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Now that S12 Is Over

Way too many questions are left with me. Im not going to say it was a horrible season or fire this writer or that producer, but I am going to ask…

What the hell happened? 

So much happened that seem to have had no point at all!  And if it was just a matter of a single monster hunt or 2 that served no purpose, I woudnt mind but these things appeared to be very important, but werent. 

Vince Vincente. Nearly the whole first half of the season was wasted on Lucifer possessing an old rock star, who ironically was a real life old rock star, who for some odd reason, never once sang or played the guitar. Nothing of importance came from it, so why were 7 episodes wasted on it?

LOTUS. The big mid season finale. The one where they broke 8 years of canon where Obama was president, to make a generic president in which Lucifer could impregnate his girlfriend, and get the Winchesters thrown in super secret federal prison. Kelly and Luci’s love child were kept, but can anyone tell me why Luci needed to posess the POTUS anyway? Oh, Ok, so the bros could go to prison over winter hiatus. 

The bros go to prison. Not just prison, but super secret Fed prison, where they were in isolation for 6 weeks. Now, I wont lie and say I didnt like First Blood, it was a great episode, but it served no purpose. The boys werent tortured, and they didnt even seem to care they hadnt seen each other in 6 weeks. though Dean did say it was worse than hell for some reason.  What came of it? Sam and Dean made a deal with Billie, that would cause “cosmic consequences” if broken  Cas killed her, breaking he deal and now… what? No cosmic consequences? Maybe next season? In any event, 6 weeks in Fed Prison didnt even warrant any further discussion besides Sam referring back to it briefly in Regarding Dean.

The Empty. A big deal in S11, and not as big a deal in S12 but still brought up, However with Billie dead, does it even matter?

The killing of Magda. Some of these things can be said to have made the BMOL look good to the boys but bad to us. We know that they killed Magda, because she was a psychic  and we know they killed all the soldiers, cops and prison workers and yet, Sam and Dean never found this out. Even though Mick and Ketch talked about it, no one ever told Sam and Dean. Remember us all thinking “Woah… Wait till Sam finds out they killed Magda!” He never did. If he does, it doesnt matter, all the guilty are dead. Many of us thought there would be big trouble for Sam when the Britts found out he was psychic too. Nope… nothing. Maybe next season? I dont think “The Old Men” are dead, so maybe. 

Toni’s son. Was there a point? Had they had different plans for her and the fans hated her so much they scrapped them and just had her die? Im glad shes dead but, I feel like the son was Ketch’s son as well, yet that was never spoken. They’re both dead now, so, we may never know. 

Things were also spoken at conventions and on Twitter that never came to pass either. Didn’t Jensen say that something was supposed to happen after the screen fades to black that would be very disturbing? Didnt Jared tweet that Matt Cohen and Osrich Chau would be in 2 back to back episodes, but not the way we think? A very recent EW article said that we wouldnt only find out why certain things were happening, but how they were happening. None of that either. As if there was going to be an answer to the weirdness, but there wasnt. 

Now I have watched all the seasons dozens of times and I realize that unnecessary episodes are normal, but not unnecessary storylines and this one had a lot of them. I have to wonder if things were going to go somewhere but they were getting so much back lash from fans about bad writing, that they scrapped scripts and plans and just started making shit up as they went along. I cant believe they had intended that Sam never find out about Magda, or that there would be no reason what so ever to put the boys in prison. 

Now, at the moment, they have lost all their Supernatural helpers, Cas, Crowley, Rowena and even Bilie. Some of us might be excited or intrigued that the brothers will have to go back to figuring things out on their own, old school style, but now we have Jack (Luci Jr) who will no doubt be around next season, with no one to “teach” him except the Winchesters, and Im sure, he will lend a hand in some way to bring back Cas Crowley and Rowena, and probably THEN go bad, and Sam and Dean will have to employ their Supernatural helpers again to defeat him. 

I will say again, that I dont think this was a bad season, but it was indeed sloppy. I wish I knew what really went on in the writers rooms. 

anonymous asked:

Hey hi! Don't you think that the person who is most enamoured of Jensen is Matt Cohen? I mean he tweets about Jensen's lips! Also if i remember correctly, he had also said something in a con about Jensen's voice?

Hi, hon! Yes, haha, I do think that Matt is very enamored with Jensen :) He’s pretty open about it actually lol I still think Jared is most enamored with Jensen, something I could talk about all day every day, but Matt is definitely up there and seems to be in awe of Jensen’s beauty all the time

Actually, just because I do enjoy Matt’s obsession with Jensen, here’s a few posts about it.

Here’s where Matt tweeted ‘JENSENS lips!!!!!!” [x]

Here’s where Jensen sat in-between Matt and Briana and both look at him like he’s the greatest thing they’ve ever seen [x]

Here’s where someone asked who could play Dean and Matt answered “Jensen’s the only luscious lipped bastard…” [x]

Here’s where the cast was playing FMK and they all answered that they’d fuck Jensen and Matt, specifically, said “I would have to ef Jensen because I’d love to tie him up with one of his scarves.” [x] (SAME MATT, SAME)

 And, my personal fave, here’s the video where Matt says that “Jensen has one of those sexy voices and paired with the lips it makes it awkward for another man…” and then says that “you look at him and you’re gay for a couple moments.” [x]


misha, richard, rob, matt, seb on stage during screening of tsa america (fangasm pics & tweets)

So many people are trying to watch the TSA America stage it that we’ve crashed the site. Go #SPNFamily ! #dccon

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Most of the audience needs a cold drink now. #dccon @mishacollins #TSAAmerica

Misha: this fan community is incredibly kind and we all feel really lucky. We love u guys #dccon @mishacollins

Misha likes directing so he can be a bossy asshole. Lol #dccon @mishacollins

Sebastian: I wanted to be that Texan guy having a @mishacollins pat down. Everyone: me too #dccon

They were cracking up during the pat down scene so much the camera operator had to leave! #dccon @mishacollins