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Hi! For the Drabble challenge, could I get 72 and 94 with Matt?

My first Matt Drabble and ohnmygdj I love him so much. Also this is barely a Drabble but he deserves all.

You? Was it really you all along? Was it you, that has changed his heart, changed his brain, corrupted it in the most beautiful and dramatic way?

It was. You had waltzed into his life, a simple act, you came in and you promised you wouldn’t leave but here you were. Leaving.

Your body lay limp in his arms as he looked down at you, the purple lights of a Galran ship bounced off the brown off his eyes, he began sobbing loudly and wiping his nose with the back of his hand.

“I didn’t mean it. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” He held your face in his hands, and he gasped as your body burst, the equivalent to popping a water balloon filled with blood. He heard you, though, he heard you calling for him and he was filled to the brim with absolute terror.

“Matt!” You shook his shoulders, frowning at his whimpers and the way his body shook constantly. Seeming as though he was freezing to death. Tears ran down the sides of his face into the gray fabric of the pillow beneath him.

“Matt?!” You said, louder. You yelped as he sat up, sucking in a large breath as he looked at you. His heart pounded so hard in his ears he couldn’t hear too well. He turned his gaze to your face. Your face. You’re okay! He didn’t know if this was real, and slowly reached his hands up to cup both sides of your face.


“Matt? Is everything okay?” You frowned a bit more, if possible. But he didn’t answer your question.

His thumb rubbed under your eyes, as his gaze bored into them with pure desperation. He smiled sadly, struggling to keep in his tears but failing as they slipped through the lower lashes of his eyes. He pulled you in for a hug and wrapped his arms around your waist, stuffing his face into the crook of your neck as he sobbed.

“I had a bad dream again.” He said, pulling back and allowing his arms to fall limp to his sides. You frowned again, crawling over his legs to lay beside him against the wall. You wrapped your arms around him, encasing him in a bubble of love and safety. He placed his head on your stomach as the two of you sat back.

“Wanna talk about it?” You push some hair from his face, your frown still permanently plastered on yours.

“No, no, not yet. Tomorrow.” He sighed, paused, and looked up at you, reaching his fingers to touch your chin, then your nose.

“Well, that’s just fine. Anything I can do?”

“Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

“Hmm. Alright.” You didn’t like smiling, unless you had a reason. And you did, he was laying in your arms. And you’ve known him since before Pidge was born.

“Remember that time, I think Pidge was around 7 or 8, and she asked me to make her some pizza rolls?”

“That’s a lot of times, Y/n.” His gaze remained on you the whole time, watching as you told the story.

“And we filled one of them with super super hot sauce? Expecting her to eat it but she didn’t finish and you ended up eating it?” You laughed, a smile spreading across your face as you leaned down and kissed his nose. He laughed as well.

He loves you so much he’s such a sweet boy and Pidge loves you too and she will always see you as family.

Also Shiro came by during the early hours of what was presumably the morning and was checking on everyone, and he walked into Matts room and saw the two of you practically knocked out. His jaw dropped and he stood for a second before sprinting down the hall to wake everyone else up so they could see.