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Tani Marika - Google+ 2014.11.16 23:31

Yukiko-san’s last words when she was on 3 janai yo~ Radio…

[T/N : Yukko said that the members who have come as concurrent and transferred in, are really working very hard even though they have worries of their own. And she requests the fans to get more closer to them as well, and pay attention to them more. There are members who really want to stay even though they are literally crying everyday. And she wants all the fans to promise to her that they’ll definitely be kind enough to pay attention to each of these concurrent and transferred members. You can listen to the show here. (51:00~ onwards)]

It made me really really happy. (*Crying*)

So much that even my tear glands dried up!
I am really so glad that I got the chance to come to Nagoya and get to know such kind seniors.

And I’m also very glad that I came across such kind and passionate people like all of you in Nagoya.

I’m really thankful that I was fortunate enough to get the chance to meet each and every person that I have over here.

I hope that I can be able to be someone who is useful to SKE even if it’s just a little bit.
As an individual who is able to contribute towards SKE48.
And as a part of the SKE48 family also, I’ll do my best.

All the people who are watching me are definitely watching me.

Thanks to Yukko-san’s words as well,
Once again, I’ll be stronger! I’ll give my very best!!!
This feeling has just been doubled now!

Everyone in Nagoya,
Even though it might be selfish of me for saying this,
But I’ll be very happy if you keep looking after Tani from here onwards as well.
And, if I’m allowed to be a little greedy, I would be really delighted if you would kindly push me forward as well.

I’ll move forward from here onwards outting in all my efforts!!!!
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

Yukko-san’s words
have really made me feel reassured and relieved.

Tani Marika will move ahead just the way how I am!!!
I’ll do my best from tomorrow also-bai~ ・:*+.\(^谷^)/.+*:・
[T/N : Hakata dialect]