matt kaufman

Silence as a dialogue option is used to great effect in The Wolf Among Us, as every character typically perceives the main character of Bigby Wolf as some level of threat. Rather than just remaining distant during a conversation, Bigby takes on a more threatening manner when he doesn’t say anything. In addition, characters will often fill the silence with wave after wave of excuses or misdirection, telling the player plenty without ever having to utter a peep.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and listen to
-Aaron Watson
-Cody Johnson
-Josh Abbott Band
-Randy Rogers Band
-Turnpike Troubadours
-Wade Bowen
-Whiskey Meyers
-Kyle Park
-Casey Donahew Band
-Luke Kaufman
-Matt Borden
-Stoney Larue

If you like country music, this is the real stuff, not that pop country Luke Bryan crap on the radio.