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Being best friends with Kol Mikaelson mood board

i need someone to talk to me about how matt boyd overcame a lot of shit including abuse from andrew and the monsters and still keeps a mostly level head and remains a very good person?? quite possibly the best person on the team???

and i need to talk to someone about how dan wilds loves matt boyd with all of her fierce heart, and doesnt take shit from anyone. and that a girl leads the foxes, and how people try to beat her down and she gets back up. 

matt boyd and dan wilds, separately and as a couple are so important. like..matt being best friends with dan’s best friends. matt holding up allison and renee when they need it, matt always interfering in the monsters business because he sees neil in trouble and cares so violently about him

dan always making sure that neil knows that they will always be there. dan hugging neil, protectively and glaring at nicky (who granted, is so so nice to dan and matt and the others) aaron, andrew and kevin for fighting and using violence in the extreme ways that they do

matt and dan holding the court, matt and dan standing side by side, matt and dan having a healthy relationship. 

Dating Matt Murdock Would Include

Got a lliiitlle bit distracted writing a request and this happened. I have no regrets. Everytime I write one of these I fall a little bit more in love with that character. 

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  • Learning to stitch and bandage wounds after he first comes back to you after being Daredevil - Matt teaches you a lot but then google is your best friend and you even took a first aid course after having a nightmare about Matt dying in your arms because you couldn’t save him
  • Matt holding you in his arms after this nightmare (and others) and writing all the things he loves about you on your skin with his finger. He mumbles them quietly as his finger traces over your skin and it helps both you and him fall asleep
  • Trying to convince him to get a guide dog because your apartment doesn’t allow dogs apart from guide dogs
  • Walking around together always with some form of contact - fingers intertwined, arms linked, his arm around your waist - Matt said it was so he always knew you were still there but you learned that he could hear your heartbeat so that excuse was quickly blown out the window
  • Showering together because you ‘worry’ about him. Yet another excuse. 
  • Matt kissing you everywhere on your body especially your collar bones
  • Him placing kisses on your forehead. He’s got better at aiming them since the start but he still has to hold both sides of your face gently in your hands to centre his kiss
  • Sleeping with your head on his bare chest so you can hear his heartbeat like he can hear yours as you fall asleep
  • Matt playing with your hands a lot, your hands and your hair
  • Him loving the sound of your voice so he just smiles when ever you’re speaking
  • Tracing patterns over his chest and back with your fingers which due to his acute sense of touch feels amazing apparently
  • Matt pressing your fingers to his lips and just holding them there for a few seconds before releasing them in a kiss
  • Matt’s fingers hovering above your skin when you kiss, almost teasing you
  • Always tying Matt’s tie for him in the morning - just because you like it when he chuckles and places his hands on your waist
  • Matt always telling you how beautiful you are while running his fingers over your skin
  • Lot’s of “I love you”s. Whispered into kisses, murmured into your shoulder, traced onto each others skin, said after a kiss on the forehead, yelled at the end of an argument, said matter of fact, moaned as you stitch him up, laughed as he picks you up and carries you back to bed.

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(have i already done this??? idk???)

So Neil being the best man at Dan and Matt’s wedding. 

  • And let’s be honest he said no the first time Matt asked. But Matt’s persistent so he kept asking. 
  • So Neil says yes and it gets to day of.
  • Andrew is still saying no. He doesn’t want to go.
  • Then Neil puts his suit on and tucks his speech away in his pocket. 
  • Andrew suddenly changes his mind because Neil in a suit ladies and gentleman.
  • But then Neil gets to see Andrew in a suit and he’s pretty sure its his fave thing ever. 
  • Andrew tugs on Neil’s tie to pull him over. Promptly ruins the tie. 
  • Neil frets a little but Andrew just redoes it quickly because then he can do what he had been planning.
  • Let’s say they are little late for the wedding. 
  • Andrew manages to not look completely bored the whole ceremony. 
  • Mainly because Neil is still looking fineeeeeee. 
  • Get to the reception and Matt and Dan have their first dance and slowly everyone joins.
  • Neil and Andrew are sat squarely at the side chatting quietly. 
  • Nicky tells them off at least twice for not dancing. 
  • Another slow song comes on and Neil accidentally looks a little wistful.
  • Andrew catches it immediately and rises. Neil gawks at the hand he offers.
  • Andrew says something like ‘Maybe then you’ll stop talking about Exy.’
  • Neil blushes but takes his hand. 
  • They dance and it’s adorable. Everyone is watching.
  • Dan accuses them of upstaging her at her own wedding.
  • Andrew shushes her at her own wedding.
  • Matt’s just laughing in the background before going back to dancing with Dan. 
  • Allison is over there with Nicky and Renee making bets on if Neil and Andrew will kiss in public. 
  • Allison rakes in the cash let’s say because neither Neil or Andrew seem able to resist the suit.

Watching Chopped just makes me want a Daredevil AU of it:

  • Matt is incredibly precise and builds amazingly complex flavors but probably gets himself disqualified for either taking an insane risk (“This dish normally takes four hours but I’m pretty sure I can get it done in 20 minutes if I use the blowtorch; also I’m going to use the ice cream maker in every round”) or because a basket ingredient freaks him out so bad thanks to smell and/or texture that he refuses to use it and then fights with the judges when they point that out.
  • Foggy specializes in comfort foods with a chic, metropolitan twist and all of his confessionals are stories of being taught how to make X or Y by the various little old ladies of assorted cultural backgrounds who watched him after school when he was a kid.
  • Elektra’s knife skills are terrifying. She has never made a dessert in her life.
  • Frank is not sure how he got here, he literally showed up to murder someone and got mistaken for a contestant. He actually makes it further than Matt does.

The Vampire Diaries isn’t just a TV show, it’s way more than that. From learning how to stand up for what you believe in like Matt Donovan to being teached the best dance moves from Damon Salvatore, this serie has helped us grow into better and kinder people. For the past eight years, TVD has been a part of our lives through the happiest and worst moment of it. Today, we say goodbye to an era. It’s a sad day, but it’s also a day to celebrate how big of an impact this show has had on building ourselves during the years. From meeting our favorite cast all around North America to creating endless friendships with other fang fans, we have so much to keep us going even when the best show ever isn’t airing anymore. Between rewatching every single season on repeat and keeping contact with the cast on social medias, TVD is forever. And forever is all we have. 

Love from a fellow bloody vampire (in the heart),

Gabrielle xx

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re-watching the scene where pike basically tells scanlan that she read the letter he gave her immiedately after he gave it to her instead of waiting until he…died…and i paused on the greatest moment.

Matt developing this incredibly warped and inaccurate view of female friendships because the only source he has is Emily and all she has to go on is Jess but she doesn’t want him to know that so she generalizes her and Jess’ experiences to all female friendships Matt: So girls really just…make out with each other sometimes? That’s just a thing you do? Emily: yes Matt: it’s not considered, like, gay or anything? Emily: IM NOT GAY AT ALL EVERY GIRL DOES THAT WITH HER BEST FRIEND IM NOT GAY Matt: …damn. being a girl must be great.

Farewell TVD I Will Miss You.

Dear TVD. Thank you for giving me a show that i loved and became so close to. I am so sad to see it end. I will miss watching it every friday night but i am sure i will continue to watch it over and over on netflix like i already do. Thank you Julie and Kevin for this TV show and making it so special. Thank you Nina for being Elena/Katherine/Amara/Tatia and giving this show a main character and the ultimate villain. Thank you Kat, Candice, Steven, Trevino, Matt, Zach & Michael for being the best cast a show could have. Thank you Joseph, Daniel, Nathaniel & Claire for being my favorite Originals and for being the background of The Originals (which is the only thing getting me through the TVD finale), last but not least thank you Paul and Ian. Defan is the ultimate meaning of love and family and you guys do a beautiful job at showing it. You have become my favorite actors of all time and your performances inspire me. Thank you TVD!!! I will always love and remember you! ps. i am so excited to come to Covington to tour the locations on June 5th!!!! love, Hannah.

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