matsurie's drawings

Cuando imaginé y bocetee esta escena recordé QUE NO LE HABÍA TOMADO SS A LA CONVERSACIÓN, así que tuve que buscar en el tag de Kentin en tumbler hasta encontrarlo, créditos a Ask Ken-tin and Sucrette por las screenshots.

Apoco Kentin no es todo un CUTIE? ♥

When I was doing some doodles about this scene I remembered THAT I DIDN’T TOOK ANY SS, so I searched Kentin tags on tumblr and TA-DA! thank you to Ask Ken-tin and Sucrette for the screenshots

Kentin is such a CUTIE, isn’t? ♥

This is SUPER DUPER late, I meant to post this around Christmas but I wasn’t feeling well enough to get the finishing touches for the tumblr version of this picture. This pic actually been done since October - November? (I think. ) Regardless this is a text version of a commission I did for @evilkit13 as a prize for the holiday matsuri panel she ran and I had the honor of being their aradia for. The textless version is a con exclusive, so if you want to get a hold of that, you’d have to go to our panel when we’re at Metrocon 2016 and this year’s Holiday Matsuri! :3

I was considering selling prints to help supplement funds for panel stuff like prizes or more, but I don’t know since selling homestuck anything that’s not official merch is very very looked down on. ;w;

EDIT: At the insistence of the wonderful @evilkit13 ( the lovely person who commissioned this pic), if you are interested in purchasing a high quality physical print of this picture for 20USD$ (+ shipping) you can send me an ask with your paypal and I will send you an invoice for the print.

I can’t draw Matsuri! x’DD But I really did my best. What the heck is wrong with me??? I should have done that mini comic of TsukiFuru not this LOL. I promise I’ll do that TsukiFuru and I won’t get distracted… I’LL DO IT! XD

Buuut~, don’t you think is kind of… sooo funny this crackship? xD I mean, it’s MATSURI! X’DDDD If they’re brothers or relatives, well, whatever, I just wanna mess with Matsuri-boy. 

TG:re 50 spoilers translation (partial, part 2)

Sasaki vs Tsukiyama

Tsukiyama attacks Sasaki. Sasaki fights back, but is unable to gain the upper hand.

At that moment, Kanae appears on the rooftop with Shimoguchi’s head.

Sasaki: ?!?!

Tsukiyama: ……Kanae?

Matsuri’s heli draws nearer and starts shooting at Kanae.

Tsukiyama: Kanae!!

Eto laughs as she watches the heli.