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Matsuri knows Nico? I'm confused. Which panel are we talking about?

It’s this panel; kind of implies that Matsuri knows Nico since the panel focuses on Nico’s face. If he was talking about the civilians who were being disguised as clowns, I feel like it would have made more sense to focus in on them, but I guess it’s still a possibility.

Plus, it’s always fun to assume (:<

A Summary of Tokyo Ghoul:re Chapter 138

- Nice to know Furuta isn’t a light weight when it comes to multiple shots

-Furuta refers to his office as a bathroom cause he just shit his pants

-Furuta becomes poster child of what happens if you dont floss

-Marude contemplates deep throating a gun 

- This chapter is so cannon

- Matsuri wants to bite more then just that sword

- You can Nimu run but you cant Nimu hide

- Hide officially lost Hide and Seek

-Next time on Tokyo Ghoul:re: Hideyoshi shows off his sick ass Hickies 


Sorry for the crappy quality of this gif, but I wasn’t really planning to make an animation out of this pic so… well, it was 149MB. It can’t be helped. 

Happy KS month everybody! This is my (LATE) entry for week one - YUKATA. 

Sorry for the long absence (both here and on Discord/LINE), but life is hard, I am one step away from graduating and I’m struggling so hard to keep everything in check, and that’s how things are.

Thanks @fineillsignup for hosting this event in August, giving me the chance to give my contribute to the KS community! More to come (I hope!)

- もえ

about CITRUS chapter 33

I guess everyone is frustrated with how things are going in CITRUS. But I want to share with you why I think Saburouta is doing this and why we shouldn’t really worry about it.

Basically, after this chapter, it is implied Mei still has to marry a man, her supposed fiancé. After hearing the conversation between Shiraho and Himeko about the ones they have to marry, Matsuri starts asking questions.

She wonders if Mei has a fiancé as well, and since Himeko is silent about it, she assumes Mei is playing with Yuzu’s feelings, hiding such an important thing from her and that she will, eventually, hurt her. 

Now, we know the thing about Mei’s fiancé has been a thing since chapter 1, it is not a surprise it’s brought up again, especially when we never got an actual closure for the entire situation.

I think things are going this way:

  • I don’t know how much Himeko knows about Mei and her arranged marriage, so maybe Mei doesn’t actually have to marry anyone if she confronts her family about it, especially since her grandfather did tell her to stop doing things she doesn’t want for the sake of the family and school.
  • This situation will be used for character development, of course; Mei’s development. If Yuzu hears about this, she’ll most likely be hurt, which might make her keep her distance from Mei? That will push Mei into grasping her feelings she’s been really confused and frustrated about, and will finally come in terms with what she feels for Yuzu.
  • We all know how bad Mei is with communicating with Yuzu, how she feels, what she wants, that’s why this arc will help Yuzu and Mei’s relationship. When Mei will realize the consequences of her mistake (not telling Yuzu about what’s happening with the fiancé), she will probably be able to work her way into being more open about what she’s going through and finally fight for her relationship with Yuzu.

I say we shouldn’t worry too much about this and to look at it as a must do for the story to go on.

Honestly, as much as it frustrates me, I like how this is going, because communicating is essential in a relationship and Mei needs to get her shit together already. (I know this sounds mean, but love you Mei)

Also, I don’t actually know what’s gonna happen, so please take this as merely an opinion