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matt with a bunny anon back with more dumb shitposts. neil and matt are collecting their laundry from the machine one day and matt just says 'can u fit into the washing machine neil?' when dan comes down to check on why theyre taking so long all she sees is matt with his phone out giggling at neil who is in the washing machine


Marielle & Matt Radford

Both being hot-headed, Marielle and Matt are not the best of neighbours. The resident artist couple of Willow Creek, they’re as similar and different as can be. Marielle, though considered to be the better artist by the public, having actually sold art, can be extremely snobbish, and not at all fun at parties. She also has a thing for absolute cleanliness. Matt, on the other hand, is less consumed by his work, is more laid back - some might even say a slob -, and he’s interested in more things than just creating art. He likes to let off stream by jogging, punching bags (sometimes scotch-taping Marielle’s face on them), and just doing physical activities. No worries, though, despite their daily shouting matches, they both know that being hot-headed means that they almost never mean anything rude they might call each other.

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me @ me: stop sending shitposts also me: no. matt, at 3am: "i cant belive neil josten is my best friend", "neil would never betray like this", neil, learning about taxes: (softly) "what the fuck", matt got neil one of those sound keyboards for his birthday and now every time matt enters neils dorm its just; matt, entering room: hey neil-" (duck quack), neil: "i wonder if anyone has tried to hook up the court sounds system to play idk rick roll" matt: "i know what we're gonna do today"


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So, we are all aware of Matt Murdock's penis of death, that being said, if it was the best sex of your life, would you sleep with him even if you knew you would die after?

‘Bare’ characters vs ‘Romeo and Juliet’ characters

Okay, so I was talking to my friend about all the Romeo and Juliet parallels in Bare, and then I realised that each character in Bare matches up with a character in Romeo and Juliet, so here’s what I came up with. (This is using the pop/rock opera version of Bare).


Jason = Romeo

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo is a pretty passive character, letting things happen around him, but as the play progresses he becomes more dedicated - this is paralleled with Jason, when at the start he doesn’t seem to play a particularly active role in the story, or in his relationship with Peter, wanting to keep it secret, however he becomes more certain in his feelings over the course of the show, telling Peter he loves him for the first time at the end. Romeo is the ultimate symbol of romance, and that is what Jason’s classmates perceive him to be at the start of the show, upon assuming his heterosexuality. Also, when he believes Juliet is dead, Romeo kills himself. Upon being told that his relationship and love for peter are wrong (thus rendering his relationship and love metaphorically dead- the song ‘Once upon a time’ is basically him mourning his lost relationship with Peter), Jason kills himself. ouch.

Peter = Juliet

Juliet is presented as a shy and obedient character, but once she meets Romeo she is prepared to defy her parents and secretly marry him. Peter is similair to this - he seems to go pretty unnoticed by his classmates (especially when compared to Jason, who is the centre of attention and affection) however he defies his homophobic mother and has a secret relationship with Jason. Also Juliet and Peter are essentially swept off their feet by their respective partners.

Ivy = Rosaline

At the start of Romeo and Juliet, Romeo pines for Rosaline, and says he is ‘in love’ with her but it’s pretty clear he’s not, considering how quickly he forgets her as soon as he meets Juliet. In Bare, Jason tries to pretend to himself that he’s in love with Ivy, which, granted is a little different to R&J , the links are pretty clear - Jason is not in love with Ivy, Romeo is not in love with Rosaline - he’s just convinced himself he is.

Nadia = Mercutio

Mercutio is the loud, quick witted, often dirty and innuendo-rife wordsmith. Nadia is very similair, boasting legendary one-liners such as “Bathroom stalls don’t lie, she’s good with her hands” when Jason remarks on how good Ivy’s drawing is, or when Ivy tells her ‘Don’t touch anything [in my room]’, Nadia quips “Says the whore, uncharacteristically”. Clearly, most of this wit is cruel, and directed at Ivy, but stems from Nadia’s jealousy of Ivy’s beauty , and her own pain at feeling emotionally isolated and lonely relationship-wise.
Mercutio is considered to be the opposite to Romeo (who believes that true love can conquer all), and Nadia is also exactly the opposite of Romeo - cynical, no hope in love, no faith in the world. Both Nadia and Mercutio seem not to believe in the idea of true love. In the song ‘A quiet night at home’ , Nadia has lines which support all this, such as “Pain adores me, God ignores me” , “Play my siren song, attracting none my ship just won’t come in” , and “A tale of star-crossed lovers - life is lived on other stages”.

Sister Chantelle = Friar Lawrence

In Romeo and Juliet, Friar Lawrence is the one who helps Juliet make plans to escape her family and run away with Romeo. Friar Lawrence is also the one who marries Romeo and Juliet to each other in secret. Sister Chantelle gives Peter the support he needs to ‘escape’ his hopelessness, being pretty much the only non homophobic adult in the entire show (in the same way Friar Laurence is the only adult who supports Romeo and Juliet’s union) and in a dream sequence she officiates Peter and Jason’s wedding.

Father = Nurse

In Romeo and Juliet, Nurse is considered to be Juliet’s ‘confidante’, the same way father is who Peter (and eventually Jason) talks to about his feelings and confusion. Also in R&J, towards the end of the play, Nurse essentially ‘betrays’ Juliet by arguing that she should marry another man, Paris, despite the fact that Nurse is aware Juliet and Romeo are already married in secret. In Bare, there is pretty much an exact mirroring of this situation: Father tells Jason being gay isn’t okay while fully aware of the effect that could have, and also while knowing of Peter and Jason’s secret relationship.

Matt = Tybalt

In Romeo and Juliet, Tybalt is Romeo’s enemy and rival, and Romeo eventually kills him. In Bare, Matt and Romeo are clearly rivals - Matt spends the entire show always being second best to Jason (In the words of Nadia “Matt, always a bridesmaid, never a bride”). This rivalry is made very clear in the show, as in their school’s production of Romeo and Juliet, Jason is cast and Romeo, and Matt as Tybalt. During rehearsing the duel scene between these two characters, the two boys start actually fighting, and Matt uses a homophobic slur towards Jason.


Lucas = Benvolio

In Romeo and Juliet, Benvolio is the (failed) peacemaker. This seems to parallel Lucas, who, while being the school drug dealer, also has lines such as “I got your back”, and upon learning of Jason’s relationship with Peter, tells the former “You know we’re still cool, right?” in a (failed) attempt to give Jason some hope to hang on to that things will be okay. Also, during the scene where Jason and Matt fight, Lucas is the one who literally pulls one off the other and then stands between them to put a stop to the brawl. 

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40 with Matt and Neil please

“Who gave you that black eye”

This was mostly inspired by me and @violetchachkii ‘s many conversations about Neil and Matt being best friends despite Neil’s ignorance of that fact. Thank you for the prompt, you’re the best!

Neil sighed and stumbled a bit, as his legs and feet currently felt like they were somewhere in deep space right now. He just wanted to make it back to his room and collapse in his bed after a hard game, but Kevin had made him stay after the rest of the team went upstairs so the two of them could discuss plays for next time. He didn’t know what Kevin had against sleep, but he would have to figure it out eventually so he could trick Kevin into letting him sleep.

He had his door in his sight and was moving a millimeter per hour faster at the sight of it when he was intercepted.

“Whoa, who gave you that black eye?”

Neil brought his hand to his eye and immediately regretted it. “One of the backliners. I don’t honestly remember which one.”

Matt whistled lowly and gestured for Matt to come into his room. “You need to put some ice on that before the morning or you’re gonna regret it. Trust me, I know.”

“I”m fine.”

“I thought you said you were done lying to me.”

Neil sighed and went towards the door. Matt stepped aside to let him in and he sat on Matt’s desk chair. Matt walked to the fridge and pulled out a bag of ice before handing it to Neil to place on his eye.

“Thank you.”

Matt gave him a look. “No problem. You’ve gotta stop looking at us like we’re doing something unthinkable when we give you an ice pack. That’s what friends are for.”

Neil nodded. “I know. It’s just weird going from no friends to having nine people watching after me every day.”

Matt laughed and clapped him on the back. “That’s what a team is for. And what kind of best friend would I be if I left you entirely in the hands of Andrew?”

Neil squinted up at him, despite the pain in his face at the gesture. “I’m your best friend?”

“Yeah, kid. You’re stuck with me.”

“I thought Dan was your best friend.”

Matt chuckled. “She is, but it’s different. I love her and I love hanging out with her more than anyone else in the world, but we both know that you can’t build your entire life around one person. That’s why she has Allison and Renee and I have you.”

Neil pondered that for a moment before saying “I’ve never had a best friend. I don’t think I’ll be very good at it.”

Mecifully, Matt just laughed at that. “You’ve already had the position for a while. You’re doing great.”

Neil thought about thanking him, but no way of phrasing it ever sounded right. Instead, they both seemed content to sit there as Neil iced and Matt put his things away. It reminded him of quiet nights in their room last year. Though Neil wouldn’t trade rooming with Andrew for anything, it made him a little nostalgic, something he’d never felt before.

Eventually, Aaron and Nicky made their way into the room and after some brief small talk, Neil wished them all good night and headed back to his room, feeling a lightness despite his aching muscles.

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danny rand bf headcanons?

Oh god okay 😆 Why do I think this is Rae??😄💙

- Forehead kisses? Forehead kisses.
- Him telling you stories about Kun Lun all the time
- Helping him adjust to being back in NYC
- Need for physical contact is nearly always high
- Him trying to meditate a lot. *trying to* because you constantly try and find new ways to distract him
- Him helping you calm down completely during anxiety attacks
- Daily walks to Central Park
- Him teaching you to control your breathing in case you have an attack and he’s not there
- Eating takeout a lot
- Asking him to teach you to meditate and repeatedly failing because you just burst out laughing every time
- Always being fascinated by the skills he has
- Feeling completely safe with one another
- Probably meeting Matt, Jess and Luke at some point
- Probably being best buds with Claire
- Worrying about Danny when he’s out being a vigilante
- He’ll probably offer to stop it if it worries you too much but telling him it’s okay
- Cuddles™

Have a great day!!

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going off og matt and neil being dumb best friends they've totally gone into the kitchen and made 5 ingredient smoothies using the GROSSEST things they can find. like neil uses kevin's kale, egg whites, a bell pepper, two of andrew's brownies and frozen broccoli and it smells horrible and tastes like tar and rubbing alcohol but matt will be damned if he doesn't drink it while staring neil directly in the eyes

FFJKG THEY TOTALLY DO THIS THO?? they’re so dumb they definitely make each other eat gross things like the actual 5 year olds they are together can u imagine them going to see a movie together and matt expects neil to get them popcorn but no he gets them a packet of those chocolate covered insects and matt hates this guy but he’ll also eat bugs for him and i think that’s beautiful

Dating Matt Murdock Would Include

Got a lliiitlle bit distracted writing a request and this happened. I have no regrets. Everytime I write one of these I fall a little bit more in love with that character. 

Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

  • Learning to stitch and bandage wounds after he first comes back to you after being Daredevil - Matt teaches you a lot but then google is your best friend and you even took a first aid course after having a nightmare about Matt dying in your arms because you couldn’t save him
  • Matt holding you in his arms after this nightmare (and others) and writing all the things he loves about you on your skin with his finger. He mumbles them quietly as his finger traces over your skin and it helps both you and him fall asleep
  • Trying to convince him to get a guide dog because your apartment doesn’t allow dogs apart from guide dogs
  • Walking around together always with some form of contact - fingers intertwined, arms linked, his arm around your waist - Matt said it was so he always knew you were still there but you learned that he could hear your heartbeat so that excuse was quickly blown out the window
  • Showering together because you ‘worry’ about him. Yet another excuse. 
  • Matt kissing you everywhere on your body especially your collar bones
  • Him placing kisses on your forehead. He’s got better at aiming them since the start but he still has to hold both sides of your face gently in your hands to centre his kiss
  • Sleeping with your head on his bare chest so you can hear his heartbeat like he can hear yours as you fall asleep
  • Matt playing with your hands a lot, your hands and your hair
  • Him loving the sound of your voice so he just smiles when ever you’re speaking
  • Tracing patterns over his chest and back with your fingers which due to his acute sense of touch feels amazing apparently
  • Matt pressing your fingers to his lips and just holding them there for a few seconds before releasing them in a kiss
  • Matt’s fingers hovering above your skin when you kiss, almost teasing you
  • Always tying Matt’s tie for him in the morning - just because you like it when he chuckles and places his hands on your waist
  • Matt always telling you how beautiful you are while running his fingers over your skin
  • Lot’s of “I love you”s. Whispered into kisses, murmured into your shoulder, traced onto each others skin, said after a kiss on the forehead, yelled at the end of an argument, said matter of fact, moaned as you stitch him up, laughed as he picks you up and carries you back to bed.

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Thank you so much for writing the story! -L

I’m glad you liked that ficlet, I was really hopeful it was okay and that I didn’t make a complete goof of myself!

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matt's relationship with karen and foggy? what's your personal take regarding them specific to how you portray matt/daredevil.

relationship questions.

foggy and karen are his two best friends, at this point in his life and the weird mixed-canon i operate from. and i have an Official Stance on who matt is as a friend:

[image: a daredevil panel from dd (2014) #18. in it, matt stands between kirsten and foggy, who both look up at him reassuringly. kirsten holds his hand while foggy puts a comforting hand on his shoulder on his other side. matt wears a small smile. his internal narration: “my name is matt murdock. i’m a fighter, i’m a lawyer, and i am a friend of inconsistent quality. and boy, am i loved. go figure.”]

(image and caption from here, because it’s an excellent post.)

matt only has three or four people he considers his friends, at least pre-defenders. stick (may he be accursed) taught him that attachments are liabilities, and he has to make a conscious effort to shake that mindset. this leads directly to all kinds of problems in his relationship with foggy and karen — his fear of losing them (whether through his actions or his enemies’), his dishonesty, his tendency to take them for granted, and his overprotectiveness.

i like to take approach to their collective friendship where he’s… less paternalistic than the matt we see in dds2, especially toward karen. but he definitely wants to protect them. in my head, to matt, foggy and karen almost represent microcosms of the whole neighborhood. of the closest thing he has to family. karen didn’t grow up on the block or even in the city, like foggy did, but that hardly ever occurs to matt anymore? having her there just feels right. like she must always have been a part of the place. and foggy and karen both invest in the neighborhood, through the law practice and through journalism.

matt loves that about them. he respects that about them. they really do embody the reason he fights… and the reason he sometimes (often?) goes overboard when he senses they’re in danger. no matter where the threat comes from.

for the most part he’s painfully aware of his failings as a friend, too. but in the canon i usually play, they haven’t had that massive falling out, because i hate s2 and it’s my blog and i make the rules here. so, you know, he’s aware that he isn’t always the friend they deserve. but he does try.

— on a semi-related note. if you’ve ever messaged me, i’ve talked your ear off about the bone i have to pick with matt’s behavior in the overall narrative of s2. but at the same time, the fandom’s fixation on wanting matt to grovel before foggy in particular, seemingly all the time, strikes me as weird and probably ableist? i’m not saying matt’s mental illness automatically makes him act shitty; i’m not saying foggy (and karen) ought to forgive him no questions asked. but the apologies matt owes should be in proportion, not held over his head as a standard he can never meet. 

especially given that a lot of the things the fandom seemingly wants matt to beg forgiveness for are justifiably important to him (his job as daredevil, his anger) — things foggy dismisses while being, frankly, pretty ableist (“all these years, i actually felt sorry for you!” and “are you even really blind?!”).


at the end of the day, foggy and karen make matt happy. and he can’t say that about almost anyone else. he’s afraid of letting them down, he feels like he’s not worthy of them — but he knows that they love him. even though he struggles to make it feel real, he’s learning that love is not in spite of his flaws, but with them.

matt is a friend of inconsistent quality. and he is, among the things he values most, their friend.

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Thoughts on trans guy matt

YES GOOD. A+ gender headcanon. I’m a actually on the fence about whether I wanna write him as nonbinary or a trans guy in the Bite the Sky universe. He IDs as nonbinary/demiboy (though he’s only out to Pidge and Shiro) in Cardboard Castles. But I really love the idea of trans guy Matt!

Like, please imagine: Matt and Shiro are both trans guys. The Garrison isn’t quite sure what to do about housing for them, so Sam Holt suggests having them room together in the boys’ wing (because he’s not about to let them stick his son in the girls’ dorm). Thus begins a long era of Matt and Shiro being roommates. They quickly become best buds and start teaming up in class any chance they get. The Garrison staff realize how well they work together and start pairing them together on purpose, eventually leading to them being chosen to go to Kerberos together with Sam.

(WELP I think I just talked myself into writing Matt as a trans guy in the Bite the Sky series. Thanks for inadvertently helping me make up my mind, friend!)