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Ovi has his arm around Nolan Trotz.. Lars Eller’s kid has an amazing glare. The red hair gene runs strong in the Kuznetsov and Backstrom genetics. Also, Tom Wilson needs a hug.

Preference #1: Kissing

A/N: My preferences will be done by selecting three random characters from three different fandoms. In the parenthesis will be the show or movie they’re from. If they’re from multiple movies spanning a number of years, the one in the parenthesis is the time period they’ll be plucked from. Here we go:

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My mom: All you do is talk about Tumblr!!!!!!!! Me: Not true!!! I talk about The Avengers, Supernatural, The Walking Dead,American Horror Story, Doctor Who, New Girl, X-Men,The Flash, Sherlock, 5 Seconds of summer, I complain about Pietro’s death, I talk about Bucky, Dean!!! Ashton’s hair! ..... Mom:.................... I didn’t understand half of that.
Run | Barry Allen (Part 2)

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Warning: uh… kinda sexual implications… i don’t know…, horrible character placement and DC/Marvel crossover…ish

Splitting the request into two parts… sorry anonymous…

Part 1

‘You don’t have to be okay, Barry’ 

‘It’s been two months, Iris. But I feel like it was just yesterday, Y/N was sleeping in my bed. But I keep waking up and realizing that she’s gone’

Barry rubbed his eyes with the back of his arm, leaning into Iris’ arms. They stood in the Cortex, their arms wrapped around each other. Barry glanced at the red and white Converse that still sat where she had left them.

‘I need to go, Iris’

‘Where are you going?’

‘I just need some time alone’

With that Barry did the only thing he knew how to do. Run.

He ran from the memory of her. From his problems. From his fears. 

He just ran.

“Hey, mum! Have you seen Y/N? I wanted to say hi to her before I went to work” Barry said as he bounded down the stairs of his childhood home.

“Oh, she’s probably at Nelson and Murdock. Her fiance works there” Nora replied as she laid out dishes for breakfast.

“F-f-fiance?” Barry stuttered as he walked towards his mother, his mind reeling at her words.

“Yea, fiance. Matthew. We went to their engagement party. You gave them that bottle of wine and then you dropped it after you tripped up their stairs” Nora explained, offering him the plate of toast on her hands.

“Matthew? Y/N’s fiance, Matthew?” Barry pried, sitting down and taking the plate from his mother’s hand.

“Matthew Murdock, Barry. You introduced him to her after you two broke up” Nora said as she sat down, buttering a piece of toast.

“Her fiance, Matthew Murdock? When’s their wedding?” Barry stammered, blinking rapidly.

“July. We’re invited. That reminds me, you still need to buy a tux” Nora reminded with a smile, “Their firm’s on 52nd if you’ve forgotten”

Barry gave his mother a smile, trying to cover up the hurt in his eyes. He stepped outside, making sure that no one was on the street before racing off.

“Um… I’m here to see Y/N?” Barry said as he he tapped his fingers against the wood of the receptionist’s desk.

“Oh, she’s in Mr Murdock’s office at the moment” the receptionist replied with a wide smile, “I don’t think he’s busy at the moment, so you can go right in” she added, gesturing to the door.

Barry gave her a grateful smile before opening the door and stepping in, instantly regretting his action.

He cringed as he caught sight of the still beautiful Y/N straddling a man in his office chair, kissing him feverishly. The two broke apart at the sound of the door opening, Y/N jumping off the man. She straightened out her skirt and proceed to do up the buttons on her blouse, blushing furiously as she patted her hair down.

“Barry! Hey! Hi! What are you doing here?” she stuttered as she moved towards the shocked Barry, wrapping him into a hug.

He held her close, tears almost spring in his eyes as her scent filled his nostrils. He tried to ignore the hint of men’s cologne that rested on her skin as he hugged her tighter.

“Well, I just wanted to see you and a little birdie told me that you were here” Barry explained as he finally let her go.

“By little birdie, you mean your mother, right?” the man said, moving towards Barry.

Only then did Barry notice the stick that was in his hand and the dark shades that covered his eyes. 

“Yea, well you know me, man”  Barry joked as he shook his hand.

“Well, me and Matt were gonna go for brunch. You’re free to join us if you want” Y/N offered as she grabbed her coat from off the peg.

“Um… I need to go to work so maybe not. But I’ll catch up with you later” Barry declined, giving them a small smile.

“Well, this is the first time Barry Allen has said no to drinking before 10″ Y’N teased, before giving him a small kiss on the cheek and grabbing Matt’s hand, “I’ll call you later”

“Bye Barry” Matt said as Y/N pulled him down the hall, “It was nice seeing you again”

“You too” Barry called after him as he stood in the office, suddenly feeling awkward.

His thoughts were disrupted as a red-faced Y/N came scurrying back into the office. She gaze around the office before grabbing a piece of black fabric that hung from one of the desk handles. It took Barry a moment to realize that it was the lacy black bra that she had always worn to impress him back in the original timeline. She gave him an awkward smile before running back out, still red-faced and embarrassed.

“God, what did I do?” Barry muttered under his breath before walking out of the office and giving the receptionist a smile.

Barry didn’t know what to do anymore. 

In every world and situation, Y/N was never destined to be with him.

Would she ever be with him?

This looks like a behind-the-scenes photo from a comedy about a preppy college transfer student from the UK who falls in with a bunch of frat guys and their wise-yet-chill professor, who lead him in a semester of mischief, all while they discover things they never realized about themselves and form a lifelong friendship with each other.

And honestly I’m into it.