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Timeless | Season 1 Gag Reel

things i want from timeless season 2

- jiya keeping the visions a secret but eventually confiding only in rufus 
- wyatt teaching lucy self defence 
- learning how tf lucy gave flynn the journal 
- to find out why emma holed herself up in the past if she was actually always part of rittenhouse 
- wyatt being the first one to guess jessica was part of rittenhouse (so i guess also jessica being part of rittenhouse)
- wyatt being terrible at physical comfort and lucy being terrible at verbal comfort so when rufus finally comes to them about jiya’s problem a complete mess bc he’s a genius and “i should be able to figure this out, why can’t i help her, i just love her so much” lucy holds his hand and wyatt gives a rousing speech 
- lucy convincing the boys to spring flynn
- a titanic episode, idek why i just do 
- the time team having to lay low and live together in some shoddy warehouse or something 
- a heart to heart between the time team about whether or not they’ll be able to forgive themselves for what they have to do to end rittenhouse/save history 
- someone to punch connor mason (preferably rufus) for getting them into this mess, no matter that he’s trying to fix it now 
- flynn to see his fam one last time 
- a season 3 

mattlanter: Guess it’s time to hang up my time-traveling boots. People always say, “don’t live in the past”…. I don’t know man.. we sure had some fun.
Been on some epic adventures with these guys. This is our first scene with the Lifeboat filming the pilot. What a journey huh @abigailspencer and @verbalberappin ?
A sincere thank you to our creators Eric Kripke & Shawn Ryan. To our incredible cast and writers. Our dedicated crew and DEFINITELY to our awesome FANS!! #Timeless
Ps. Just so y'all know, Sony is shopping it around to see if another network may want more time traveling adventures! Ya never know.

The Defenders AU where it's the same but everyone's personalities are switched
  • Jessica (super serious): I'm the Private Investigator Jessica Jones. I have sworn to document any and all wrongdoings done by shady men and cheating partners.
  • Trish: Oh god, here she goes again-
  • Jessica: -I gained my powers after I got into a car crash that killed my parents-
  • Trish: JESS, WE GET IT. You don't have to announce your backstory every time we go somewhere new.
  • Jessica: You don't understand, Trish! It is my destiny to avenge the weak by exposing what their dirtbag friends and lovers are doing through my private investigation agency!
  • Trish: I do understand...but you don't have to act so self-important all the time!
  • Jessica: Argh, you're pissing me off. I need to meditate in the corner. You've seriously messed up my chi.
  • Trish: *rolls eyes*
  • /
  • /
  • Matt: My,'re looking extra fine today, Elektra.
  • Elektra: Oh, Matthew...don't you know? I'm always fine.
  • Matt: I just can't help saying it, I guess. It's just, when I see a beautiful, drop dead gorgeous woman like yourself...well, I say thanks be to God for putting you on Earth.
  • Elektra: You are corny as hell.
  • Matt: Is it working?
  • Elektra: Well...maybe. Keep talking like that and this night may go a bit...horizontal?
  • Matt: If you want to talk some more, I suggest we go out...for some coffee?
  • *Elektra leans in and passionately kisses Matt*
  • Matt (breaks off kiss, smiling): Sweet Christmas.
  • /
  • /
  • Luke: I need to know what Shades and Mariah are up to. You're gonna give me answers...or else.
  • Turk: Screw you-
  • *Luke steps on Turk's hand, crushing it completely*
  • Misty: LUKE! You can't do that!
  • Luke: Stay out of this, Misty. There's only one way I can get answers and this is it.
  • Misty: Damn it, Luke, if you keep doing this, you'll lose yourself to the violence! You need to stop!
  • Luke: You know what the people of Harlem call me, right?
  • Misty: *pauses* Yeah...the Lucifer of Harlem.
  • Luke: I can't run from it, Misty. This is who I am. This is my destiny.
  • *Luke steps on Turk's other hand while Misty looks away in disgust*
  • /
  • /
  • *Danny walks in, drinking a beer. He then throws it after he finishes*
  • Colleen: No beer in my dojo, please.
  • Danny: Hey, knock knock.
  • Colleen: Uh, who's there-
  • Danny: Danny's not here. Now shut up and let me enjoy my day off.
  • Colleen: Are you drunk?
  • Danny: This is only my...sixth one? I forgot. Eh, screw it. I can go for another.
  • *Danny goes to the fridge but finds he can't open it*
  • Danny: Colleen, your fridge is stuck.
  • Colleen: Just give it a strong pull-
  • *Danny uses his Iron Fist to punch the fridge open. He then pulls out a beer*
  • Danny: *opens the new can and throws the middle finger up at Colleen*