matt finelli


So post Coachella Matt Finelli & I (rad photographer hailing from LA who happens to double as a yeti when in the desert, do as the desert do) …. managed to drag ourselves along with fellow desert doers Darcy + Jordan to shoot part one of our new collection PERUVIAN VISIONS . We stayed in a yurt adorned with prayer flags & all had to sleep in 1 bed to stay warm.
Peruvian Visions draws inspiration from the rugged landscapes of Peru & the psychedelic journeys that may await you
Featuring a range of wearable & flattering garments, emphasis on details consist of grungy raw seams, rose gold hardware, textured fabrics and pom pom embellished bell sleeves.
I styled the shoot with vintage accessories and a nonchalant attitude. Surrounded by joshua trees with personality, smooth boulders & tumble weeds I embodied my surroundings as well as the dark impressionable prints.
Inspired for Splendour ?!