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Siblings are great! I’m 100% sure the feeling is mutual, Rin. :’) If you’re gonna tell me that the Matsuokas didn’t go on a brother-sister date on Rin’s birthday wearing matching clothes, then I’m gonna be so disappointed. Needed a breather so redheads it is!


It’s not about the muscles, really. It’s about how his precious little sister has picked up a certain nerd’s gesture… I just really love the ReiGou moments last ep. xD

It’s unusual I made a comic from Left to Right usually it’s the opposite. OxO;;



Finally did it! as always the presentation is shit but *shrugs and posts it anyway* (click on the images for more pointless ramblings *winks winks*)


Under Lock and Key- Rin's worst Nightmare

Summary: Gou is growing older and Rin grows more miserable.

Gou/Iwatobi Boys. Rin’s POV


Rin considers locking his sister away under lock and key away from boys.

He should’ve seen it coming. His baby sister was getting older and she was becoming a beautiful young woman who would be noticed by the animals known as the male species (his captain being a prime example) and he would need to fill out a gun permit eventually to ward them all away. However, he didn’t expect it to come so soon where he would have to make sure he was judged mentally sound to own a firearm to safely protect his little sister.

He underestimated on how much karma likes to fuck with him.

To be fair, Rin thought he was safe until she reached college. When he looked at who she was hanging around with, he really had nothing to worry about. She had one good female friend and then she hung around his childhood friends who were too stunted in the romantic department that a dead possum had more interest in romance than they did—too busy concentrating on their swim club.

There was one who acted like the mother hen for everyone and spent most of his time looking after his male best friend, then there was a loli-shouta that spent most of his time messing with the minds of people for his own amusement, another boy who was obsessed with calculating and ogling “beautiful things”, and finally there was a hydrophile who Rin was pretty sure would’ve married the ocean by now if it was allowed.

So with these strange boys around, of course Rin wouldn’t have anything to fear for his baby sister. Sure, they knew her as a child but that was it. With this knowledge, Rin was able to sleep at peace at night and he was content to have it stay that way.

And since Rin was so content it was only natural that Fate made his career as a big brother miserable as fast as possible.

It started out innocent enough. With him coming back to their house from his dorm to spend time with his sister as she told him about being the manager of the Iwatobi Swim club. She talked about Makoto, Nagisa, Haruka, and Rei like good friends and even he had the urge to crack a smile at the tales she spun, finding amusement in their antics and peace at her smile.

Except as time passed, and the more he visited home, he was not just greeted by his sister’s smile…

“Ah, Rin!” Makoto greets when he sees him entering the kitchen, setting down the groceries he was carrying. Nagisa, Rei, and Haruka turn as well after setting down their own bags of groceries.

…but by intruders as well.

“Rin-chan! You’re just in time! We’re going to make dinner with Gou-chan!” Nagisa chimed in.

“It’s Kou!” Gou shouted annoyed at the blonde, huffing at his mistake of her name (or rather refusal to call her by her nickname). She then turned to her older brother with a grin, “Welcome back, Onii-chan! I hope you don’t mind the company. They were kind enough to help me carry my groceries home so I decided to cook dinner for all of us tonight. Isn’t that great?”

Meanwhile Rin’s eyes narrowed as the gears started to crank and turn, looking at the four boys in his kitchen with his baby sister.

“That’s fine…”

The rest of the night went by without incident, with them all cracking jokes and having fun like old times, but unfortunately for Rin’s suspicious mind, it wasn’t a one-time thing. It seemed like every time he came home they were there already, helping Gou with groceries and getting ready to share a meal together. And apparently, to his alarm, it escalated to when he wasn’t there on the weekends.

However, Rin wasn’t one to jump to conclusions. From an innocent standpoint, there was nothing to fear as hanging out was something clubs and friends did. Just because they happen to be young, healthy teenage boys who go with Gou to the grocery store, help her carry groceries, and all have dinner doesn’t mean there’s something deeper going on.

Then came the touching.

Now call Rin super paranoid but he’d beat every one of his swimming trophies that there was something behind Nagisa excessively hugging his sister and Makoto patting her head in an easy-going manner or even Rei’s shy brushes of her fingers when he takes the groceries from her, his cheeks aflame letting Rin glimpse the sense of purpose behind “accidental” touches.

Then let’s not forget even Haruka was a sneaky bastard. What with using the whole “teaching Gou new dishes to cook involving seafood” as an excuse to guide her hands on how to slice the fish and standing close behind her as he instructed her. Teaching his ass.

Combined with the looks they send her way on occasion, watching her with a sense of endearment, made Rin wish he could vomit acid all over them and then lock his baby sister in a tower where she’ll never be leered at by any of the male species ever again.

As the days went on further and he was forced to watch his first impressions of the boys from the Iwatobi Swim club being foreign to the idea of romance crumble before his eyes, Rin found that option more tempting.

So when Rei would come over for homework because “Gou-san is having trouble with math” or Makoto would walk her home to “discuss plans for the club” or Haruka would come over to cook with her as “Kou still hasn’t learned on how to make grilled Mackerel correctly” or Nagisa would get her trinkets “because Kou is the manager and she needs to show her spirit by wearing our mascot’s jewelry”, Rin has to bit his lip to keep himself from shouting bull and must control his excessive eye twitching to a more tolerable level.

He reminds himself he still has to look sane if he wants to get that gun permit.

It feels like whenever his sister is around, one of those hormonal teenage animals were not far behind, making him exasperated that he can’t have his precious sister to himself. What happened to the days where she would spoil him, huh? Or when she put him above all else cause the rest of the boys had cooties?

God, he missed those days.

“Ne ne, Rin-chan!” Nagisa says to him one night as they all once again decided to invade his home with their fucking disgusting hormone driven desires, “Remember when we were all kids and we all wanted to marry Gou-chan?”

Wait. Hold up.

Did… did he hear that right?

“What?!” at the same time as Gou screamed “Call me Kou!”

“Mmhmm! Don’t you remember! We all fought over Gou-chan when we were kids!” Nagisa repeated. “We all wanted to marry her so we fought on who would get to marry her in the future!”

Did he just die and go to Hell?

“Ah, I remember now!” Makoto added, his eyes lighting up in recognition. “You were sick Rin so it was just me, Haru, Nagisa, and Gou-chan playing that day and she wanted to play house.”

“Ah! Oh yeah!” Gou blinked in remembrance. “I wanted to play house and Haruka-senpai took me to the river to be merpeople in an underwater house while you two were arguing on who would be the dad.”

All eyes turned to Haruka who gave his usual indifferent expression except he wasn’t really making eye contact with any of them and Rin could swear his cheeks were pink.

“Their arguing was too loud and Kou wanted to play.” Haruka finally said and shrugged.

“Haru-chan! You theif! You stole Gou-chan!” Nagisa told him.

“Haruka-senpai is so bold.” Rei commented.

And he’s fucking dead when I get my hands on him, Rin promised.

“Ma, it wasn’t really a big deal.” Gou said smiling. “I actually had a lot of fun. Though none of you gave me a ring to propose.” Gou told them, sticking out her tongue playfully.

Rin just wanted to go drown himself.


It was a week later when he could come visit his home again. A sigh of relief left his mouth when he found that none of those molesters were there with his sister, who was in the kitchen chopping vegetables for tonight’s meal. Maybe Gou finally set them straight…

Yet the glint of silver on her wrist stopped any happy thought of that.

“Gou,” Rin voiced out to her—his eye starting its compulsive twitching, “What…. What is that on your wrist?”

“Hmm?” Gou hummed out, before her curious eyes went down to the trinket on her wrist. “Oh, you mean this? It’s a present from Haruka-senpai, Makoto-senpai, Nagisa-kun, and Rei-kun.” she told him, her lips curving upward at the thought of them. “They said it was a present for being such a good manager. I didn’t think I was doing much, Onii-chan, but I’m so happy that I seem to be helping them out with their training!”

Upon closer inspection, Rin noted that the silver trinket was a charm bracelet already possessing four charms: a butterfly, a penguin, a whale, and a dolphin.

Oh. Hell. No.

Urges to rip the offending trinket proclaiming ownership off of her wrist was quite tempting as well as ripping each of them to unrecognizable shreds. The audacity they had to make moves on his baby sister under his nose would not be tolerated nor would seducing his innocent sister!  


The next day Rin did two things—bought a giant, sparkly shark charm that was bigger and outshined the rest of their pathetic charms and also applied for his gun permit.

It was time to show them big brother did not approve.

OK so I saw a post that was basically like “Things that YOI has done that other sports anime don’t do” and it was bothering me so I’m going to respond to some of the points on it I found weird and arguable.

“Given us a sports anime where the characters aren’t color coded based on their hair.”

Lmao I don’t even know what you’re trying to say with this because I can think of one (1) sports anime that has a crazy assortment of hair colors, and that’s Kuroko no Basuke, so if you meant Kurobas just say Kurobas. The only other one would be Free!, but Haru’s hair is black and Makoto’s hair is brown, the only weirdos are Rei and the Matsuoka siblings. So I’m going to count Free! as a no. 

Some examples of sports anime where the characters hair colors are pretty much as or more normal then the hair colors in Yuri! on Ice: 

Haikyuu!!, Oofuri, Diamond no Ace, Days!, Battery, Free!, Cheer Danshi, Yowapeda (little bit of weirdness as far as hair goes but only with a handful of characters and Minami’s hair is fire engine red and blonde and Victor’s hair is white so), Hajime no Ippo, Slam Dunk, Prince of Tennis, Tsuritama ( I don’t know if this ‘counts’ strictly speaking but it is about fishing so), Prince of Stride, Baby Steps, Eyeshield 21, Ping Pong the Animation 

That’s SIXTEEN sports anime and those are just ones I’ve watched and are pretty familiar with. If you’re looking for anime without an aggressive amount rainbow hair colors, these should all do fine. 

“The characters don’t pull out some “special super saiyan” moves. They fall down and they visibly look tired after their performances.”

Again, if you want to say Kurobas, just say Kurobas. I think Prince of Tennis could also be an addition to this. These are the only two that come to mind that have “super saiyan” moments. If you’re talking about how “realistic” the anime is, YOI isn’y a shining, glowing example of that either. It’s been said time and time again that the routines that these skaters are doing are of a difficulty that has largely never been achieved by real skaters, and are receiving scores that are easily breaking the records of anything a real skater has ever done. 

Some examples of sports anime which are as or more realistic then Yuri!!! On Ice include: 

Oofuri, Haikyuu!!, Giant Killing, Days!, Diamond no Ace, Battery, Free!, Cheer Danshi, Yowapeda, Prince of Stride, One Outs, Baby Steps

etc. etc. there are definitely a lot more that I know less about that belong on here. That’s ten at LEAST. Don’t forget that these are yanno, TV shows, and things that are generally fairly normal in a sport will often be emphasized and dramatized for effect. 

Also as a side note, exhaustion and injury definitely like, yanno, happen in Kurobas. Like. Often. 

“A lot of the skaters are shown practicing or training on and off the rink which is great for character development.”

Literally every sports anime practically ever has SOME component of practice. Also most of the practicing we’ve seen has been montages???? 

Some examples of sports anime where practice is a particularly important element of the show: 

Haikyuu!!, Oofuri, Diamond no Ace, Days!, Cheer Danshi, Kurobas, Battery, Baby Steps

“Victor and Yuri’s relationship isn’t the entire show, but it’s still a VERY important aspect.

Sports anime where relationships are very important aspects of the show but not the entire show, as in the sport itself is still important:

Oofuri, Haikyuu!!, Cheer Danshi, Diamond no Ace, Kurobas, Days!, Yowapeda, Baby Steps, Prince of Stride 

“The female characters don’t take the backseat.”

Idk what you’re defining as taking the back seat. There are DEFINITELY a lot of female characters and they’re all amazing and awesome, but they’re not even remotely being treated as importantly as the male mc’s. We haven’t even seen any of the female figure skaters skate. The overwhelming amount of female characters, and the diversity among them, is FANTASTIC. This show is definitely a big step forward as far as women in sports anime goes. But it’s not the only sports anime with important female characters, nor in my opinion the one that does them the most justice. and completely ignoring all of the other amazing female characters other sports anime have to offer in order to make YOI look better accomplishes nothing. 

Some examples of shows with great, important, reoccurring female characters: 

Oofuri, Days!, Cheer Danshi, Kurobas, Haikyuu!!, Baby Steps, Free!, Chihayafuru, Prince of Stride 

“The coaches are also important to the characters and the viewers.”

Not even gonna talk about this one. Also I don’t get this as much because the only coaches we’re really like, very close to are Victor and Yakov. 

Examples of shows where the coaches are important to the characters and the story: Oofuri, Haikyuu!!, Days!, Cheer Danshi, Kurobas, Battery, Baby Steps, Diamond no Ace 

Keep in mind that I’m a VERY limited POV on this subject. I haven’t watched nearly as many sports anime as some people and I know I’m leaving a lot of series off the list just because I don’t have enough knowledge on them. If anyone has any that they’d like to add that you think I’ve forgotten, please feel free to let me know!

The point is, even with my limited knowledge, I can still pull out multiple examples of sports anime that counter the points that the OP was making. I’m getting really tired of these posts that are just like, blatant lies about other sports anime just to make YOI look better. YOI can stand just fine on it’s on without people comparing it to other sports anime. There’s literally no need for this and the more I see it the more frustrated I get.  

As for my own recommendations, I think everyone who likes YOI should watch Oofuri (ESPECIALLY this), Haikyuu!!, and Days! because they feel most similar in tone. Tsuritama isn’t strictly speaking a “sports anime” in the traditional sense, but I’d also recommend that because it’s just so damn cute and creative and great. Of course, I recommend everyone watch all of these anime but yanno.