matt edge

  • matthias as a dad: my gorgeous wife is the most empowering source of inspiration to me. our child is here and i am in awe. my life now has purpose. the biggest blessing of all is fatherhood. thank you all for sharing our journey with us. vlog will be up soon.
  • jacksepticeye as a dad: another strong irishman has been born to continue the bloodlines of our people. we will raise the child on potatoes, beer, and haggis. this day shall be marked down in history, as it is ireland's rebirth. TO IRELAND!!!!!!
  • markiplier as a dad: offspring has been birthed. 100% muscle. 100% badass. need all new clothes because mega-baby does not fit into normal-baby clothes. don't ever come near me or my kin again.
  • pewdiepie as a dad: im triggered

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