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Red (Negan x Female)

Summary: Her boyfriend hates when she wears lipstick, but Negan doesn’t mind a little red…

Characters: Negan x Female 

Word Count: 3,081

Warnings: NSFW, Smut, and Swearing

Author’s Note: Ohhhh boyyyy. So I wrote this for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s new writing challenge. I know it’s not due for a while, but I’ve had the idea in my head for weeks and wanted to get it out while it’s fresh. I hope you guys enjoy!

Please let me know what you think! You can message me anytime! I LOVE feedback!

Big thank you to @ashzombie13 for being my beta reader and giving me such wonderful feedback. You’re the best.

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For such a sweet @whump-dump

Modern, College AU

Fresher’s flu is a thing. It’s an actual thing. It’s not a myth to scare upcoming students out of college; it’s a real, live illness that smashed into Lance like a giant ocean wave that’s been building over him for days.

One day he was fine, the next he’s laid up in his tiny dorm bed, shivering through a fever that’s leeching warmth from his body and hacking up a lung every few seconds. He’s convinced that one of these times, he’s actually going to cough up one of these damn organs necessary for survival.

There’s a faint, chilling feeling lingering around his room; it feels almost as if the Grim Reaper is creeping in a shadowed corner and waiting for Lance to breathe out his last, dying breath.

At least, that’s what Lance told Shiro, but his very reasonable boyfriend assured him that his nasty fever was playing mind tricks, and then he left to get medicine, leaving Lance alone in the grips of his darting thoughts.

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So I’ve been having Some Deep Thoughts About Elektra™ and thought, what the hey, let’s share it with the class!

To preface, I really love my damaged son Matt Murdock, but one of the things that frustrates me to no end is how eager people are about giving Matt a pass on his behavior because of his traumatic childhood (which at times, I’ll admit, is deserved), but people forget that Elektra was dealt a pretty shitty hand too?

The show hasn’t gotten too deep into the circumstances of her life before the Chaste, but based on the flashbacks we did get, one would assume her life from before just doesn’t exist anymore. It wouldn’t be a stretch in the least to assume she is an orphan (who, like Matt, develops an unhealthy attachment to the only person who seems to care about her during a very unstable part of her life). And while this is just conjecture, she really seems to have no clue whatsoever that she could even be the Black Sky, which tells me pre-Stick and pre-Chaste, her life must have been quite different from the life of training, fighting, and killing she was thrust into afterwards. Maybe it was one that didn’t even have fighting and violence, possibly even a little sheltered from the real world. And whatever did happen to that previous life may have been something very violent, and would be a good explanation for the latent rage and anger she’s developed inside her (hey, does any of this sound familiar???), which is one reason why she takes to life with the Chaste so quickly. 

Now, yes, Stick ultimately sends her out of this life and hides her in plain sight by having her adopted by the very rich and well-connected Natchios family. But just because he’s given her a family (which you know, deep down in her heart, is something she desperately wants) I don’t think he ever lets Elektra forget that this is still just a mission. And so she goes from an environment where she is bred for fighting and killing, into an environment where she is being bred for lying and manipulation. Because let’s be clear, Elektra Natchios did not come out of the womb brandishing sais and using her sexuality as a weapon. No, Elektra was just a confused child who was easily manipulated by a man and an organization who wanted to use her capabilities to further their own agenda. 

“Kid, use your head…watch these people…watch everything about them. Playing someone else…someone fancy…that’s a good skill to have.”

Becoming a Natchios is when Elektra first learns how to lie, how to manipulate, and ultimately, how to bury herself and her true nature behind a very convenient facade, in this case, one of a bored, thrill seeking, spoiled little rich girl. And let’s be honest, I’m sure this process wasn’t a chore at all, in fact, it was probably extremely enjoyable! She’s young and beautiful and learning exactly how to make people give her what she wants. But at the end of the day, no matter how much she may fool herself into thinking that THIS is her life…it’s not. It’s not her life at all. Her life is the Chaste. Her life is losing everything she knew and loved and having to rebuild it all. Her life is the mission. Now someone tell me how that squares with the common refrain that Elektra is just a sociopathic rich girl who’s in it for the thrills? Honestly, it’s a copout in the most superficial of ways and completely misses the point.

Fast forward to adult Elektra, who is deadly intelligent, highly calculating, and has perfected a level of sneering disregard that, I believe, is part of a very specific act she puts on for show. And the way you know it’s an act is how you see her drop her mask every so briefly in moments, and only with Stick or Matt. With Matt, her flippancy is a convenient mask to hide her true intentions, but there are so many moments when she decides she doesn’t have to keep up the act and you start to see glimpses of the real Elektra…one who is vulnerable, still deeply unsure about her place in the world, who struggles in her self confidence, who chafes against what people expect her to be and what she wants to be. You see it when she talks to Matt about why she left. You see it when Matt confronts her about her “mission” and how she admits she was wrong about him. You see it when she realizes how she might have just fucked up her one shot at redemption with Matt, after she kills the Hand ninja. You see it when she realizes that Stick was willing to not just betray her, but kill her – the only family she had ever known, turned against her. You see it in those moments where she is wavering toward going with the Hand because at least they don’t care about the blood on her hands. You see it when she can’t bear to make the killing blow on the man she loves. You see it when she ultimately decides to sacrifice herself for the greater good…for Matt. 

tl;dr version: Next time you give Matt Murdock a pass for some of his godawful behavior because he had a shitty childhood and clearly hasn’t learned how to properly cope with some of his Issues, but feel tempted to write Elektra off as a toxic, heartless killer who gives no shits about anything, don’t forget she has a pretty tragic story too. 

My Italian-American Pidge Headcanons

Being Italian-American myself I couldnt help but make some headcanons of my own. Most of them are completely based on my own family as well as stories from other Italian-American friends!!

  • Pidge has 3-5 members in her family named after her great grandfather including her father. Samuel, her cousins Samuel, Samuel III, and Samantha. Also Matthews middle name is Samuel.They’re all nicknamed Sam so when they get together and you say Sam four heads pop to attention.
  • Pidge and Matt have that one Italian Stallion cousin. He was thinking of changing his middle name to Bruno, but the entire family laughed it off cause it was so stereotypically Italian.
  • Her aunt has a cross collection in the house though none of them are perfect Catholics.
  • Most of her family smokes a cigar on special occasions. Smoke is annoying so she sits inside and watches the adults cook.
  • Her grandmother still has the stereotypical women do the dishes rule and every holiday she questions authority. Matt helps her by doing the dishes with her even though he should be “socializing”
  • Her grandmother has a living room then a living room. One you can chill in and the other is one you don’t dare step foot in. One time her father threw a party with his siblings at the house when they were in college and the only way his mother found out was because there was a water ring on the glass table in the living room.
  • The Holts were planning a trip to Italy when Matthew and Samuel came back. When the crash was announced they completely canceled it
  • When Katie’s grandmother met Lance she was APPALLED. How could Katie let her friend get so small. She fed him his fill while he visited and it reminded him of his family a bit.
  • Yes thin crust pizza is life, but pizza is pizza. Any pizza is good if you can appreciate the way it’s made. Though nothing will live up to the pizza you make at home with the family. Pidge hates admitting it but her secret pleasure are those “deep dish” microwavable pizzas. They are convenient when you’re up all night.
  • Carbs. What else exists except carbs.
  • Every occasion is a big occasion even when she just brings Lance and Hunk over to play games on the big tv.
  • Every day is cleaning day, dust is a constant, nothing is ever clean for long.
  • Were having pasta for dinner for like the 2 day in a row.
  • Christmas Baking!!!
  • Pidge wears red undies on New Year’s Eve and eats an even number of grapes.
  • There are hundreds of recipes from their great grandmother.
  • Getting the special fresh parmesan on holidays and just plain eating it. So good
  • She had one sip of limoncello once and she noped the fuck out of there
  • Prefers a bit of dessert wine with biscotti when her mom allows. Along with the special occasion red wine.
  • Pampered being the youngest female child

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matt and Ryan are outside and its dark and they're drinking soda or beer or whatever and ryan looks at matt and thinks how good he looks with the moonlight hitting him and all he can think about is how he wants to kiss him right then and there

FUCK I LOVE THIS this took a long time to write n I’m sorry


It’s a party at Chris’s. Everyone else was indoors, playing beer pong and shouting, but Matt and Ryan linger outside, by the pool and fire pit. The flames cast reflections of the green glass bottles by Matt’s feet onto his long legs.

“This place is so cool,” he muses, staring into the water and taking another sip of the one in his hand. “I can’t believe he could afford a house with a pool.”

“Yeah, it’s beautiful,” Ryan says, unable to tear his eyes away from his best friend. The music is coming faintly from the house, and it’s nice background to the crackling of the fire, but every noise takes a backseat to Matt’s voice, still smooth despite the four beers he’s already drank. The moonlight bounces off the water and he takes time to consider Matt’s face; he’s slightly tanner, having spent a lot of time in the sun lately, and it makes his light hair stand out even more. His eyes are a gorgeous blue, and the way he’s smiling now, fondly, like there’s no place he’d rather be… He really looks like God himself designed him. Absolutely perfect.

“You okay, buddy?” Matt asks and Ryan can’t stop himself like he has so many times before. Maybe it’s the alcohol that’s making his insides feel like they’re on fire. Maybe he’s just tired of pretending. No matter what the cause, he grabs Matt’s shoulder with one hand and kisses him. His lips are soft and, after recovering from the surprise, pliant as Matt kisses him back, his own hands traveling to the collar of Ryan’s shirt to pull him closer. When they separate there’s a thin line of spit between their lips and Ryan wipes it away quickly. Matt’s breathing is off and there’s a red dusting across his face.

“Yeah, I’m- I’m good,” Ryan says. “How about you?”

“Great.” Matt grins and touches his fingertips against Ryan’s palm. They interlace their fingers together. “I’m great.”

It wasn’t entirely their fault.

“You missed a spot there,” Dan said, indicating on her own neck where the concealer Aaron had hastily dabbed on this morning had rubbed thin.
Allison snorted and tapped Renee’s shoulder, pointing with her water bottle, “there, yeah, I see it too. Didn’t know sweet little Katelyn was into into that.”
“Shut up,” he said, quickly ridding the panic from his expression and getting up to leave.
“Don’t go.” Matt grinned, “you know, it was a rough game yesterday, some bruises are to be expected.”
Aaron overheard part of another comment from Dan, and then the sound of his roommate’s laughter before the door closed and hid Aaron’s furious flushed face from them. He put a hand up to his neck, feeling for the mark that was there. For a moment he closed his eyes and was still and allowed his heart to race at the memory of chapped lips and hands and heat, and then he cursed and snuck down the hall into the girls’ empty dorm.
He’d pay them back for the makeup later.

It wasn’t entirely Andrew’s fault.

They hadn’t been to Columbia in almost a month because everyone was busy studying for tests and whatnot- even Kevin was worn out at the end of practice everyday. He was glad to be going now, even though he had to ride crammed between Nicky and the door in the maserati and even though the ice cream at Sweetie’s and the loud music at Eden’s weren’t really his scene.
The dim lighting at the club and the mass of moving bodies made it easy to slip away unnoticed. Not that they had to sneak around. Just that it was easier this way, for both of them. They didn’t have to answer questions or deal with gawking teammates.
The two had almost lost themselves in the alcohol on each others’ breath when Kevin opened his eyes and spotted Aaron across the room.
He narrowed his eyes and straightened up to look, earning him a protest from the boy in his arms. The little blond head looked over, directly at them, and then bobbed through the crowd, seeming to go back towards the tables. Not Aaron. Obviously it was not Aaron. He watched Andrew disappear and then shook the thought from his mind and turned his attention back to his previous engagement.
It seemed their peace was not meant to be kept that night though, with the way a hand tangled itself in his hair and gripped tight and pulled. Kevin was turned around, dragged down to eye level. There was Andrew again, now much closer. Right in the taller boy’s face, in fact. He kept one hand still in Kevin’s hair and waved a knife with the other
“fuck- Andrew, what the fuck?” A voice behind Kevin demanded angrily.
Andrew’s attention didn’t leave Kevin’s face though. He scanned it with cold eyes, locked onto the tattoo on his cheek, appearing for an interval to be almost confused.
They had hid this from him. Of course he was surprised, and most likely pissed. Not necessarily because he really cared. Only because he made it a habit to know things.
Andrew made a rude sound and pressed the knife to Kevin’s throat nearly hard enough to draw blood. He didn’t say anything, didn’t have to.
Kevin knew that was the only warning he’d get.

It wasn’t entirely Neil’s fault.

Aaron hated French. Hated everything about the language. Hated how it sounded and how it looked on paper. It was like grammatical filigree, full of unnecessary lines and flourishes.
He found himself learning it, though. Little phrases at first- just enough to be able to curse, and then really mean it when he follows it up with “pardon my french”. That, and he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t convenient to be able to eavesdrop on Neil and Kevin (even if they only talked exy 90% of the time).
So here he was, headphones around his neck playing music and his elbow on the table with his cheek on his fist, jotting down notes on flashcards and half-listening to them talk about which pro-team Kevin should join when he graduates, even though that was still a year or two away.
It was something Aaron tried not to think about, Kevin leaving. Not seeing him around the fox tower or on the court anymore. What would the foxhole court even be like once Kevin Day stepped off of it as Palmetto State’s #2 Striker for the last time?
He took a deep breath, took a shot and then tried to focus on his cards. Aaron almost smiled to himself at the way Kevin reached over, unthinking, and refilled the small glass for him while still rambling on about-
The tip of lead in Aaron’s mechanical pencil broke.
He wasn’t fluent in french, but he caught on that Neil was talking about that team.
“Thea.” Aaron hadn’t meant to speak.
Eyes were on him now, though. Nicky, who looked up from his call with Erik out of curiosity. Andrew, who probably understood about as much of the conversation as Aaron had, and who now tracked his brother and Kevin with measuring eyes. Neil, who had just been about to ask if Kevin was considering joining Muldani’s team. And Kevin. Kevin, who looked surprised. Kevin, who looked cautious. Kevin, who looked as if he wanted to say something, but who knew better in their present company.
Aaron cleared his throat, adjusted his headphones, gestured between Kevin and Neil and said, “you were… thinking about playing for the same pro team as Thea? That’s what you guys were… talking about?”
“No,” Kevin answered them, “I, uh, I have a few other teams lined up to choose from.”
It was enough to bore Nicky and enough to appease Andrew. Neil just nodded and kept talking stats. Kevin went back to bickering with him.
Under the table, a fingernail traced a line across Aaron’s knee. He put his free hand down too and laced their fingers together, giving Kevin’s hand a gentle squeeze, which was immediately returned.
The fear in him quieted.

It wasn’t entirely Nicky’s fault.

Kevin didn’t hate Nicky.
He was a bit much, a bit loud, a bit all over the place. But he was also the kind of person that grew on you in the oddest way imaginable.
Nicky was a half-awake late night run to the convenient store for a bag of ice in the middle of summer. He was a companion on the couch to point out all the obvious references that Kevin didn’t catch from the movies he didn’t get to watch when he was growing up at Evermore. He was someone who cared freely and without hesitation.
But he was also someone who never knew when to fucking shut up.
Maybe it was Kevin’s fault.
They were all dead on their feet on the court. He had been pushing for longer practices and harder drills since they were nearing their final game of the year and were going to play against the Trojans. It made the rest of the foxes down right irritable.
But this was the atmosphere in which Nicky seemed to thrive. The more upset people became, the harder he tried to lighten their spirits. He pulled out all the stops. Brought out all the jokes and jibes in his arsenal.
Unfortunately, he became even more amorous as well.
He clung mostly to Matt, because Matt was kinder- probably even reminded him a little of Erik in some ways. But every now and then he sent an overly dramatic wink towards Kevin. Blew kisses. He whistled and whooped at him across the court when Kevin made a shot at the goal or perfected a technique. It was obvious that it was upsetting Aaron. Kevin had to give Nicky credit, though, it wasn’t until they were getting ready to head to the locker rooms that he really damned himself.
Kevin couldn’t bring himself to care when a hand slapped his shoulder and he heard Nicky say “looking good, baby,” as he passed by. He did, however, catch the tuft of blond hair dart by from the corner of his eye.
Aaron tripped over a fallen racquet on his way to tackling Nicky, though, and he went down. The older boy spun around at the sound of his cousin yelping in pain and quickly bent down to help him but Aaron just pushed him away.
“Fuck off,” he growled, attempting to stand up but landing hard on his ass again. Kevin saw him press a hand to his ankle and wince. He quickly position himself in between his boyfriend and Nicky, scooping Aaron up and gently caring him off the court, setting him on a bench so that he could survey the damage. The foxes were gathering around them.
“Are you okay, baby?” Kevin asked, loud enough to stop the others in their tracks.
Aaron had been trying to stand again but promptly toppled over at this. Kevin caught him by the arms.
“I- my, um- my ankle,” Aaron stuttered, blood rushing to his face and making him red from the tips of his ears down to his chest.
Everyone was behind him, so when Kevin smiled, only Aaron saw it. Aaron blinked at the realization that he liked it that way. This wasn’t Kevin’s over animated camera smile. It wasn’t his murderous “wake me up one more time before noon, I dare you” smile. It wasn’t the smile that accompanied his nervous laughter in a fit of panic. It was real, and it was rare, and Aaron wondered how long it had been stifled before Kevin had switched teams.
The thought broke his heart.
Kevin had knelt down and was checking Aaron’s ankle, but he stood up again now, and as he stood he swept his arms under Aaron’s knees and shoulders, effectively lifting him off the ground once more.
“Come on, Baby,” Kevin said, “we’ll get changed and go home so you can prop it up.”
Everyone was watching, they had to be. It felt somehow like a tidal wave and a weight off both of their chests all at once.
Let them look. Kevin was his.
A sense of belonging settled over Aaron. He briefly wondered if this was what Neil felt all times Aaron had seen him fiddling with his keys. It made him hate the small striker a bit less. Because he understood now.
It felt like he was coming home.

It was all Kevin’s fault.

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guess what? thats right more shitposts; matt: "neil is perfect in every way" dan: "false" matt: "explain" dan: "he eats pineapple on pizza" matt, through gritted teeth: "neil is perfect in every way", neil is too short to be a good armrest for matt but does that stop him? no, "a wise man once said 'im fine'" "matt i s2g", wymack: "wheres neil?" matt: "idk probably in the vents" neil, from the vents: "hi coach" nicky: (screams), neil: "FUCKING HELL" matt: "language!" neil: "FUCKING HECK"


also matt would totally tweet random shit neil says and present it as gospel like “a wise man once said, don’t ever take anyone’s shit - especially if it’s kevin day, don’t take his shit especially” 

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Can you do headcanons for triplet Matt being best friends with you but having a huge dorky crush on you ❤

A/N~ Who bullet points headcanons anymore? Thanks for requesting boo, I had fun writing these!

Originally posted by kyloholic

Matt’s feelings for you existed long before you’re friendship ever did. In year one of middle school you loaned him a book during silent reading and from then on he couldn’t suppress the warm fuzzy feeling that arose whenever you were around. Your simple act of kindness resonated with Matt and it stuck with him until the final year of middle school when a friendship began to blossom between you. You bonded over an English assignment you were assigned to do together and you’ve been inseparable ever since.

As luck would have it you went to the same high school. Matt was there to help you every step of the way. School projects? He’s there to tell you all you need to know. Drama with your other friends? He was there to listen to all your complaints. Prom date stood you up? Matt showed up to your house in a tailored suit and a bouquet of roses. He was the perfect best friend.

But it didn’t stop there. You applied to the same college and through another stroke of luck, you both were accepted. Matt followed you through every up and down. Buying you coffee and staying up all night to help you study for tests, celebrating when you aced them, wing manning for you at parties, taking you home safely when you got a little too drunk, late night conversations about life, your shoulder to cry on after your first bad break up. Matt was everything. He just wanted to see you happy even if it wouldn’t necessarily make him happy.

He finally told you how he felt during one of those late night conversations. As you sat outside admiring the stars Matt sat next to you admiring something else. You spoke of what you wanted to do after college, where life would take you. You asked him that question and in the softest voice he responded “Wherever you go.” it wasn’t much but it was a simple admittance of his feelings and you had heard him.

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Iron Fist Countdown: 7 Days

Danny’s Superpowers

    Danny is the most powerful member of the Netflix Defenders team. Or at least, he has the greatest power potential. In addition to his mad kung fu skills, the uses for the chi of Shou-Lao could (and, in fact, do) fill an entire book, and the vast power it grants its wielders is ever-evolving. Even Danny hasn’t yet learned everything he’s capable of. Here are some of the highlights of what various Iron Fists have achieved over the years, and of what we might possibly see in the show.  

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asexualanders replied to your post “every time matt or marisha references their engagement my heart grows…”

oh my god ok, so I met matt and marisha tonight at a con, and the guy in front of me in line for autographs brought up the fact that he had met marisha’s mom, and Matt went on for a good 3 minutes about how he couldn’t have a more perfect soon to be mother-in-law, and how much he loves her. it was so sweet, and it’s really something to see the way matt shows his happiness with his entire self when he talks about how much he loves marisha, I nearly died

!!!!!!!! that’s so sweet omg

Thor Ragnarok Review *Spoilers*

It was an awesome film, I loved almost every moment of it.

Things I loved:

  •  All of Loki and Thor’s interactions, splendid and hilarious and heartfelt
  •  All of Thor’s and Banner’s and Hulk’s interactions, also hilarious and meaningful
  • Matt Damon playing play Loki, now Marvel is pulling A-listers even for their bit-parts, astounding (Also Dogma callback anyone? He played Loki there too.)
  • The way Loki has created the memorial reveals so much about Loki both his ego and his heart-wounds
  • All the stuff with Odin and sons, having Loki react to finally hearing what he’s needed to for so long
  • Every one of Loki’s reactions upon seeing the hulk/watching the fight were brilliant and perfect
  • Of course Loki manages to land on a strange planet and ingratiate himself with the most powerful person there
  • Thor’s entire scene with the Hulk trying to reason with him whilst having to fight 
  • Loki ‘trying to kill’ Thor when he was eight. And this being the one Thor mentions
  • Thor’s awesome lift in power usage
  • Hela was badass and awesome
  • Finally having a fuller picture of Odin’s true conquering ruthlessness
  • Skurge’s entire character arc was done so beautifully, so raw and powerful especially in its silence
  • Loki saying ‘do you think so little of me’ because yes Loki could do so well there but he’s still better than that place
  • Thor acknowledging that Hela has a legitimate claim to the throne that he doesn’t want but she can’t have it because she’s ‘the worst’
  • That Loki wilfully and purposefully starts Ragnarok for benevolent reasons on Thor’s orders is epic

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This comic is just…stunning. I normally like Matt Bors but this is such a perfect example of the thimble-deep political thinking you see on the far left. For one thing, the DNC is going out of its way to elevate cranks like Nomiki Konst in the hopes of appealing to these people. And more and more politicians come out for single payer every day, which I get the sense is possibly a goal of the progressive left.

The first panel is a glib dismissal of the fact that the white working class abandoned Democrats in the 60s precisely because they became the party of feminism and civil rights. LBJ had one of the most economically progressive agendas in history, and it didn’t matter one whit because he signed the Civil Rights Act and put Thurgood Marshall on the bench. Being a Republican, and more importantly voting Republican, has become a key part of the American white male identity.

But the solution is the economy! What economic issues are Democrats moving right on? It doesn’t say. Abortion is an economic issue. Healthcare is an economic issue. Private prisons, minimum wage, defense spending, all economic issues, and I don’t see anyone budging to the right on that. But then again I’m just a neoliberal corporatist shill.


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“The Best Fish in the Sea” - ABPChallenge Fic

“The Best Fish in the Sea”
Word Count: 3,156
Warnings: None. This is a very mild, cheesy fic.
Description: A friendly visit with an unexpected twist.The pairing is vague so that the reader can picture it however they like. The only sure one in the pair is Matt.

The hum of soft voices became clearer as I slowly woke up. The sunlight poured in through the window & into my eyes as I opened them to greet the morning. I concentrated on the voices to pick out who they belonged to. The voices were those of my friend Matt & his parents.

“Yeah, the skiff’s got lots of fuel. Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay, great. Thanks, Dad.”

“Breakfast will be ready soon. You wanna wake her?”

“Sure, I’ll go see. She might be up, just taking it easy.”

“She has had a busy couple of days so far.”

“How does she like it?”

“So far she seems to really love it here.” I heard Matt say. Then I heard his footsteps approaching the living room where I was sleeping, then a gentle knock on the frame of the wall. “Hey.” He called in a soft voice.

“Mmmm?” I moaned, opening my eyes again to see him standing, all dressed & ready to go out fishing.

“Breakfast will be ready soon if you’d like some.” He smiled.

“Oh, great! Thanks!” I smiled, a yawn escaping me as I stretched & sat up, preparing myself to get up & get off the couch.

Matt & I had met a few months ago while I was on a trip to visit “Magic Bus”, the place where Christopher McCandless had lived for three months in 1992, & where he ultimately lived out his last days. We connected on our points of view, our similar sense of humor, & things we had in common. We kept in touch, & he told me if I ever felt like I had to get away from the everyday humdrum routines of work & life back home in the city, I could always come visit him at his home in the forest. I was born & raised in a very small town, far out from the highways & into the forest. A tiny seaside village, my home was very humble, but there were no opportunities for permanent employment, or for dreams to be realized. I had to move away to the city to have any sort of independent future. After an incredibly busy year I was nearly driven to drinking, & decided it was about time I took him up on his offer.

Breakfast consisted of eggs fried over-easy, bacon, & pancakes. Fresh squeezed orange juice was also on the menu, & Matt’s Mom made orange juice that was better than anything I’d tasted from the shops.

Matt’s siblings were all still sleeping, so it was just he, his parents, & me. His family were such wonderful, such friendly people.

“So, how are you enjoying yourself in our part of the woods?” Billy, Matt’s father, asked me with a big, curious grin on his face.

I finished my sip of orange juice & replied, “Oh, I love Alaska. The trees here are 50 feet taller than the ones back home, & the wildlife – I just love it. I love everything about it.”

Matt’s mother smiled, “I’m so happy you love it so much. Matthew has been talking non-stop about how excited he was to be getting you out here.”

“To be fair, though, Matt’s been talkin’ non-stop since he figured out what talkin’ was.” Billy joked.

The four of us went into an uproar of laughter. It was funny, because it was true. You’ve heard the phrase, “He could talk your ear off.”? Well, Matt could talk both of your ears off, & then keep talking.

As the laughter died down, my eyes drifted around the room, stopping on a family picture. There were nine of them in the family. There was Ami (their mother), Billy, Matt, & his six siblings, Joshua, Solomon, Gabriel, Snowbird, Noah, & Rainy.

“I don’t know how she did it.” I thought to myself, or – I thought that I had thought it to myself.

“What’s that?” Billy asked.

I snapped out of my amazement & blinked as I looked back at them. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought that was only in my head.” I gave an embarrassed laugh. “I was just thinking, I don’t know how you raised seven children. I mean, I know you had Billy’s help, but I think I’d lose my mind. You must be superwoman.”

“Oh.” Ami giggled, “It wasn’t too hard, they were all wonderful children.”

I saw Matt sort of shift in his seat as though he was aware something was coming & it was making him uncomfortable. “Uhh, I think we should get going.”

“What, but-?” I was confused, because we hadn’t really finished breakfast.

“You haven’t finished your pancakes.” Ami protested.

“Yeah, your Mama got up real early to make your breakfast & your lunches. Now, sit still, boy.” Billy scolded, pointing at Matt.

Matt sighed in defeat & remained in his chair. “Fine.” He then continued to drink his coffee & went back to his breakfast.

I noticed a small smile forming on Ami’s lips. “So, I take it you don’t want a big family?”

Matt exhaled sharply through his nose.

“W- well, I’m not sure I want children at all actually.” I said, shaking my head & scrunching up my nose.

No children?” Ami asked, “What kind of a life is that?”

Mom …” Matt began to speak up.

Billy just gave him an understanding look, but didn’t say anything.

“Well, I believe you can have a full life without having children.” I protested. “I mean, I have an Aunt who didn’t have any children, cousins too who didn’t have kids & they love their lives. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly do think that children add a joy to your life that nothing else can, but I’m not sure it’s for me. Motherhood, is just so challenging & being responsible for raising another human being sort of frightens me.”

“Well, it frightens us all, sweetheart.” She smiled again. “It’s terrifying, but it’s so worth it.”

I decided not to argue much with her, or to carry on my debate any longer. The truth was, “Well, I mean I wouldn’t mind having one child, but I’m getting older & I’m not in any sort of relationship. I just don’t see it happening for me, & if it doesn’t then I’ve accepted that. It’s okay & I’ll be alright.”

“Well, Matt is –“ Ami began, before Billy politely interrupted the conversation to direct our attention to a huge bald eagle that had landed just outside on the porch.

I wasn’t upset about being asked about having children, but it seemed to make Matt quite uncomfortable, so I was glad to have the conversation end.

Soon enough, Ami had forgotten the whole thing, & had given us our lunches. Tuna salad sandwiches, celery sticks, strawberries, & her homemade lemonade. Soon after that, we were on our way.

Browntown, as Matt & his family had called it, was one of the most adorable places I had ever seen. Not to sound patronizing, but it was so quaint & filled with little touches of every member of his family. It was  just far enough from civilization to make it seem like you were the only people in the world. It reminded me of home, & staring out at the seemingly endless horizon of the harbour, it certainly felt like the end of the world. It was the perfect place to disconnect from the rest of the planet & reconnect with my new friend. Talking across texts & Skype calls from town & snail mail letters wasn’t the same as sitting face to face, & anyone could agree with that.

As we walked the path down to the skiff, I noticed that there seemed to be a sort of cloud looming over Matt. He wasn’t talking up a storm like usual, he just sort of muttered out things every now & then, leading the way. He didn’t seem altogether miserable, I mean he’d been smiling & trying to not let it show that something was bothering him, but I could tell that something had changed since he woke me up that morning. I wanted to ask him if he was alright, but I figured I’d leave him alone for now & talk to him once we got out on the water for a while.

We pushed off land about 7AM, & traveled out to the middle of the harbour to finally spend our day fishing.

It was turning mild by 10:30, but that was about as warm as it was going to get for the day. Alaska is a pretty cold place no matter what the season. It was so peaceful out in the middle of the harbour in the skiff. I loved fishing so much, & getting to fish in Alaska was something I could finally cross off my bucket list. They’re famous for their fish, & for the prices they sell it at.

It had been a couple of hours & Matt still wasn’t talking a whole lot. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him, but I just knew it had to do with his Mother’s questions about a family this morning. He was perfectly fine before that, & now pulling a conversation out of him was like pulling teeth.

Eventually, he did say something -

“They’re takin’ their sweet time biting today.” Matt sighed as he shifted in his spot .

I chuckled softly, “No kiddin’.”

“Want to eat our sandwiches now? It’s about noon.”

“Ugh. Yes, please. Your Mom’s tuna salad sandwiches are just what I need right now!” I exclaimed, happy to finally be answering the call of my rumbling stomach.

I pulled our lunches from the cooler & handed him his sandwich & veggies. I opened mine up & started digging in. His Mama could put it together, I tell you.

“Good?” He chuckled, watching me devour my sandwich with the eagerness of a hungry wolf.

“Mmmm Mmmm!!!!” I hummed as I grinned with my closed, full mouth & wide eyes. A laugh escaped him, & that made me so happy.

Matt looked around & smiled, “You enjoying this?” he asked, one eyebrow raised in curiosity & as he slowly ate his sandwich.

“Are you kidding? I love fishing. Even when they’re not biting it’s nice to just sit out in the quiet & not have a million voices ringing in your ears.” I reassured him.

“Just making sure.” He smiled, “I wouldn’t want you to have come all this way just to be bored outta your tree, y’know.”

I laughed, “I’m never bored out of my tree when we hang out.”

“Me either.” He smiled.

I took another bite of my sandwich, the tasty meat & veggies mixed with mayonnaise blew up my taste buds. Matt’s Mom had even gotten up long before us & made breakfast for everyone. I assume that’s what she’s used to doing. She’s a small, frail looking human, almost like a fairy. She’s so kind & gentle, but she’s also tougher than most mountain men. She reminded me of my own Mother.

“So, does my family freak you out?”

I suddenly stopped eating, & gave Matt a very confused look.  I couldn’t think of a reason why he would ask me that. It came out of nowhere.  “What? Why? Why would your family freak me out?”

He held up a finger to tell me to hold on as he finished what he was eating. “You’ve met my family haven’t you? We’re weird, but in particular I wanted to ask you … does my Mom freak you out?”

I scoffed & shook my head, “Listen, your Mom is one of the sweetest women I’ve ever met in my life. It didn’t freak me out when she asked me about a family this morning. And, when she started to talk about you, I knew she was going to try to set us up. Honestly,  I was flattered she’d even consider me worthy to be part of her family. As for the rest of your family, look, my family is so weird. You have no idea. I mean it, no idea about weird until you’ve met my crowd alright? We’re the weirdest bunch of people you could ever even dream of meeting. Your brothers & sisters, they all have their own personalities & they’re all real special.”

“So, Bear didn’t freak you out with the fish thing?”

“I’ve seen that back home. That’s all normal. Beating fish against rocks is what we do.”

“And, Noah’s weird inventions don’t creep you out?”

“Noah is an undiscovered genius, who should be in engineering.”

“Gabe doesn’t freak you out?”

“What in the world could possibly freak me out about Gabe?”

“I don’t know. Most people find something.”

“Well, he doesn’t. He’s precious & he needs to be put on a shelf somewhere & protected at all costs.” I smiled, thinking of Matt’s kind-hearted little brother. “You know what I love most about your family?”

Matt gave me an inquisitive look, “What’s that?”

“You’re kind. All of you are so kind, & loyal, & none of you even cares what other people think of you. You might get a little insecure about it sometimes, but you never ultimately let it dictate what you like, or what you are like.” I smiled as Matt looked down at his hands, & I reached out to hold one. “Matt, we’re friends. We’re really good friends, & you’re one of the best people I know. I’m not going anywhere unless you want me to. I really like you & I really like your family, & nothing & no one will ever change that. Face it, you’re stuck with me.”

His bright blue eyes smiled up at me, “Promise?”

“I promise.” I smiled.

Matt looked around before casting his fishing line out again. “I think it’s gonna rain.”

“Be awful surprising if it didn’t, I think.” I laughed softly. “I’m prepared.”

“Me too.” He chuckled.

I sat there happily fishing, & then the possibility of being with Matt started to dwell on my mind. It wasn’t that I hadn’t thought of it before, I mean he was incredibly handsome & so endearing. Matt was your all around good guy, & he wasn’t complicated, or hard to get along with. He was a good man, & even though I didn’t want him to feel pressured, I had to ask the question. “Would it be the most awful thing in the world?”

Matt looked at me curiously, “Would what be the most awful thing in the world?”

I gave him a suggestive look in the eyes, hoping he could see what I meant in them, & he did.


I nodded.

Matt shrugged softly, looking like he was mulling it over in his own mind. He looked around a little while, & then looked back at me. A soft smile broke onto his face & he shook his head, “It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. I actually think it might be a pretty great thing.”

“Really?” I asked softly, my heart beating wildly in my chest. I wasn’t expecting that answer. I mean, I wasn’t expecting, “Yes, it would be the worst thing in the world.”, but I wasn’t expecting what he’d said to come out of his mouth. At least, I wasn’t expecting it right now. I wasn’t upset about it though, so that meant something.

He nodded, “You’re seriously one of my favourite people in the world, & I would be happy to spend more time with you than anyone else I can think of.”

My heart wouldn’t slow down for even a moment, & I put my hand to my chest to stop it from escaping its little cage. “Same.” I smiled.

Then it started happening. The moment I’d dreamed of for so long was happening. I was going to get kissed! It was thrilling to say the least, & I’d almost forgot how exciting this romance thing was it had been so long since I’d been kissed. We held each other’s gaze. I felt his hand as it began cupping my cheek, & his fingers in my hair. A shiver went through me as our lips began to part as they met in the most beautiful kiss of my life. I wanted to keep this moment forever & never let it end, but then as my eyes drifted open for a moment I noticed that Matt’s fishing pole started bending & shaking & I started smacking him.

“Whoa! What?!?” He jumped back.

“YOU GOT ONE! YOU GOT ONE! HURRY!” I squealed, pointing wildly at his fishing rod.

Matt gave out his famous loud laugh, & it boomed across the harbour as he reeled in the biggest fish I’d ever seen in my life. “LOOK AT THAT! LOOKATIT!” He exclaimed as he held it up proudly. “WE’RE ALL EATIN’ GOOD TONIGHT!”

I cheered with him & sat in awe as I watched him put the fish down & into the tub we brought with us.

He sat down, collecting himself after all of the excitement, & smiled at me. “Thanks for tellin’ me about the fish.”

I shifted closer to him again, “Well, it was a hard decision to make, but I had to make it in a split second, & I knew you really wanted a fish today.” I smiled.

“You’re my kind of woman.” He nodded as he laughed somewhat embarrassed & blushing.

I couldn’t help the big stupid grin that spread across my own face. “Well, you’re my kind of man.”

He brushed my bangs out of my eyes as he leaned in for another beautiful kiss. This one lasted a little longer, but much to our surprise we got another unexpected visitor. “LINE! LINE! YOUR LINE THIS TIME!” Matt exclaimed, almost jumping out of the boat as he watched my line go crazy.

I gasped in delight & grabbed the pole, reeling in with some difficulty another huge fish. “WOOOO! THIS THING COULD FEED TWO FAMILIES!” I might have been exaggerating, but not by much.

“THIS IS BRILLIANT!” Matt shrieked as he took the fish from me & tossed it in the tub next to his. “EVERY TIME WE KISS WE GET A FISH! IMAGINE IF WE MADE OUT IN THIS THING! THEY’D BE HOPPIN’ IN OVER THE SIDES!”

We both laughed, & then paused to look at each other with a knowing glance. We didn’t speak, we just sat there & kissed for what seemed like an eternity, & I could have stayed there in his embrace for even longer.

When we finally stopped, with our faces still so close I chuckled, “I think our magic has worn off.”

He grinned, “Only on the fish.” Then he pulled me closer, kissing me again.

I didn’t care if we caught any more fish. I caught the best one in the sea that day.

I just made this thing that I’m going to use as reference every time I want to imagine the foxes, whether it’s while reading the books or fanfiction or whatever

I’m pretty sure we all know at least two of these because we practically officialized Jake Cooper as Neil and Reece King as Matt and stuff

But in case you wondered what their real names are, well:

-The Peroutka twins as Andrew and Aaron
-Laurence Coke as Kevin
-Matthew Clavane as Nicky
-Jake Cooper as Neil
-Reece King as Matt
-Nastya Kusakina as Allison
-Ashley Moore as Dan
-Amanda Arcuri as Renee