matt and leda

MattG124 Rant.

I use to LOVE MattG, which was until 10 minutes ago where he and Onision were bad mouthing Leda and saying it was super awkward that he still had Leda’s website. Me, being me, pointed out that it was kinda shitty to bad mouth Leda as she has left all social media (and basically how it’s still not okay to say how awkward it is to have her website) and so Matt replied with “I’m not sure you know what bad mouthing is”. I do know, Matt. I really do. I’ve been bad mouthed behind my back my entire life. I know Leda wouldn’t like it either. To which I replied “I do actually” and then he ignorantly replied with “nah”. Dude, if you’re gonna be an ass it may of not been one of someone who use to be a fan. 

Before you all have a go at me and say I started it, I never. He and Onision did. And before you ask why I haven’t had a rant at Onision, I never liked to him to begin with but he had the upper hand to just not respond. Which Matt would of if he didn’t like me pointing him out on his shit.

I don’t care if he sees this and replies trying to defend himself, or if you other fans have a rant at me. Just know he’s now lost a fan because of him trying to start an argument with a seventeen year old girl he hardly knows and was a fan. But yeah, he lost a fan.