matt hunter gif

I’ve seen a couple of people in the tag say that this amazing GIF is from episode 6 and I believe that this episode may also include the date or one of the dates to Hunters Moon.

I’ve seen people analysing the clothing and Magnus is the one who has appeared to have changed clothes.

AND…. what if they have a wonderful date and everything is great and just perfect and Magnus makes sure it is fantastic because it’s Alec’s first date and he wants him to have everything just right because he deserves it and when the date is over he drops him to the Institute like a gentlemen and says ‘Goodnight Alexander’ with a little wink and leaves to go to his apartment

But once he’s gone Alec just can’t get him and the amazing night out of his head so he HAS to go and see him and thank him for the amazing night that he has given him and maybe when he gets there he will be all flustered and embarrassed and apologize because it does kind of look like Mags in in PJ’s or something.

Achievement Hunter Weekly Update #267 (Week of June 1, 2015)