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I was also disgusted by Matt/Elektra making that top 10 love stories list. I mean, seriously? That scene in 2x13 just drives home that fact that Matt is hopelessly in love with Karen. M/E shippers will say "but they were going to run away together"...which is bullshit, even Elektra saw right through that. She knew the only reason he wanted to go was because he had royally fucked up everything else in his life to the point where Daredevil was all he had left.

right? They could have gone for MattNat or MattKristen but no let’s put this toxic relationship and leave out the most important relationship in matt’s life, i mean it’s not like karen has a love letter written in form of a comic just for her oh no no and not only that, It’s the fact that pretty much every-fucking-body specially their stans deny that Elektra was pushing Matt into killing a human being just bc the thrill of it and bc she could, even they justify her instead 

History repeats itself.

Lorelai & Christopher… and Luke.
Rory & Logan… and Jess.


remember when i said thered be some differences in the au?this is where they show up

Allura takes Valka’s role in a way. Shes the leader of a “resistance group”(by group we mean Matt) of dragon riders, in the AU alteans are a race of humans that have lived along side dragons for like ever but they were killed by zarkon(drago bludvist) leaving only allura 

she lives with the dragons just like Valka and just tries to keep them safe from Zarkon and other dragon hunters. Later on Matt shows up and joins her and even more later on she meets everyone else!heres how she meets shiro

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