move on their target when the timing was right. The mission through the Afghan mountains was quickly compromised and the team had to make a lot of quick decisions that would lead to their life or death. 

After staking out the village they decided to move to a better vantage point. Along the way they bumped into three shepherds and their goats. After a heated debate over what to do with the shepherds they made a decision which lead to being surrounded by dozens of Taliban soldiers. 

You may have read the book or may have seen an interview with Mark Wahlberg. But if you haven’t seen the movie… I highly suggest going now. I’m amazed at what these men went through. Lone Survivor is an action packed military movie full of raw emotions and suspense. These guys faced really tough decisions and had to deal with combat most American’s never even think about. These guys fell down countless cliffs yet managed to not have their rifle blow up in their faces. I feel like I need to watch this movie again to fully grasp what actually happened. I’m still in shock. They did a great job with this movie and I have a huge amount of respect for our military, these men, and what their families had to go through and I’m sure are still going through.

Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell, Ben Foster as Matt Axelson, Emile Hirsch as Danny Dietz, Taylor Kitsch as Mike Murphy, Eric Bana as Erik Kristensen, and Alexander Ludwig as Shane Patton. 

Rating: A+

maybe i love you

  • a Troy/Abed fanmix
  • Listen here: 8tracks

1. Lenka - Maybe I Love You 2. Matt & Kim - Daylight | 3. Ludwig Goransson – If I Die Before You | 4. Ingrid Michaelson The Way I Am | 5. Barenaked Ladies  – Odds Are | 6. The 88 - At Least It Was Here | 7. Grouplove  | 8. Sara Bareilles - Brave | 9. Passion Pit  | 10. Matt & Kim - Lets Go | 11. Bruno Mars - Count On Me | 12. Donald Glover & Danny Pudi Somewhere Out There |