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‘Better Call Saul’s Bob Odenkirk On His Approach to Dramatic Acting And Identifying As Writer First (Deadline)

At Season 3’s end, Odenkirk mourned not only the loss of a terrific onscreen collaborator and singular character, but also the loss of the Jimmy he knew. “In the case of Jimmy, there’s the feeling of his humanity being stepped on, or thrown away by his own volition. I think this was the year we really saw Saul Goodman. I don’t know what happens next, but I think he’s more than halfway there.”

While the Jimmy that could have been may be gone, Odenkirk prefers to reserve judgment when it comes to his own arc. “Look, I take it all very seriously, but still—just as a fallback in my own mind—the way I see myself is very much as a writer. Maybe I’m wrong,” the actor says. “Just maybe I’m wrong.”

the crown spoilers!

so i’ve just basically binged watch the crown in the past two days (not the best thing to do when you’re working the night shift!!) and noticed something in the 5th ep.

when elizabeth gives philip the green light to do what he wants for the coronation; with the exception to NOT to go overboard, he proposes to have it televised. 

you know what else had happened on that date?


i swear i was half expecting the whole world having their faces sucked into the tvs when the coronation was being broadcast in that ep.!!!