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fmoon (Email address withheld by request) asks:
As a female fan of Superman I find it very disheartening a certain section of this fandom are going around the internet and accusing DC creators like Rags Morales, Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, James Robinson as woman hating. I for one love what you are doing with Superman and I don’t agree nor appreciate the unfair bashing of hard working creators. How do you begin to deal with this kind of irrational hysteria that is in no way reflective of all female fans?

Matt: That’s an awesome question, fmoon, and I wish I had a (semi) monthly prize to give you! Honestly, the only way to deal with this sort of thing is to ignore it. The internet invites all sorts of horrible commentary, accusations and rumor mongering, and it’s like that ‘cause people don’t have to sign their name to it or look you in the eye when saying it. It’s kind of the coward’s domain, in effect. And since none of us in this business can control what other people think, the best we can do is just keep doing our work, sticking to our principles and forging ahead.

I used to read reviews of the books I work on, but so often the “critiques” were unconstructive and generally fell into the realm of things I can’t repeat here, rather than a thoughtful analysis of what did or didn’t work. Believe me, if I thought I could get useful feedback from the internet, I’d be all over that. That’s not to say that every review site falls into this category, but you reach a point where it’s just not worth sorting through the noise for useful nuggets of wisdom, you know? Truthfully, the best feedback I get from readers is via this column and when I go to conventions.


Matt Idelson in addressing the gender issues that prevail at DC.

  1. I call troll at the “female fan” in question.

  2. I wonder if this means Matt Idelson has the backbone to say every single word he’s said on here to a live audience at a comic convention and not have any regrets. No seriously. I genuinely want to know. Because I can’t help but to point at the irony of a *brave strong man* such as himself using a “coward’s domain” to gleefully dismiss legitimate concerns female fans raise over the treatment of female characters at DC at large.