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Hey! I just wanted to say how much I love your writing and how much fun your blog is to browse. :3 I don't have a Tumblr so I can't really like your posts or anything, but I did want to say thank you for all the pure awesomeness you've given us <3 (also, it feels sort of strange to make requests, but your mag7 head canons give me life and if you ever considered doing any head canons for Emma Cullen, I feel like they'd be really interesting?)

Thanks so much for your support! Don’t feel weird making requests. I live for requests :) I’m also super excited to get the chance to write a little about Emma because I love her


  • I strongly believe that even after the battle of Rose Creek is over, none of the remaining seven will ever attempt to get romantically involved with her, nor will she have any desire to be with them
  • Rose Creek also breaks societal norms because of her. She empowers her fellow women, which, in turn, causes gender roles to shift and break
  • Whether she remarries or not, she will always refer to herself as “Mrs”
  • She actually does get herself a pair of pants. She never wears them, but she keeps them close by as a little reminder
  • Emma doesn’t suddenly become the god of Rose Creek. That’s not what she wants to be. Half of the reason she fought was to help everyone regain their old, quiet lives. Hers included (I mean, in addition to the whole revenge for her Matt Bomer husband thing)
  • Though she has no plans of fighting again, she still goes to practice shooting now and then, just because
  • The only one who knows about Chisolm’s past after overhearing him talking to Bogue. She never says a word about it to him. Though one day she takes him to a few blank crosses in the ground and hands him a knife “You can carve their names, if you’d like. Or leave them blank. Either way, they have a home here. Just like you do.” 
  • The remaining seven all sort of unofficially move in temporarily, and she takes care of them without complaint. One day she comes home to see that while she was gone, they fixed up her house a bit on the outside, and made the whole thing sparkling clean on the inside as a thank you
  • Cook off with Vasquez: who can make better baked beans. Naturally Emma wins the unanimous vote 
  • Lots of time spent with Red Harvest to help him adjust to living in Rose Creek. She helps teach him English and learn more about their customs–but for every thing that she teaches him, she makes sure she learns something on his end to keep things equal
  • And she will educate Rose Creek about his people. Equality is crucial
  • If Emma hears one single negative thing out of anyone’s mouth about the guys, she will just absolutely drag them for all of Rose Creek to see. These are the men who helped save the town. Some of them gave their lives for it. They deserve nothing but respect
  • Every day she tends to the graves of her husband and those of the seven who have fallen. Chisolm is usually by her side helping