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I know uou said it's cancelled, but monster family has its happy ending. Matt becomes a sun-protection fashion designer since he can't model depending on the mirrors. He pitches it for people who have "sensitive skin," and he earns his fame. Tom becomes a musician. His fans adore his "strange makeup" but think it adds to his act. He sings about his problems, which is fine. People take the talk of needles and scalpels and cages to be a metaphor. He thanks Edd every show. And Edd? (1/2)

(2/2) Edd is so proud. His boys became so famous, and did so well for themselves. He goes to every show they host, writes monster-raising books that Kathy sells under-the-counter. Tom and Matt constantly talk about how amazing their dad is, and attribute their success to him. They meet up as often as possible. Tom looks a lot more aged, but he hasn’t been sleeping as much to practice. His eyes and smile are warm, though. Matt has a big fang-filled grin. Edd’s heart is full of love for his boys.

also this is really frikkin blessed

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  • Before Shiro Left for Kerberos, Keith wanted to be near him at all times possible
  • Shiro would try his best to keep Keith from getting in trouble when they were still at Garrison
  • Keith was kicked out after Shiro was pronounced “dead” because he couldn’t handle it and that’s why he was acting up
  • On the ship to Kerberos, Shiro was always talking to Matt about how amazing Keith is
  • Shiro being a total space dad™ before he was even Space Dad™
  • Cuddles like omg can you imagine
  • Shiro being so happy when he was reunited with Keith
  • (Canon) Keith being really really concerned about Shiro Everytime he had a flashback of being stuck in Galra captivity
  • Keith’s bants™ about Shiro’s hair when he gets back
  • Shiro and Keith coming to each other with problems and just ranting to the other person
  • Desperate hugs, clingy on to on another because they feel like it’s their only bit of reality left
  • Shiro feeling Jealous™ when Lance flirts with Keith
  1. Lance being instantly shut down
  2. Poor Lance
  • Shiro constantly joking about Keith’s Mullet
  • Keith being like… REALLY good at art and he draws Shiro when he’s bored, and he draws little hearts around him
  1. Shiro seeing these drawings and just feeling really happy for the rest of the day
  • Light kisses on the cheek for good luck before a mission
  • Sleeping in each other’s rooms
  1. This WILL result in cuddles
  2. When Lance comes in to ask one of them a question and just doesn’t speak and walks out (don’t take that as hate on lance he’s my bby I love him)

If you have anymore, message me and I’ll post them with credit to you

The original script had the kids use the time wish to bring Soos’s son from the future to meet his father and let him know that he grows up to be an amazing dad. It was very emotionally potent but we ultimately felt it came too far out of left field and robbed Soos of making a big choice for himself at the end.
—  Matt Braly, storyboard artist and director for Gravity Falls, on the ending of “Blendin’s Game” (from this AMA)

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UM, THAT DRAWING IS AMAZING. Tell us more about how lil kid crushes manifest~ Is Stick their teacher?? What snacks do they share? Is Matt's dad still alive?


  • Ellie has only ever invited Matt to her mansion for a playdate (and was very braggy about it). (She’s just sort of braggy in general.) (I love her.)
  • Jessica doesn’t care because Trish is going to make a million dollars from her child modeling career and buy Jessica a mansion and a swimming pool and then they’re gonna get married.
  • “Girls can’t marry other girls,” Matt says pedantically. “Sure they can, Matty,” Foggy says. “My Aunt Lisa married my Aunt Tanya, and they’re both girls. And boys can marry boys, too.” “They can?” Matt asks, amazed, and makes a note to double check this with his dad tonight. (Jack sighs quietly and resigns himself to the Nelsons for in-laws.)
  • Marci’s mother packs her fancy cookies every day. She only ever shares them with Foggy.
  • Danny pesters both Misty and Luke incessantly. Misty yells at him for it; Luke calmly tolerates it. Both of those things mean true love.
  • Sometimes Luke and Jessica throw rocks at the river together in silence.
  • Sometimes Frankie finds a cool bug and shows it to Karen.
  • Everyone wants Claire to give them a band-aid, whether they’re hurt or not.
Preference 7: What your parents think of him...


    Your mom thinks he’s a great guy and adores him, your dad was skeptical but ended up liking him.


    Your mom thought he was amazing and your dad liked him immediately.


    Again your parents both liked him a lot. Your dad really liked the fact he was so respectful to him and you,


    Neither of your parents liked him. Your dad despised him and banned you from seeing him because your mom knew of his reputation with girls and partying and worried about you but did allow you to see him.


     Your mom wasn’t sure because she knew he hung out with some iffy people. Your dad liked him because it was clear he would protect you.


    Your dad didn’t think he was good enough for you but your mom adored him.


     Your mom liked him a lot and wanted him to come to family events, dinners, and holidays. She thought you two were perfect. Your dad didn’t think he was good enough for you and questioned him constantly.


    Your mom thought he was a sweetheart but your dad thought he was too loud.


    Your parents didn’t really like him and occasionally would even try to set you up with other guys.