matt is perfect in every way

What pet name would the guys from Vampire Diaries give you?

Stefan grew fond of calling you Honey pretty early on in your relationship.  He  wanted to have a pet name for you that was sort of un-common.  A lot of people usually called their significant other some variation of ‘baby’.  Honey wasn’t used a lot anymore, so it kind of fit Stefan in that way.  A little old-timey, but perfect and sweet none-the-less.

Damon constantly called you ‘Dear’.  It had started out as a joke, but after a while he started slipping it into everyday conversation, not just sarcastic comments.  Every time you would ask him to help you with something it would be ‘yes dear’, or ‘coming dear’, and he’d give you a signature eye roll.  Now it wasn’t just his go-to for a sarcastic comment, but his term of endearment to convey how special you were to him.

Matt went for the classic ‘babe’ pet name.  He thought that it fit you, and he didn’t have to even think about call you babe.  It just rolled right off his tongue.  He loved to just hold you close and murmur ‘babe’ in your ear, whether it was while you were cooking or just watching a movie or tv show.

Jeremy called you sweetie.  He bounced around in a few pet names at the beginning of your relationship, but he ultimately choose to continue to call you sweetie.  It wasn’t his usual style, but he liked that it was something unexpected.

Alaric grew fond of calling you Darling, and used it more often than he did your actual name.  At first he didn’t even realize that he was calling you by a nickname.  He would call you ‘Darling’ when he was extremely busy with work.  He’d be deep in reading student papers or books and would let ‘Darling’ slip without even realizing what he had said.  Eventually when he did realize what he was calling you, he just let it stick.

Kai would go for a more classic pet name, but something still creative.  He’d call you Dove.  It was something that you didn’t hear often, so it was special to the two of you.

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fam, I’m so crazy about Persona 5 that I did this. TBH, I LOVE all of them! They are fantastic, well-written, and relatable characters. Persona is a special series to me, and Persona 5 is even more special in a way. I find myself in every single character, especially Ann Takamaki’s problems with bullying and creeps, as well as self discovery. I relate to Makoto with academics and the pressure to be perfect and Haru with overcoming hardships in relationships. As for Futaba, I relate to her social anxiety and am a huge nerd. Playing the game and seeing them overcome their struggles really hits home to me! I can’t wait for the English version so I can laugh and cry tears of joy.
Thank you so much ATLUS for bringing Persona into my life. Because of this series, I met amazing friends across the world and have found more confidence in myself. Thank you ❤️😭

Matt: Baby pen…?

Matt: OH! You want to see my baby girl?! She’s the light of my life! She’s perfect in every way! When she kicks her tiny feet against the floor, it inspires my drumming! She’s too cute!

Matt: Let me go get her out of her hutch. You guys will love her, I promise!

Matt: Meet Toast! She’s everything. We found her not too long after I first came home. She was injured in our back yard. We helped each other recover from our ordeals.

Matt: We’ve been inseparable ever since! She normally hangs out in our garage when we’re practicing, other than that she hangs out in my room safe and sound in her big hutch Tom built for her! She made these past months easy on me. I wouldn’t give her up for anyone! She’s my best friend.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Genre: it’s like, fluff and kind of angsty.

Words: 6,135 (I am sorry.)

Warnings: Negative thoughts, maybe? Some swearing too.

Summary: Phil Lester, also known as AmazingPhil, ends up falling for the cute piano player who likes to play Muse on his recitals, even when he kept telling himself it would never happen. youtuber!Phil/pianoplayer!Dan

A/N: The AU no one was asking for! This only happened because I was like, “Man, I wonder if Dan knows how to play Butterflies and Hurricanes” and this is how it ended. oh god. I have no self-control. 

(also, I listened to Psycho, Hyper Music and Hyper Chondriac Music while writing this. You just need Matt Bellamy screaming not-romantic lyrics to write cheesy stuff.)

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Matt EspinosaSmut

Can I have a long matthew Espinosa smut please? I love your account its amazing!

We love you!

*Warning language and sexual content.*

It was just a lazy day at home, I hadn’t even woken up yet, until the sound of thunder awoke me with a jolt. I groan and roll to my side as I feel Matt wrap his arm around you waist. I open my eyes slightly to see his perfect face, eyes still closed.

“It’s okay babygirl, just a loud noise.” Matt mumbles sleepily kissing me weakly as I kiss back. Matt slowly falls back to sleep as I sadly, stay awake, listening to the rain and thunder outside as I study Matt’s face, every little detail. After a while Matt rolls over onto his back as I take this as my perfect opportunity. I lay on my slide and move closer to Matt, running my nails up and down his chest as I make my way to his cock. I slowly run my finger tips up and down his cock, as I wrap my hand around him properly, I move my hand up and down. I look up and see Matt looking at me, with his lips parted. I go slightly faster as I kiss and suck his neck, leaving a few hickies. 

“I want you to go first babe.” Matt groans as I apply a little more pressure around his cock, moving my hand slowly. Matt stops my hand and gets ontop of me. “I said, you go first.” Matt states sternly kissing down my naked body. As he reaches my pussy, he runs his tongue right against my clit.  “shit.” I moan as I throw my head back. 

Matt continues to use his tongue to play around with my clit, causing me to end up with my fingers in his hair tugging and pulling. Moaning his name loud. Matt takes his mouth away causing me to whimper at the loss of contact as my breathing is hitched, due to Matt sliding to fingers deep inside of me. “Fuck Matt.” I groan as I arch my back slightly. “So wet for me baby, so tight around my fingers.” Matt watching his fingers. 

“I’m going to cum.” I moan as Matt works his fingers faster.

“Cum for me baby, be a good little girl.” Matt says smirking up at me as my legs shake slightly and I cum all over Matt’s fingers. Matt moans as he takes his fingers out and licks them clean. “You taste so fucking good.” I blush as I pull Matt towards me kissing him. 

Matt runs his cock up and down my slit as I run my nails down his back. “Just fuck me.” I beg as he smiles and kisses me, as I wrap my arms around his shoulders as he slides deep inside of me. Both of us moaning. 

Matt goes faster as I pull him closer to me. “God you’re so fucking sexy.” Matt moans as I run my nails down his back, earning a groan to fall from Matt’s lips. 

After a while I flip Matt and I over so I’m riding him. I start to bounce on his cock causing Matt to grab my boobs. Sitting up as he places a hand on my back and starts kissing my cleavage. I throw my head back and keep my hips moving. 

The rain outside our window gets louder and heavier. I wrap my arms around Matt’s neck kiss him. “I’m gonna cum babe.” 

“Me to baby, just hold on.” Matt mumbles as I bite my lip, Matt grabs my ass causing me to moan. 

“I’m cumming.” I scream as my body tenses, Matt pulling me closer to him as he cums straight after me.

Matt lays back keeping me on top of him as both of our chests rise and fall. 

“Good morning.” I smirk kissing him. 

Matt laughs at me and kisses me, “Morning my girl.”

I smile and kiss Matt, standing up and walking to the bathroom. I turn and look back at Matt. “Are you going to join me?” I say winking as Matt is instantly up off the bed and ushering me into the bathroom. 

This is going to be the best rainy day.

- End - 

A/n: Sorry if it wasn’t as long as you hoped. But I hope you enjoy reading it and that it is somewhat close to what you were thinking. Thank you for the request. Have a good week loves. Requests are open, don’t forget. - Sarah x 

Is species dysphoria a thing? Can I say that? Is someone going to jump down my throat and scream I’m trying to take shit away from the trans community?
Because jesus fucking christ some times every single thing about this body fucks me up. It doesn’t feel right because it feels too much. There’s too much here. Insides and outsides, blood and guts and bones, cramping and seizing and hurting. I can feel where organs are, feel blood pumping, bones shifting. It’s wrong and I hate it all.
I should feel only what I touch or what touches me. Inside should be nothing but a vague and consistent warmth. My skin should be perfect and matt with no shine, like a smooth but unpolished stone and my hair impossibly lite and thick at the same time.
This body is wrong in every single tiny way but sex or gender are the very least of that
What I wouls give to feel right again

While Ray’s coffee truck is brand spanking new, the sketch of Alex Karpovsky’s face (featured prominently on the side of the truck) has been around since Season 1.

According to production designer Matt Munn, the sketch was created when they first designed Ray’s coffee shop. “We had Alex do a series of ho-hum poses, and then we turned those into a little sketch.” As an on-set joke, the crew made the drawing into a stamp and has been putting it on coffee bags and other props every season. It’s just never made its way into show footage—until now.  

The coffee truck finally gave Munn the perfect platform to share the sketch with the world: “I just love the idea that when the coffee truck flips over, what you see from behind is Ray’s ho-hum face"—Eleanor Laurence


Doctor Who: She Said, He Said

“From the beginning she was impossible.  The impossible girl.  I met her in the Dalek Asylum, never saw her face and she died.  I met her again in Victorian London.  And she died. Saved my life both times, by giving her own.  And now she’s back.  And we’re running together and she’s perfect.  Perfect in every way for me.  Except she can’t remember that we have met.  Clara.  My Clara.  Always brave.  Always funny.  Always exactly what I need.  Perfect.  Too perfect.  Got used to not knowing.  And I thought you never would.  I was wrong.  I know who Clara Oswald is.  I know how she came to be in my life.  And I know what she will always mean.  I found out the day we went to Trenzalore.”

It had been a typical night for Matt; he had abandoned his tiny apartment in order to meet with his gang like he did almost every single night, basically. They had taken ownership of a small abandoned house in the outskirts of Detroit where no cop would ever dare to step their foot in which was obviously more than just perfect. After greeting everybody, they all discussed some things and drank while doing so until somebody offered to play Russian Roulette as they waited for one of their members to bring the newest member which was apparently a girl. Matt was okay with playing since he had figured out a way to always win over the years, causing him to be well-known in all of Michigan and Illinois. Just when he took the trigger to his head, he sensed the presence of two more people, looking their way.