matt gallows


The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett with Maria Kannelis) vs. Bullet Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows with Amber Gallows)

3.25/5 (*** ½) - A decent heavyweight title match, with the added fun of Andersons love for Maria distracting him at every turn, and Luke Gallows with Amber coming to support Bullet Club. Taven is a very underrated worker, Anderson is great, Bennett is okay, and Gallows is Gallows. It was a fun match, not quite a must see, but I’ve seen much worse tag matches in NJPW. If you’re a fan of both teams, it’s worth a watch for sure. This was the final time Gallows and Anderson would win the IWGP Tag Titles, as they would leave for WWE after losing them at Wrestle Kingdom 10 to Makabe and Honma.