matt funderburk


Drove up North with the boys to Taylor on Monday to attend Fundy’s funeral.  Never would I have thought that this is how the end of 2012 would be like..  He was such an incredible person, he would have done anything for anybody and with the kindest of heart.  I know he wouldn’t want any of us to be sad.. “don’t worry, baby!”.  I’m thankful to have had the guys through this, and to everyone sending me/us/Fundy’s family your love and prayers- thank you with all my heart.  x

The music community lost another valued member. Former bassist from the band Lydia, Matt Funderburk, passed away in his sleep between dec 26th and dec 27th. Read part of a report below:

“Funderburk went to sleep on Wednesday, December 26, and did not wake up the following morning. The official cause of death is unknown, but his last moments were spent with family. He had no known health issues, according to bandmates.”

RIP “Fundy”.


Happy Birthday, Fundy. I love you and miss you more than words could express..
I’ve been randomly seeing people lately who remind me of you, and I can’t help but smile to myself to know that you were and are still so much a part of my life. Even though you’re gone you still make me smile.

But goddamn I miss the hell out of your bear hugs.