matt harlock


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Today a man called Matt Harlock gave a talk at my university. He’s a director from London, known for his documentary about comedian Bill Hicks. What I saw of it looked great - the animation was amazing, and his early storyboards (hand-drawn, might I add) were brilliant - but Bill Hicks isn’t really my sort of funny man. I’m sure he’s superb, but, just not for me. What he (Harlock) said was really interesting though. I learned a lot about interviewing. And developed an urge to do more of it. So if anyone is panning on starting a new chat show, get in touch.

After that, I ran into town and went fake moustache shopping. Which was successful, might I add. Tomorrow, I’m going to see Frank Turner, and what I’m looking forwards to most is the chance of meeting him after, and explaining to him why I need him to wear facial hair and talk about snake oil.