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All the Harry chat from the Breakfast Show with Scott and Chris and the first hour of Matt Edmondson’s show today.

Feat. Nick in Miami, White Eskimo, Harry’s audition, Matt’s naked Harry Styles tape and Harry’s Unlikeliest Fan.



David Tennant and his collection of Mr. Men shirts

(I should probably tag @thingsdtwears… and add a Madison photo source)

Matt Edmondson on BBCR1 04 April 2017:  “The first one comes in from Neil, who I think speaks for lots of us when it comes to Harry Styles and Harry Styles’ journey – ’I’m so proud to have watched you grow from a little seed into a beautiful sunflower.’ – A little seed into a sunflower. It’s been a while, right, since he was on X-Factor, nearly seven years, like six, seven years. I knew Harry Styles when he was just a tiny seed ‘cause I worked on that series of the X-Factor that he was on, I did all of their, like, online reporting. And I’m sure at home, almost certain, I’ve got hard drive which has footage that Harry has filmed himself and sent to me, of him running around naked in the shared house. Because they did a VT of the X-Factor of one of those ones like Austin Powers where various bits of stuff in the house, like a vase, goes in front of his precious bits. And I think I was sent some of that footage, it was never shown on TV, which lives in my loft - I can hear my house getting robbed as I speak - so I knew him when he was just a little seed. Although, having seen the footage I think that’s probably the wrong turn of phrase.“

The song is going to be good. I might go as far as to say it’s my favourite song even though I haven’t heard it.
—  me as matt edmondson

We hung out backstage with a Karaoke machine & got the stars of Big Weekend to sing along to Clean Bandit’s ‘Rather Be’ (feat, Jess Glynne)!

Featuring…. *takes deep breath*

One Direction, The Vamps, Katy B, Bastille, Dan Howell, Alice Levine, Gemma Cairney, Clara Amfo, Matt Edmondson, Greg James, Ed Sheeran’s guitar ;) Grimmy, Huw Stephens, Edith Bowman, You Me At Six, Sam Smith, Scott Mills, Pharrell’s hat ;) Jameela Jamil  & a real treat to finish with actual Jess Glynne from the song!

Oh & of course, the beautiful Glasgow crowd! We couldn’t have made this video without so many smiling faces :)

Thank you for partying with us! <3

5ive - The Matt Edmondson Show
  • Abz: I feel like I'm back in the band because Scott is stealing stuff.
  • Scott: Yeah, I stole a cup from ITV the other day when we had a styling shoot. But I told them about it. I tweeted them and said 'I'm stealing this cup'. But when I've been given a cup of tea here today, they've given me a plain cup.
  • Matt: Yeah, we do that. We heard the rumours about you, so everything's locked down.
  • Scott: I'm just gonna take the fridge.
  • Matt: No, we've glued everything to the floor.
  • Abz: It's a nice fridge.

T4 Pop Quiz! (by maximumpop)

Grimmy and Jameela go against T4 newbies.

HOWEVER, MORE IMPORTANTLY, skip to 3 mins in when Matt Edmondson reveals that not only did Harry Styles have a crush on Jameela (good choice, Harry, she’s awesome and very articulate about some very important subjects) but he used to text Matt about her and once phoned him in the middle of the night to ask Matt if she was okay because he’d just seen her tweet that the London riots were going on right outside her house.

That is actually completely adorable. Go you, Harold.