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hi!! could you do cuddling with the gang preferences? thank you!! I love your account!💜

thanks for the kind words!! and yes here it is :)

aw so pony is so sweet about it, usually it happens when darry and soda aren’t home, just the two of you on the couch watching tv. he really really loves playing with your hair so he does that a lot when you cuddle. he’s always warm, and that’s why you always cuddle up next to him.

darry’s actually not too big on cuddling, however, he knows you really like it so on cold nights sometimes he’ll give in and kiss your forehead a little while he cuddles you and its so cute aHH

soda loves loves loves cuddling. its like his favorite thing with you because you are so cute and warm and he just loves burring his face in the crook of your neck. a lot of times, yall spoon and then you start making out and lets just say it gets a lil heated with soda here ;))

okay so yeah i feel like dally wouldn’t be caught dead cuddling BUT HOWEVER i think when he’s drunk, he would cuddle you 24/7. like he would be so affectionate he would just wrap himself around you just be so touchy and cute.

you and steve would rarely cuddle but when you do its because of a great night last night ;)) and yeah he just likes to after sometimes, and he’ll always talk during cuddles. like he’ll be like “aw y/n i love you so much you don’t even know” and its so sweet and fluffy and pure mAN

okok, so johnny is such a sweet lil teddy bear and i think cuddling would be your guys “thing”. you know? and when your happy, u cuddle, when ur sad, u cuddle. its just a good way to comfort each other and its protection and a way to feel loved and safe.

two bit:
similar to dally, he would be so affectionate when drunk. he would just cuddle you, kiss you lightly, crack some jokes and just be really sweet when he’s drunk aw.

10 CHARACTERS I’D KISS TAG -  list subject to change without warning, subject to mood, and the latest Tom Hardy character probably. 

thanks for the reason to sin tag @badassbaker

#1  is no surprise I’m sure, Alfie Solomons.   And y’all know I’d be down for a hella lot more than kissing.

2.  John Wick because damn I love a good fight scene and clearly angry men is a thing for me … and The One.

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3.  Dallas Winston from The Outsiders… continuing on the bad boy/angry young man theme, the first painful angst of teen crushing

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4.  James Delaney - Taboo FX - again, no great surprise.  though I feel James would benefit more from a hug perhaps.  I’m willing to give both a try. 

5.  Gerry - PS I Love You.   TBH I’d probably smack on Gerard Butler any day of the week, because some girls just like it Scot. 

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6.   Steve Rogers/Captain America - I need at least one good guy on the list, right?

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7.  Okay two good men, because Most Ardently Mr Darcy.  And yes, Colin Firth is the ONLY Mr Darcy for me.

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8.  Oh my my hot damn Captain Homer Jackson… yes I’d like to check out your bedside manner please.   Ripper Street is seriously under-rated.

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9.  Logan/Wolverine - Xmen – does it really require an explanation?  Tear up the sheets love, let’s mess shit up.

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10.    Derek Morgan of Criminal Minds - omg baby lock me up.  (if you want to throw the adorable Dr Reid in as a bonus, I’m not opposed.)

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Who ya gonna smooch?  @bonjourmyloves, @brinabear458, @banes-tshirt, @thewife101, @danceyreagan

i was looking through my inbox and saw this and decided to give it a try. I’ve never seen a two-bit/dally headcanon and i myself don’t ship it, so i have no idea if it will be anywhere near accurate. sorry it’s so short but this was harder than it seems 

  • two-bit annoys dally 1000000% of the time, obviously on purpose
  • honestly, with any other guy, two-bit would be the big spoon but dallas refuses to be the little spoon because he would come off as “soft”
  • neither one of them are that big on cuddling though
  • they both look after each other, but both of them know each other can stick up for themselves
  • when dally gets locked up i BET YOU that two-bit would sit there and make fun of his ass
  • no one, including dallas, can stay mad at two-bit this kid literally does nothing
  • even though no one can stay mad at two-bit, there will be times where dallas is just an asshole and pick a fight with two-bit
  • dallas is lowkey jealous about two-bit being happy in just about any situation
  • like how does that boy do it
  • i’m not saying two-bit bottoms but two-bit bottoms
  • the perfect date: going out and raising absolute hell
  • they talk so much shit together
  • probably hang out more like friends than a couple
  • when two-bit thought that pony and johnny were in texas, he was PISSED that dallas wouldn’t let him go look for them
  • they’ve never told each other “i love you”
  • honestly because neither on of them knows what love really feels like

“ You think my old man gives a hang if I’m dead in a car wreck or drunk or in jail or something, he doesn’t care but that doesn’t bother me. You’re not going anywhere.” 

being friends with squad

disclaimer ; I always type lowercase. it’s my aesthetic lmao

ogoc including tez & hayes

  • them constantly calling you babygirl
  • late night drives blasting good ass music while smoking
  • g and Sammy lowkey wishing they had you instead of Madison and stassie
  • them being hella overprotective
  • being inlove with hayes and his cuteness
  • every girl being jealous of you
  • nate always touching you
  • nate always in the fucking clouds
  • “come roll one wit us babygirl”
  • always going on trips
  • sleepovers basically everynight
  • always arguing with jj
  • tez being your favorite
  • their fans loving the fuck out of you
  • always cooking for their lazy asses
  • smoke sessions
  • all of them having a crush on you
  • cuddling with one of them each day of the week lmao
  • forehead kisses
  • always getting into some type of trouble