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Infest - Practise Tape (Made by Matt Domino, handwritten)

For now having over 200 followers (thanks a lot, you are awesome!!) I wanted to post my most favorite tape even though it is not an original release.
This tape was made by Matt Domino sometime around ‘89 for someone close to the band, this tape is unique and quite awesome! It contains the bands demo songs as well as the songs from the “Slave” LP, two practise sessions, a recorded live performance and a rough mix of the Neanderthal 7" that came out on Slap A Ham Records (Here written as Neandrathal, I dont know why). 
After receiving that tape I had a conversation with Matt Domino confirming that this was his handwriting and that the tape is totally legit. 

Listen to this awesome band:


INFEST live in 1988. Break the Chain is so hard in this!

I have really early memories of feeling inadequate: arrogant, and inadequate at the same time; I think that’s neurological maybe, I don’t think there’s any… I don’t know. But I’ve always felt not quite up to the task. The task of living, you know. So I always felt a lot of real fondness for life, and a kind of enthusiasm for people, somehow linked with the feeling that I wasn’t quite good enough to be at the party. So you add those things together, it equals a desire to achieve something. I felt like: if only I can DO something, I’ll be worthy of all of these people and all of this beauty.
—  George Saunders to Maria Bustillos.
The Game

Infest- “The Game” (1988 rehearsal version)

Fucking authority lays laws on me
social guidelines enforced on me
classified labels you can keep
part of the game just another fucking sheep

(I always thought it would be cooler if he said “Play the game..” instead of “Part of the game…”)