matt in a bathtub

narwhalsarefalling  asked:

for modern au shatt as matt as a biomedical engineer, he'll peobably be working with polymers (which is like orrbeeze only more expensive and u cant break them) so please imagine matt taking home expensive orbeez, putting them in a bathtub, and not telling shiro

so are we talking abt shiro waking up Hellishly Early and busting his ass slipping on this orbeez or
Late nights and Poker games - Chapter 1 - Iamprongsie - Voltron: Legendary Defender [Archive of Our Own]
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This is the 1920′s Au I decided to write!

Summary: The voltron crew run a speakeasy in Harlem. Matt makes Gin in a bathtub, Lance loses money at Poker, and Shiro and Allura get engaged.