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Voltron Season 4 positivity post

I know that season 4 wasn’t the best and focused more on developing the plot than the characters, but I’ve decided to stay positive, so here’s a list of all the best parts of season 4 :)

-Keith in the Blade of Marmora outfit 👌
-And Keith’s new perspective on the war, seeing it as a soldier rather than a war hero. We’ll see if that’s a good or bad thing later on, but I just thought I’d note it
-Team Voltron group hug >o<
-Black Paladin Shiro once again (and the writers not touching on the whole clone issue WHATSOEVER)
-Holt sibling flashbacks (Pidge got her nickname from her bro T-T)
-The Holt reunion scene ToT
-Anime, meme boi Matt
-Lance looking like he’s about to murder someone when Matt starts flirting with Allura
-Pidge showing Matt around the castle and Matt being a supportive older brother and being proud of his sister T0T
-Matt, Pidge, and Hunk being the best genius trio in the galaxy, nerds unite 👊

-The cow scene tho
-Lance has a future career in acting, I KNOW IT
-Allura having to play Keith in all the skits, and not being happy about it at all
-Shiro have literally no flippin’ clue how to act, but doing it anyway
-Coran falling victim to a drug dealer scheme (don’t do drugs kids)
-Lance’s dancing 👌
-The ice skating skit
-“Help me, Bi Bo Pi, you’re my only hope!”
-Hunk flippin’ elbow jamming that Galra officer in the face 👌👌👌
-Lotor flippin BREAKING his WRISTS to get out of those handcuffs, cuz I TOTALLY needed to see that
-All the rebel officers helping in the final two episodes 👊
-And while we’re on the topic, the fact that those two rebels who betrayed Voltron earlier got redeemed
-Keith and Matt interactions during the final episode (can they be bros please????)
-Lance encouraging Allura and basically being the reason they survived the fight but giving her all the credit for it
-Keith NOT sacrificing himself in the last episode

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everyone's worrying so much about future scenes and here i am just praying for alec to wear his head of the institute blazer again!

OH. MY. GOD. I KNOW? How does it work? When does he get to wear it? On mondays? Clave meetings? During roleplay with Mr. Bane? I need to know.

When is the next downworld meeting because I need to see him in this jacket AGAIN.


Matt Bomer in Everything  Glee (2012)

It was fun to play somebody who has such strong convictions and opinions that are all completely ill-founded and misguided. But at the heart of it, you know he’s really trying to look out for his brother and give him some of the slings and arrows of the entertainment industry…He’s somebody who is desperate for validation, and the second he gets that, it kicks right in to the hubris.

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Last, role reversal voltron au. You can switch any characters u want.

ooooh, don’t hand me so much power, ill go crazy with it.

i’ve seen alot of fics and art of where Lance and Shiro switch places, and they are a dream come true for langst writers ( and shance shippers) everywhere. i personally love them!

but what about Lance and Matt switching spots?

like Matt is great friends with Shiro, but has always struggled with getting out of the cargo pilots classes to be able to show that he’s capable of so much more; and Lance being a great engineer and scientist who is pretty nerdy, but still the same lovable goof ball who loves anything to do with space exploration.

Lance would go up with Matt’s dad and Shiro and we would follow the usual plot, just with Matt being the Blue paladin instead of Lance.

but also, REBEL LANCE!!!!!!aaahhhhhhhh!!!!! the idea in itself is great and beautiful and SO unexplored!

think of a roughed up Lance being saved by rebels, an joining them in their fight against the galra. learning how to fight with all sort of different weapons. helping them with maintenance on their ships but also bringing a light hearted air into the rebel cause, helping older fighters relearn how to relax, and reminding the younger ones to not let the war diffuse their sense of humor and enjoyment in life. (plus him in that rebel armor would look hella good on him ;)) and just Lance and Shiro bonding! they were on a spaceship for 6 months, they’re going to get close with one another. 

and Matt helping Pidge to find their father, helping her sneak into the garrison, searching for clues of anything about him while they fight to save the universe. i do imagine Matt to be kinda like Lance, always the first to tell a joke and has insecurities about his piloting skills, always comparing himself to Shiro and striving to do better. but not the kind to really flirt with anyone. he qould be the one that alot of aliens would be super into and they try flirting with him, but he’s as blind as a bat when it comes to that kind of stuff, so he takes it all in good and pure strives, never realizing he’s leaving a trail of broken hearts behind him.

thats all i really got on this right now, thank you so much for the prompt! i loved it so much!

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matt with a bunny anon back with more dumb shitposts. neil and matt are collecting their laundry from the machine one day and matt just says 'can u fit into the washing machine neil?' when dan comes down to check on why theyre taking so long all she sees is matt with his phone out giggling at neil who is in the washing machine


Watching Chopped just makes me want a Daredevil AU of it:

  • Matt is incredibly precise and builds amazingly complex flavors but probably gets himself disqualified for either taking an insane risk (“This dish normally takes four hours but I’m pretty sure I can get it done in 20 minutes if I use the blowtorch; also I’m going to use the ice cream maker in every round”) or because a basket ingredient freaks him out so bad thanks to smell and/or texture that he refuses to use it and then fights with the judges when they point that out.
  • Foggy specializes in comfort foods with a chic, metropolitan twist and all of his confessionals are stories of being taught how to make X or Y by the various little old ladies of assorted cultural backgrounds who watched him after school when he was a kid.
  • Elektra’s knife skills are terrifying. She has never made a dessert in her life.
  • Frank is not sure how he got here, he literally showed up to murder someone and got mistaken for a contestant. He actually makes it further than Matt does.

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me @ me: stop sending shitposts also me: no. matt, at 3am: "i cant belive neil josten is my best friend", "neil would never betray like this", neil, learning about taxes: (softly) "what the fuck", matt got neil one of those sound keyboards for his birthday and now every time matt enters neils dorm its just; matt, entering room: hey neil-" (duck quack), neil: "i wonder if anyone has tried to hook up the court sounds system to play idk rick roll" matt: "i know what we're gonna do today"



“Put your camera down and hold my hand”

Contender for favourite video on the internet.

About that Sheith Easter egg

So, is this picture just before Kerberos mission? a few hours (or days) before, I mean. I don´t remember every detail of this scene;;;;

Look at Pidge and her mom. Why are they there taking a photo? it´s not common for family to visit their son´s school just to take photos! unless this is a special occasion.

There are only two answers to the first question and both of them show us how importat is Keith to Shiro:

1.Yes, it is a few hours (or days) before Kerberos mission: Which means Shiro thought being his last moments on earth with Keith (alone!) was the best. Compare to Matt being with his family who are the most important to him. Maybe Shiro doesn´t have a family and Keith is the closest he´s ever had to someone he loves and wants to share important moments with him *cries*

2. No, it was way before Kerberos: the only other special occasion that would explain mom comming to the Garrison to take photos with her son and daughter would be: this is Matt´s first day at the Garrisson. Which could be Keith´s first day too. The only weird detail is that, if this is Keith´s first day at the Garrison…why is Shiro touching him so friendly? well, maybe because they have known each other long before! Maybe Shiro is the one welcoming Keith ♥

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danny rand bf headcanons?

Oh god okay 😆 Why do I think this is Rae??😄💙

- Forehead kisses? Forehead kisses.
- Him telling you stories about Kun Lun all the time
- Helping him adjust to being back in NYC
- Need for physical contact is nearly always high
- Him trying to meditate a lot. *trying to* because you constantly try and find new ways to distract him
- Him helping you calm down completely during anxiety attacks
- Daily walks to Central Park
- Him teaching you to control your breathing in case you have an attack and he’s not there
- Eating takeout a lot
- Asking him to teach you to meditate and repeatedly failing because you just burst out laughing every time
- Always being fascinated by the skills he has
- Feeling completely safe with one another
- Probably meeting Matt, Jess and Luke at some point
- Probably being best buds with Claire
- Worrying about Danny when he’s out being a vigilante
- He’ll probably offer to stop it if it worries you too much but telling him it’s okay
- Cuddles™

Have a great day!!

‘Bare’ characters vs ‘Romeo and Juliet’ characters

Okay, so I was talking to my friend about all the Romeo and Juliet parallels in Bare, and then I realised that each character in Bare matches up with a character in Romeo and Juliet, so here’s what I came up with. (This is using the pop/rock opera version of Bare).


Jason = Romeo

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a pretty passive character, letting things happen around him, but as the play progresses he becomes more dedicated - this is paralleled with Jason, when at the start he doesn’t seem to play a particularly active role in the story, or in his relationship with Peter, wanting to keep it secret, however he becomes more certain in his feelings over the course of the show, telling Peter he loves him for the first time at the end. Romeo is the ultimate symbol of romance, and that is what Jason’s classmates perceive him to be at the start of the show, upon assuming his heterosexuality. Also, when he believes Juliet is dead, Romeo kills himself. Upon being told that his relationship and love for peter are wrong (thus rendering his relationship and love metaphorically dead- the song ‘Once upon a time’ is basically him mourning his lost relationship with Peter), Jason kills himself. ouch.

Peter = Juliet

Juliet is presented as a shy and obedient character, but once she meets Romeo she is prepared to defy her parents and secretly marry him. Peter is similair to this - he seems to go pretty unnoticed by his classmates (especially when compared to Jason, who is the centre of attention and affection) however he defies his homophobic mother and has a secret relationship with Jason. Also Juliet and Peter are essentially swept off their feet by their respective partners.

Ivy = Rosaline

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo pines for Rosaline, and says he is ‘in love’ with her but it’s pretty clear he’s not, considering how quickly he forgets her as soon as he meets Juliet. In Bare, Jason tries to pretend to himself that he’s in love with Ivy, which, granted is a little different to R&J , the links are pretty clear - Jason is not in love with Ivy, Romeo is not in love with Rosaline - he’s just convinced himself he is.

Nadia = Mercutio

Mercutio is the loud, quick witted, often dirty and innuendo-rife wordsmith. Nadia is very similair, boasting legendary one-liners such as “Bathroom stalls don’t lie, she’s good with her hands” when Jason remarks on how good Ivy’s drawing is, or when Ivy tells her ‘Don’t touch anything [in my room]’, Nadia quips “Says the whore, uncharacteristically”. Clearly, most of this wit is cruel, and directed at Ivy, but stems from Nadia’s jealousy of Ivy’s beauty , and her own pain at feeling emotionally isolated and lonely relationship-wise.
Mercutio is considered to be the opposite to Romeo (who believes that true love can conquer all), and Nadia is also exactly the opposite of Romeo - cynical, no hope in love, no faith in the world. Both Nadia and Mercutio seem not to believe in the idea of true love. In the song ‘A quiet night at home’ , Nadia has lines which support all this, such as “Pain adores me, God ignores me” , “Play my siren song, attracting none my ship just won’t come in” , and “A tale of star-crossed lovers - life is lived on other stages”.

Sister Chantelle = Friar Lawrence

In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence is the one who helps Juliet make plans to escape her family and run away with Romeo. Friar Lawrence is also the one who marries Romeo and Juliet to each other in secret. Sister Chantelle gives Peter the support he needs to ‘escape’ his hopelessness, being pretty much the only non homophobic adult in the entire show (in the same way Friar Laurence is the only adult who supports Romeo and Juliet’s union) and in a dream sequence she officiates Peter and Jason’s wedding.

Father = Nurse

In Romeo and Juliet, Nurse is considered to be Juliet’s ‘confidante’, the same way father is who Peter (and eventually Jason) talks to about his feelings and confusion. Also in R&J, towards the end of the play, Nurse essentially ‘betrays’ Juliet by arguing that she should marry another man, Paris, despite the fact that Nurse is aware Juliet and Romeo are already married in secret. In Bare, there is pretty much an exact mirroring of this situation: Father tells Jason being gay isn’t okay while fully aware of the effect that could have, and also while knowing of Peter and Jason’s secret relationship.

Matt = Tybalt

In Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is Romeo’s enemy and rival, and Romeo eventually kills him. In Bare, Matt and Romeo are clearly rivals - Matt spends the entire show always being second best to Jason (In the words of Nadia “Matt, always a bridesmaid, never a bride”). This rivalry is made very clear in the show, as in their school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, Jason is cast and Romeo, and Matt as Tybalt. During rehearsing the duel scene between these two characters, the two boys start actually fighting, and Matt uses a homophobic slur towards Jason.


Lucas = Benvolio

In Romeo and Juliet, Benvolio is the (failed) peacemaker. This seems to parallel Lucas, who, while being the school drug dealer, also has lines such as “I got your back”, and upon learning of Jason’s relationship with Peter, tells the former “You know we’re still cool, right?” in a (failed) attempt to give Jason some hope to hang on to that things will be okay. Also, during the scene where Jason and Matt fight, Lucas is the one who literally pulls one off the other and then stands between them to put a stop to the brawl. 

Okay, so if Matt and Shiro graduated together, then imagine the age difference between Matt and Pidge. That is 10 years. This is giving me an intense need for half-sibling Holts.

Hear me out. What if Mrs. Holt is Matt’s step-mom? Mr. Holt may have had Matt with another woman, who then left him or died (idk which is better). He would have then been too busy having a job as a scientist and a single father to start dating again.

Cue (soon to be) Mrs. Holt. Maybe she went to a conference he was presenting at. Maybe they were lab partners. Maybe she was Matt’s teacher. Who knows? But they met, and even though they obviously liked each other Mr. Holt couldn’t make the time to date… until Matt made it known that he adored Mrs. Holt. Who could say no to that little dork that gets excited over Space Ice?

So they start dating an all is good. They get married and later Katie Holt enters the world.

Now comes to the point where Matt becomes a big brother.

(More under the cut because this got long!)

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