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Shawn Mendes imagine: "this doesn't save you"

HELLOOOOOO GUUUUYS!!! So here it is the Shawn Mendes imagine that was requested a few days ago by anon, sorry for the wait!! Maybe I’ll have something more these days, but idk it could be short. I’m really not sure if I’ll have time to write something, but I’ll try. Now I’ll leave you alone so you could read this. Tell me what you think about this and re,ember you can request any time you want!! @the5sosdumpster
You were at the moment listening to your boss, at a conference while he was ranting about how you should have added this and that to your power point. It was an important meeting, and had put so much effort and time on this project. You now knew that it was all a waste of time. Your boss loved doing this to you. Actually you were really good at your job. You had people offering you different things all the time, but you opted for the one that would always pay your bills. You were an assistant; specialised in big companies. You were really good, but you weren’t sure if accepting another job than your first one would be a smart option. It paid your bills, you had all of your friends there, you felt comfortable in your office. Yet sometimes you just didn’t want to go to work. The reason? Your boss. Mr. “I do what I want” was always bothering you saying that, “you should have been more careful while doing this. It’s very important”, or “its okay, but it’s not what I asked for” when you presented something at a conference for the organisation of the company. You always did too much. Way better than him. And he didn’t like it.

When the meeting ended you tiredly walked out of the room. It was 22:30, and you woke up at 7:30. You were managing yourself alright to get to your office and pick your things up, when your co-worker Josh; your boss’s right hand, came up with something obvious: “Y/N, you look really tired. You should really go home.” “Yeah, that’s what I’m planning to do” you replied maybe in a little rude tone. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want to sound rude I’m just…” You apologised, but he cut you in mid sentence. “No problem” he said while going out to his office, wich was besides yours. “Oh, your presentation was truly innovating, you should get out of here. With your potential you could go anywhere. Please do me a favour and run away of this place.” You just smiled and told him “I’m sorry, too tired to think about that. But thanks, I’ll think about it.” You said now by the door, the only thing you wanted was to get home. But, oh. You didn’t know what waited for you there.

When you actually got to your apartment you lazily walked up the stairs and opened the door, almost braking the key in the attempt. When you entered to your little home you left all your thing near the door, being to tired to organise all the things for Monday. But oh well, it was Friday, you had the whole weekend to do it. You just wanted to put your comfy pajamas that was greeting you under your pillow, at your bedroom. You put them on and finally took you bra off. “FINALLY” you thought. You walked to the kitchen, where you heard some noise when you entered the house, but didn’t bother in looking what it was about. When you got there, you took a peek opening the shut door. There sat your boyfriend Shawn with a cup of tea placed in the table near his head, because he fell asleep sitting at the table and was using his arms as a pillow. You had a presentiment that his broad back would be hurting in the near future because of the position he was in. You knew that he was exhausted because of the show that he had tonight. That one he wanted you to be, but you couldn’t go. You told him, that you’ll be there, but you got trapped by your boss at the office. “He will kill me as soon as he wakes up, but I can’t leave him here. Oh god look at my little cutie waiting for me to get home safe and then literally wanting to kill me” you thought, and you were debating whether you should or not wake him up.

You decided that it would be very cruel of you to leave you boyfriend
Like that, sleeping in the kitchen, so you tried to wake him up. “Shawn” you whispered softly into his ear, trying to be as sweet as possible to see if you could skip the discussion until tomorrow morning. “Shawn” you whispered this time carefully touching his arm and squeezing it a little. He obviously had been working out, it’s worth the comment. This time, one of his eyes opened. The he closed again because of the light, that was too much to aloe him to see anything at the first attempt. A few second later he got used to the lighting and looked at you. He was disoriented at first, but then he frowned and his eyes had a hunt of anger and disappointment. He remembered that you didn’t show up to his concert. You stood there, smiling at him, praying that he wouldn’t be that mad at you. But he was. He stood up looking down, making his way to your shared bedroom without even touching you not looking at you in any part of the process.

You say at the table and finished the sip of tea that was left in Shawn’s cup and grabbed your head, with your elbows in the table, regretting one more time conserving your job. It made you do this kind of things, like not showing up at one of his concerts. Mad you obviously blamed yourself about it. You made your way to the bedroom, just like Shawn and got into you bed where he was now changed into something comfier. He was looking blankly up at the roof. “You could have told me that you weren’t coming, you know? Then I wouldn’t be this angry” he said, quietly. “I know Shawn, I’m so sorry. My boss dragged me into this conference that was planned for tomorrow, but he wouldn’t let me go.” You said feeling a warm tear at the corner of your eye. “Please forgive me” you finally ended your sentence without any sob coming out. He just moved s little on the bed without answering you, and fell asleep with his back facing you.

The next morning, he wasn’t home when you woke up. It happened sometimes, he got to the studio earlier. You went to work like you always did. Around 15:30 you had a meeting with some co-workers to discuss about an important topic that you had in mind all week long. In ppt was Saturday, so after that you could go home worth out any worry. But there was a problem that didn’t fit in your agenda: you. Just because of stress and maybe the need of the morning coffee you forgot to take in the morning, you managed to fuck up your whole day. Around 12:00 you started feeling a little dizzy, but you thought it may be for the weather. It was very hot, actually, so it could be just the need of fresh air. You got of your chair, that was near the desk with the idea of opening your window so air could circulate around your office. Just in that moment John came in to ask you something, at the same time you fell to the ground. Eyes closed. Unconscious. Long story short: you passed out.

You opened your eyes quickly, sitting up and breathing heavily. You were a little confused, since you were at your house, lying on your bed, with sweatpants and one of Shawns tees. You looked around a little and attempted to stand up, but your whole body hurtled when you did so. While you were trying to walk a little to go see if Shawn was at home, he appeared and said “no, no, no, no, Y/N! Are you crazy?” You turned around to see Shawn in also sweatpants and a black shirt, placing two cups of just-made tea on his nightstand and looking at you concerned. “What happened?” You asked him, while sitting down so he wouldn’t freak out again. “Well, you passed out at work.” He said, looking at you with pity. “I’m sorry, but I have to ask: aren’t you still mad at me?” You asked Shawn, really wanting to know if you would have to keep all the cuddles to yourself. “In fact I am, but I can’t see you like this and contain my need to kiss all over your face. You look like a puppy all covered up.” He said blushing and smiling at you. You just blushed at his comment, and threw yourself at him, hugging him tightly and burying your face in his neck. “This doesn’t save you, we’ll discuss it later” he said laughing again. “I know, but why don’t you just cuddle me and forget about this for today?” You asked, hoping he would agree, because all you needed was him kissing you and hugging you. He could always cure anything that got to you, such things like just a cold, or things like this.
The rest of your day was spent cuddling with Shawn. He kept bringing tea from the kitchen and snuggling you up to his chest. He played with your head, he kissed your forehead. There were moments where the tv was barely audible for the two of you, and you just kept touching each others faces like they were a masterpiece. Like it was art. You looked each other deeply in the eye, touched each other’s faces softly and with hands full of love forgetting about everything in the world, but your love.

Cameron Dallas imagine

Hello my dear friends! How are you feeling today? This little imagine was requested, by @mylo . It may be short, because I’m with a friend right now and I don’t have much time right now. But I hope you love it. Let me know what you think about it. 😊❤️

You woke up to a horrible feeling in your back and a headache, yeah nothing pretty. But you felt better when you saw the position you were in. Cam had your head on his chest, he was hugging you and your legs were all tangled with each other’s. You were definitely enjoying the view, because Cameron was wearing nothing but his pajama pants. Unlike you, you had the warmest pajama on and had your head snuggled in Cameron’s neck, absorbing the scent that loved so much.

You thought that he wasn’t awake, so you started unconcernedly massaging his exposed chest. You wanted to be like this all day long, but you knew it wouldn’t be possible. “Oh wait, it’s Sunday.”, you thought. Maybe you could, in fact, stay like this all day. You kept massaging him, until he said “That feels so good, honey”, and caught you out of guard. You looked up to see his face, and he was still with his eyes closed enjoying the little cuddles on his chest. You laughed at him and he opened his eyes and looked at you with a smile. “Good morning, Cara” he said sleepy and cuddled you harder. “Morning, Cam”, you replied with a smile and kissed his cheek. “Do you wanna go down and have breakfast?” he asked. You knew that he would ask that and you were also hungry, so you replied “yes”. You both groaned while you stretched your bodies, yours still hurting. A few minutes later you were in the kitchen doing pancakes for you and Cam, while he was in the toilet. You took a pill for you back minutes ago, so your back should be okay in about half an hour. He got back and hugged you from behind. You put a part the cooking, turned around and looked at Cam. He was so handsome. Every inch of him was precious, you loved him with each piece of your heart and so did he. “You know, boy? You are very cute.” You said with a smile. You admired him for a few seconds and then he kissed you in respond. Just like every time, his lips were sweet and plump. Your lips were made for each other, just like your bodies. Your hands were now playing with the hair that was on Cam’s scruff and his hands were hugging your waist gently. His tongue touched your lip, begging for entrance, so you just let him in. His skin was so soft, just like his lips. Every time you kissed it felt like the first time. The kiss lasted a few seconds, and when it ended Cam rested his forehead against yours. “Did you look at yourself lately? You aren’t that bad neither.” He said in case you didn’t understand the kiss as an answer. You both had breakfast a long time ago and you head wasn’t hurting that much now. It was about 7pm and you both were lying in the couch next to each other. Can was scratching your back, kissing your neck, cheeks and for head while resting his head on his hand. You were watching “Inside Out”, the best movie ever for the two of you. Later, he was braiding your hair lazily, because he insisted that he was a good “hairdresser”, when you felt asleep. He always wanted to touch your hair and you loved his too and always wanted him to try to put a flower on it because “it would look very cute”. His touch was so gentle and you were so warm and loved so much having your hair touched that you just had to fall asleep. Cam picked you up (bride-like) and got to your shared bedroom, putting you on the bed gently and tossing a blanket over you. He also got into bed with you, because he didn’t want to leave you up there alone, and preferred watching you sleep above watching a movie. Knowing your head hurted all day long he wasn’t sure if it would be okay to turn the tv on up there, just so he could fall asleep easily, but he just cuddled you to his chest kissing your head. “Good night” he mumbled. This one was one of those days where you didn’t talk much, but you showered each other with love. You did such things like cuddling and hugging and kissing a lot, or just lying in the couch together. Cameron was always busy with something, so the days that he had completely nothing to do you were so were very appreciated by the two of you. You could have a little time together and you loved being with him, well, at the end, he was your boyfriend and you loved him with all your heart, just the way he loved you too.

Such a cutie😍🔥