matt in sunglasses is always a good thing

5 things tag !!

tagged by @alexismlchelle

5 things you’ll find in my bag:
- pacifica perfume
- nyx matte lipstick in crazed
- library card
- ulta beauty rewards card
- sunglasses

5 things you’ll find in my room:
- rollerskates
- makeup vanity
- embroidery supplies
- dream interpretation guide book
- butterfly chart poster

5 things i’ve always wanted to try/do:
- tbh acid
- sneaking out/skipping school
- visit every state in the country
- fondue
- finish a painting on a large canvas

5 things that make me feel happy:
- my friends
- driving at night while listening to good music
- when my makeup turns out better than usual
- the feeling of being completely in love with someone (and having those feelings reciprocated)
- when you can feel the sun’s heat on your skin

5 things i’m currently into:
- trying new styles for my hair
- embroidery
- taxidermy/bug pinning
- tennis
- sorry i can’t think of a fifth one :/

5 things on my to do list:
- finish building my makeup drawer
- go school shopping (yikes)
- finished embroidering my pants
- finish cleaning out my room
- return some books to the library

i tag @weaponizelesbians and @phantomrunaway along with any other mutuals/followers who want to do this :-)