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Because Sometimes It’s Easy to Forget Just How Young the Characters in Rumble Fish Really Are…

Pictured above is Matt Dillon (18-19), Vincent Spano (22-23), and Diane Lane (17-18) as Rusty-James, Steve, and Patty in the Rumble Fish movie, respectively.

Pictured below is Matt Dillon, Vincent Spano, and Diane Lane, all somewhere between the ages of 14 and 15–the same age range as their characters in the book.

Look at how little they are 

LMAOOO Matt Hardy fans are truly hilarious, they continue to go on about Lita cheating on Matt and how it “ruined her career” or “omg she had her share of kharma because she’s with nobody and matt is married yaaYYYY1!1!” 🤣😂while you cucks are all focused on Litas love life…She remains in the Hall Of Fame, was part of Tough Enough, introduced the new Women’s title and is helping women in WWE today, she appears in WWE every so now and then and not to mention she was voted as one of the missed divas of WWE. Matt? he got arrested for DUI, domestic violence against his wife Reby Sky, TNA, etc..yeahh good one for kharma right? i’m not saying that what Lita did was right it was obviously wrong and she ADMITTED that she was wrong in her interview with Lilian Garcia now do the rest a favor and fucking move on because i know Edge, Lita and Matt all did. stay mad you peasants, Lita will still rise

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