matt and kelly


Someone on twitter tonight very kindly informed me that, waaaaay back once upon a time in 2011, @linmanuel posted his dream cast for a West Wing musical on his now-defunct blog. And since the internet never forgets, I share it with you all now.

I support everything about this casting (Patti LuPone as Marion Coatsworth-Hayes! Audra McDonald as Nancy McNally!) and wish to see it become reality as soon as humanly possible.



Gilmore Girls’ Costume Designer Breaks Down the Looks From the Revival via NYMag [X]


this year’s most popular Halloween costume + legit In The Heights alum

Kellyanne Conway looks so exhausted and sick and tired these days. It’s astounding to watch.

Like, a year ago, she looked, eh, still sorta pretty? And had energy?

You look at her now. It is like looking at a zombie. 

The Matt Lauer interview was something else.

Christ. If her eyes were any deader, they’d be a Spinal Tap drummer.