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What about da boys bachelor party?

Tom is probably just going to be with his boys and go out to a bar and most likely get shit faced and while this is going on talk about his partner constantly and how amazing they are. When a song comes up he will stop Matt and Edd and just “guys….guys this is OUR song” he’d say in a drunk whisper got up and dragged Edd into a dance while he sang..erm screamed along with the song “I’m practicing for the big…big wedding. ..oh”
To say the least they’re gonna drag this poor drunk boy home.

Matt will have it all planned! Sure it’s something his friends plan but hey! Let this boy have his moment he’s getting married! And to say he’s nervous the boys would go out on the town! He of course will check on you via text every so often and send selfies.

Edd is gonna keep is simple comedy cave where he’s going to sit with his friends have their own area and laugh he just wants to have a good time without accident but while he’s laughing drinking and having a good time he’s probably gonna take off his shirt and throw it at the comedian “TAKE IT BRAVO. He’s funny…” and then spit his own jokes cause you know..Edd.

Tord is going to get wreck pat and Paul takes this poor hentai weeb out and when I say out they went to a strip club and ordered this man shot after shot toRd got so drunk stood up and yelled at the dancers about how he’s better than them and started to strip and swing his shirt around and got on stage “this is for all those anime tiddies and my soon to be life partner” to say the least…Paul howled in laughter and video taped the whole thing to show to you later

You never let it go.