matt gleeson

Okay, I’m just going to start by saying this: I love Techie, and I love how the writers gave this HUGE nod to his fans and his fandom. But this short comic book story took all the AU’s, all the ships and the fan-made lore and turned it to shit.

I wouldn’t be as pissed if the comic was good. But they changed Techie’s body type (if y'all remember, Domhnall isn’t skinny as a stick), they gave him a mediocre name LITERALLY MADE OUT OF TWO OF DOMHNALL’S OTHER CHARACTERS, and perhaps most importantly (to me at least) they either omitted or forgot about Techie’s mechanical eyes.

The short flashes of Techie that we saw in Dredd painted a picture of a traumatized man scared for his life and willing to do anything to help him survive. Now, he has a wife & kid, he has logged all that emotional and physical trauma away and is just a dissatisfied ex-criminal? I DO NOT accept that. Techie has scars and tattoos and his eyes were literally gouged out and replaced, and all of this characterization was ignored in the comic.

I may love the Dredd fandom and Techie getting recognition, but frankly I believe we deserve better than this thrown-together thing.