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Ruined Prom night (Shawn Mendes)

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Summary: Y/N instead of her prom she goes to iHeart Radio festival where Shawn leaves her alone for Camila. 

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Never in a million years would I have thought I‘d miss my own prom, but looking at my plane ticket I knew it happened. Since I was a little girl I always dreamed about wearing fancy dress to my prom, accompanied by a handsome guy, but when the guy I love asks you to be his pair to iHeart Radio Festival which is happening on your prom night, I guess you don‘t really have choise


„Why are you so nervous?“ Shawn asked slighly laughing at me. „There will be hundrets of people!” “Don’t  worry, you’ll be fine. I won’t leave you” Shawn kissed my lips trying to calm me down. When he left to get ready I knew it was time for me too. I guess wearing make up to cover up my acne skin since I was 15years old paid off because now without any struggles I did some kickass glam make up. After putting on my dress I looked at the mirror. Of course I didn’t look perfect because it would have looked prettier with slimmer legs, flat stomach, but perfection was never a thing. So I didn’t really think about it. If I said I wasn‘t nervous I would be lying because just thinking about standing there next to people you always watched on your computer screen gives me anxiety. Of course I said to Shawn that I won‘t be standing next to him on the red carpet because that would be just too much for me but it still made me nervous.

„You look amazing“ Shawn whispered making my cheeks heat. Even though I‘m dating Shawn for a very long time he still makes me feel like it happened just yesterday.  „Well you don‘t look bad yourself, Mendes“ I smirked looked at him. „I swear to god, Y/N, if we would be alone right now, I would rip that dress off your body“ Shawn huskily murmed leaving small kisses on my neck. „Maybe you should wait till the evening‘s done“  I said knowing it would put him on the edge. „You‘re..“ „Mr.Mendes, Miss Y/L/N. We‘re here“ Shawn‘s drivers said. „Don‘t be scared, princess. I will meet you there“ Shawn kissed my lips before stepping out of the car.


Scrolling down my instagram something catched my eyes. It was Shawn scaring Camila on the red carpet. I guess perfection is a thing now. Camila looked like a goddess with her white top and short-thing, whatever it was. It‘s actually quite rude if you ask me, people still talking about Shawn and Camila dating even though Shawn said in one of his interviews that Shawn and I were in a relationship, but again no one is asking me.

When the evening started but Shawn still wasn‘t with me  I got nervous. Where the hell is that boy? Leaving a few messages I put my phone down and tried to enjoy the evening. He will come eventually. At least that’s what I thought.

On the break he still wasn‘t here. Did he just betrayed me? Scrolling down my social medias I saw pictures of my friends in their  prom dresses. I should have been there with my friends not here. Alone. But after seeing something my sadness quickly changed into anger. There was a photo of Shawn and Camila enjoying themselves. Shawn had his phone in his hands. Maybe he didn‘t see my messages? Of course he did, he just found a better company than you. I couldn‘t be here anymore so I left.

Angrily wiping all the tears rolling down my face I looked through the car‘s window. „You okay, ma‘am?“ driver asked concerned. Nodding my head I smiled through my tears. If someone would have said that I would be crying on my prom night I‘d say they‘re lying. But now look at the mess I am. Pathetic.


Stuffing my mouth with multiple candy and ice cream was never in my planner but sometimes things happens. All I wanted was to leave this place, far from the highways, close to the sea. My phone starts to buzz. I look up to see Shawn calling. There‘s no way I‘m picking up that phone. ‚Have fun with Camila‘ I quickly send it and throw my phone away.


„Hi baby, why did you leave so soon?“ Shawn asked confused. „Are you serious right now? Please tell me you‘re not because if you are then just leave“ I said pissed. „What did I do?“ „What the actual fuck Shawn? That‘s the thing, you did fucking nothing. You left me, your girlfriend alone, when you promised me you wouldn‘t“ I yelled frustrated. „Just calm down. Why are you so mad at me?  I gave you an oppurtunity to be in this festival, for free“ Shawn said rolling his eyes. I can‘t believe what I was hearing. „Wow, thank you hero of the day!“ I yelled putting my hands in the air. „Stop making it such a big deal“ „No fuck you, Shawn. Fuck you and your stupid celebrity life. You don‘t get it, I missed my prom, the night I was waiting since I was five years old, for what? This night that I was all alone why all of my friends enjoyed themselves?!“ I snapped at him leaving our hotel room. I needed to get out of here.


„Stupid stupid stupid“ I started murmuring „Stop crying“ a frustrated yell escaped my lips when I couldn‘t take it anymore.

I was sitting on a hotel’s roof looking at the city’s view in front of me. If I wouldn’t be so mad and sad I wished Shawn was here too.

I turned around when I heard soft music start to play. There was Shawn standing with flowers in his hands. As I got up to leave Shawn grabbed me by my wrist. “Just hear me out” he looked at me apologetically. Again I turned to love but he caught my wrist. Again. “Please” I stopped moving and looked at his eyes. “I know I messed up. Really badly and I’m so sorry” if he thinks saying sorry will sort out everything he’s wrong “I know sorry is not enough. Hell I don’t even have an explanation why I left you alone. But I know that I love you and I’m so sorry for making this mistake. I promise I won’t leave you, never again. And I’m terribly sorry for ruining your prom night. But please can I make it up to you?” Shawn asked hopefully while I was glaring at him. “Y/N, will you dance with me?” He asked giving me flowers. Slowly taking flowers I hugged him. Feeling his body relaxing made me giggle. He was nervous coming here. “I’m still mad at you, Mendes. But nothing can change the fact that I love you. And no prom night, stupid fights will change that.” “I love you too Y/N” Shawn leaned over to kiss me. God, I love him. “But I swear to god, if you leave me again, I will chope off your balls”


Matt Espinosa AU: You’re dating him part 2

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Like A Virgin || S.M.

‘can you do a Shawn one where you’ve just started dating and you’re not a virgin but he is so for your first time he’s all cute and nervous and doesn’t know if he’s doing anything right and you keep reassuring him that he’s doing such a good job ??’

“Shawn, do you ever think about sex?”

“Well… yeah, of course, I do.”

“Do you… think about sex… with me?”

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Empty Promises: Jack & Jack Imagine.

Synopsis: You break up with Jack Johnson and when it finally sinks in that he is never coming back Gilinsky turns up to offer you some comfort…but is it the right kind or the right time? 

“I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore,” his dark eyelashes blink over his deep blue eyes. He was trying to blink away any sign of weakness or hurt, anything that made him look human. Your breath catches in your throat, and you swallow hard. The familiar lump you had felt the past few weeks was more prominent than ever. 

“Don’t cry,” You coax yourself in your mind before speaking, “don’t be sorry, I understand.” You nod, smiling through your sadness. Inside it felt like your whole body was trying to suffocate itself, you were shaking all the way to perfectly manicured nails. 

Jack Johnson, your boyfriend of two years nods, “thank you,” and with one last kiss to the forehead he disappeared. Just like that. Two years of wasted time, two years of wasted dreams.

You couldn’t resent Jack, it was just as much your fault that he fell out of love with you. 

That evening, you sigh, dropping onto your IKEA bed, the same one that came in a flat pack and caused a ten hour argument between you and Jack about how to put it together. There was still a chip on the headboard from you dropping it down the stairs of your house. You remember hating him for hours, but forgiving him instantly when he made you your favourite hot drink and gave you a forehead kiss. 

A small smile appears on your parched lips and the tears don’t hurt so much. The fights were so irrelevant back then. Your finger runs over the chip on your headboard and a sigh escapes your lips as the realisation that he is never coming back kicks in. 

“You okay?” A person appears at the doorway of your bedroom, dressed in grey sweatpants and a black v-neck, smelling freshly of clean laundry, Bulgari cologne, and spearmint toothpaste. Jack Gilinsky. 

You nod pressing the off button on your phone, “yeah, I just think my head has been in the wrong place for quite awhile and my relationships have suffered too much.” You sigh, “what are you doing here?” 

“I live here.” He reminds you with a chuckle, shutting the door behind him afore crawling onto your bed beside you, “roommates remember? I hear you and J bang every night.” 

“Well,” you sigh, “you won’t have to worry about that anymore.” 

Jack’s face softens, his arm extends and he swipes away your tears with his thumb, “I’m sorry.” He cups your cheek and you lean into it, his palm was so soft. His thumb brushes your bottom lip and your lips part pressing a kiss to it. He traces your lips, staring into your gaze, “for what it’s worth, I know your heart was in the right place,” he attempts to make you feel better. 

You laugh, more tears escaping your eyes, “Maybe I should have dated you instead, you seem to understand me,” you jokingly state, but Jack’s face turns serious and a blush of pink, his hand drops and he pushes himself away from you, “sorry I know that was a bad jo-” 

“No, no,” he cuts you off, “I just uh-it’s a bit surreal to hear you say that right about now.” 

“What?” You emphasise, “you wanted to…?” You trail off. 

“Kind of.” Jack shrugs, your breath catches in your throat for the second time today and soon, you don’t feel so alone anymore. You lean forward, one hand pushing his hair back as you place your face closer to his. 

“I can’t promise you anything,” you begin, his hands place on your hips and he draws your body closer to his. 

“I’m all for empty promises,” he begins afore placing his plump lips upon yours, your lips immediately part and you tilt your head to the right sinking into the thoughtless encounter that made you feel so loved even while you were sober. 

You were interrupted by a text. 

“I think I made a mistake - J” 

LET ME KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE A PART 2! I’d love to start writing back on this blog now that I have more time! Please send me in requests! 


- Helping him making some Music;

- Hanging out with the squad;

- Cheek kisses;

- Late night drives;

- Long talks;

- Passionate sex;

- Cuddling a lot;

- Spending time whenever you can;

- Calming him down whenever he’s nervous for the tour;

- Playing with his hair because he loves it;

- Johnson being always sweet with you;

- Supporting each other no matter what;

- Tight hugs;

- Hugs from behind;

- Whenever you wear his shirts, he confesses you, they look better on you;


Matt will never take enough silly selfies

Take A Break (Hayes Grier)

I sat on my bed cross legged and tried to open the physics textbook for the 5th time in 2 hours. I know the exam’s tomorrow but oh my gosh it’s painful.

I close my eyes and take a breath. Okay, Y/N, pull it together, I tell myself. All you have to do is get a 71 and you pass with a C+, just enough to keep a 3.5 GPA.

A hand settles itself on my bare thigh. My eyes open and stare at Hayes for a second, whose on his phone acting as if nothing happened. Even though it’s distracting as hell, I take it as a supportive gesture and try to focus back on the task at hand. I’m getting deep into relativity theories when his he starts running his hand back and forth across my leg, lightly and lazily. I look back at him again but he stills pays no attention to me and I try to get back to what I’m doing.

Eventually, he starts moving around, now sitting up slightly behind me instead of laying down next to me. At first I ignore him, until he starts messing around with a bit of my hair- twirling it around his finger, running his hands through it, even leaning close to me to smell it.

“Your hair smells good,” he comments, resting his chin on my shoulder.

“Stop it,” I say.

“Stop what?”

“Distracting me! I’m trying to study here, you know I need a good grade on this last exam.”

“I know, babe. I also know that you’ve been studying like this for days. Haven’t you heard it’s best to just rest and relax the day before the test, so you’re calm going into it?”

“Never heard that in my life,” I respond.

“Well, it works,” he says, burying his nose in the crook of my neck, pecking it a few times.

I shy away and try to scooch over so we’re not so close, but he just takes the opportunity to close the book and pull me closer, nearly onto his laps.

“You should take a break,” he said, wrapping his arms around me.

“You know what?” I ask rhetorically. “I should. I’mma go get a snack, you stay here.”

I move to hop off the bed but he pulls me back, pushing me onto the bed on my back. He leans over me, “Maybe later,” he says, clearly amused.

He lowers his head and I’m lost as our lips touch. At the start it’s gentle, caring, his lips barely brush mine. His arms are holding him up above me, mine wrap around his neck in surrender. At my first sigh he grows more intense, pressing his lips harder mine. I eagerly accept and use what little strength I have to pull his full weight on top of me.

He groans and pushes at my lips, forcing me to open them on a moan. I let him in and only our need for each other carries us. He’s taken over my senses, just like every time we do this. It feels as if the world is spinning around us instead of the sun, and everything else is just a passerby while we’re the only true movement, the only real people left.

Our kiss, however passionate it may be, is full of youthful mistakes. Both of our hands are simply fumbling in the dark, not knowing where to go. Every once in a while our hands will collide or our knees will bump, but we barely notice. He eventually moves slightly off me, presumably to allow me more air. His head lifts and for a split second I dread that he’s going to stop, but he simply moves down to my neck, allowing his hand to grasp at my waist and pull me upwards, urging our bodies to be even closer together than we already are.

I can’t help but moan and gasp as he sucks and nibbles at my neck. My finger find themselves buried deep in his soft, smooth hair as I arch my back. A minute later he comes back up, returning to my lips. I kiss him hard, rolling us over so I straddle him. He lets out a small laugh and brings me back down to him, resuming the kiss.

I reach down, running my fingers along the sliver of space between his pants and where his shirt has risen to. I push the shirt a little higher, allowing myself to trace the dips and curves of his stomach muscles. Every time I reach a new one it tenses individually. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t make me extremely satisfied.

“Oh my god, Y/N, you’re killing me.”

I smiled, “I know. You like it though.”

I could feel him growing hard underneath me and knew that we should stop soon. But ‘soon’ wasn’t ‘now’ right? I kept kissing him, wandering down his jawline and neck, even his collarbone. He placed his hands on my ass and tipped his head back further. As he groaned I could feel it, the vibration against my lips. I moved up a little more an lightly nipped his ear lobe, then whispered into it.

“I’m really glad you made me take a break.”

He smiled and laughed, “Me too.” Then he lifted me off of him and set my book back in my lap. “Now get back to work, you’ve got a test to pass tomorrow. You need some help?”

I frowned, frustrated that we couldn’t continue. He relaxed back into his previous position and looked at his phone again. I couldn’t help but smile, knowing my boyfriend actually did care about my success.  

I leaned down, pecking his cheek. “No I’m good. Thank you though.”


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Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. I didn’t really know how to end it, but I tried. To the requester, I’m not quite sure when you requested this, but it was probably a while ago, so sorry for taking so long, hope you like it though. I got so many messages and more attention than usual for my last Hayes imagine because apparently everyone loves him but no one writes about him, so her you go! I have another Hayes imagine to do still for those of you who enjoy them, then a few song requests, which should be exciting since I haven’t done those in a while. That’s all for now,


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