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Yoshikage for my cat-loving friend

Zeki’s sleeping time - Listen to your heartbeat.

I really want to see more (x n) Zeki’s moment. However, I’m sure Hino sensei will keep us hanging for much longer. So I decide to draw somethings before it drives me crazy.
I have always thought about this: Yuuki really likes listening to Zero’s heartbeat while sleeping. It’s a happy & peaceful time.

[Manga: Vampire knight (Memories)
Author: Matsuri Hino]

Time for some BROFIST, because at some time they did it and they still doing it, hah.

I’m curious about their friendship, and how Lyss tolerate Cassy’s behavior hahah I think they are perfect in their own way.

Amour sucré is made by Chinomiko and her staff, if you have never played it, do it, it’s pretty fun.

I have lots of crushes with the boys but now my favorite one is Lysander and my friend usagihimura favorite is Castiel and that’s why I drew them.

Cuando imaginé y bocetee esta escena recordé QUE NO LE HABÍA TOMADO SS A LA CONVERSACIÓN, así que tuve que buscar en el tag de Kentin en tumbler hasta encontrarlo, créditos a Ask Ken-tin and Sucrette por las screenshots.

Apoco Kentin no es todo un CUTIE? ♥

When I was doing some doodles about this scene I remembered THAT I DIDN’T TOOK ANY SS, so I searched Kentin tags on tumblr and TA-DA! thank you to Ask Ken-tin and Sucrette for the screenshots

Kentin is such a CUTIE, isn’t? ♥

This is SUPER DUPER late, I meant to post this around Christmas but I wasn’t feeling well enough to get the finishing touches for the tumblr version of this picture. This pic actually been done since October - November? (I think. ) Regardless this is a text version of a commission I did for @evilkit13 as a prize for the holiday matsuri panel she ran and I had the honor of being their aradia for. The textless version is a con exclusive, so if you want to get a hold of that, you’d have to go to our panel when we’re at Metrocon 2016 and this year’s Holiday Matsuri! :3

I was considering selling prints to help supplement funds for panel stuff like prizes or more, but I don’t know since selling homestuck anything that’s not official merch is very very looked down on. ;w;

EDIT: At the insistence of the wonderful @evilkit13 ( the lovely person who commissioned this pic), if you are interested in purchasing a high quality physical print of this picture for 20USD$ (+ shipping) you can send me an ask with your paypal and I will send you an invoice for the print.