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Sleep headcanons for bleach+naruto (like, do they cuddle, are they "stay on your side of the bed" people, who starts on their own side but wakes up pressed against their s/o, who cuddles at first but can't sleep if touching too much, who wants to go to bed the same time as/before/after their s/o, who wakes up first, who wants to stay all day in bed, who has to read before they fall asleep, who wants to talk, who will punch you if you talk, do they hog the blankets, snore, drool, etc. Thanks!!!

Yooooo I’m sorry for evaporating off the face of the planet. I’m tired, busy, and attending far to many concerts to be considered healthy. I have a few scenarios started and… ugh. So uninspired; so if you requested a scenario, it’s coming… slowly. I have two half done/started and a premise for a few others so hopefully I’ll get them out soon? Idk if I half-assedly write it I feel shitty about posting it so hopefully the writers block will make like my faith in American politics and disappear. Also I love puppies.

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When he does actually sleep, Kakashi, doesn’t move much. He usually goes for a flat on his back or side sleeping position, not curled up but also not really that comfortable. Sleep is a privilege and he treats it as such. Which sucks if you like naps or sleeping a lot because he can’t justify wasting time sleeping that much. Ironically, he isn’t a morning person or an early riser. Just because sleep is a luxury doesn’t mean he wants it to end any sooner. Might cut you is you wake him up before the appropriate time.

Naruto is just as hyperactive asleep as he is awake. He flings his arms and legs around like he’s having a ninja battle with his blankets. He will kick you and punch you; on accident of course. Likewise he isn’t the best to cuddle at night. Lots of accidental bruises.

Sasuke is a lot like Kakashi. He doesn’t move a lot; unless he’s having nightmares. Which happens often. You can wake him up, he wouldn’t mind and he’ll pull you into his chest and rests his chin on the crown of your head. It helps him sleep better knowing you’re close.

You all knew I was including Genma. He’s cuddling with you wether you want to or not. He’s basically a human furnace, which is great in winter; if he didn’t snore loud enough to wake all of Konoha. He will adamantly deny snoring. He also likes waiting to go to bed together; it’s like part of his routine and he can’t sleep otherwise. Snoring aside he’s a pretty light sleeper so if you snore he’s definitely going to tell you about it. Hypocrite.

Rock Lee sleeps like his namesake. He doesn’t cuddle in his sleep, but he keeps you close. He is so hard to wake up you might as well do whatever it was you were doing with out him, but he’s an early riser so chances are he’s already awake. He also snores. Loud. Louder than all other shinobi.

Low key Minato is the best sleeping buddy, he’s always down for naps and likes to spoon. Either spoon, he doesn’t care. He’s a light sleeper though, if you move around he’s bound to wake up and when he’s up, he’s up. He’s one of those guys that can’t go back to sleep once he’s awake. But if he is awake before you he will prepare snacks/breakfast and wake you up gently with his adorable smile. The best wake up call in the world.

Temari likes to be the little spoon most of the time. She is not a morning person; wake at your own risk. Kankuro has many horror stories about interrupting her beauty sleep. When she does wake up though, she gets right to business and goes about her day.

Tenten likes to be the big spoon and sleep close to her partner, she also likes waiting up for them; it feels nice to go to bed with someone. She isn’t one to fall asleep immediately though, she engages in a little bit of pillow talk before she dozes off.

Gaara will only sleep if his partner is with him, and he will have them in a possessive type of cuddling position because it feels more secure. All about protecting his partner. He doesn’t sleep much though and he’s a light sleeper. He will always wake up before you and slither out of bed, he’s a sneaky one. Also a really quiet sleeper, no snoring just very quiet breathing.

Sakura definitely snores. Loud. She will deny it vehemently though. Also a blanket hog. A late riser, she will become easily irritated if you wake her up early without reason. She does like cuddling though, but after she dozes of it won’t last long, like Naruto, she also participates in the new Olympic Sport: Blanket Boxing.

Itachi doesn’t sleep much. When he does it’s light and nightmare riddled. If his partner is with him he likes to hold them close, even if it’s just them sleeping. Their presence calms him down, but only if he’s in the dominant position because he still likes feeling like he’s the one protecting them.


Rangiku is the worst person to share a bed with. She kicks, steals blankets, pushes, punches and snores. You will wake up on the floor, with bruises. She also insists she needs her beauty sleep, and gets cranky if you wake her up to early. She also has an extensive morning routine.

Kensei is an early riser. He won’t always wake you up but he will always make enough breakfast for you both. He doesn’t really snore that much and stays mostly still, maybe shifting a bit here and there. One thing he hates though is going to bed when his partner is mad at him or vice versa. 

Ichigo will always cuddle. It’s non-negotiable. He also waits for you to wake up before he gets out of bed, he’s perfectly content lying there messing with your hair. He thinks you make cute faces when you sleep.

Toshiro some how manages to look worried in his sleep. Don’t comment on it though, he gets snappy. Grouchyness aside he’s the best to cuddle in summer because he’s cold. He takes full advantage of this and smothers you in cuddles, eventually dozing off… Before you. He always falls asleep first.

Jushiro is the cuddle King. When he isn’t coughing. He’s sick though, so naturally, he rests and sleeps a lot. His partners company is always welcome when he’s feeling under the weather; they make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

Shunsui is the comfiest body pillow, for the first like… hour. Once he’s asleep he smothers you in his chest, it sounds nice but. So much. Hair. He gets hair in your mouth, don’t complain he’ll only laugh at you. Is also prone to hangovers, so he sleeps late habitually.

Manga I received today

I still haven’t got my copy of the latest Hana to Yume, but my YesAsia package arrived this morning :D

1) Akatsuki no Yona ~ Onaji tsuki no shita de - novel by Touko Fujitani, illustrated by Mizuho Kusanagi - Hakusensha

2) & 3) Akatsuki no Yona #17 & #18 - manga by Mizuho Kusanagi - Hakusensha

4) Watashi ga hoshii koori no otoko - compilation of oneshots by Kiiro Yumi - Hakusensha

5) & 6) Tiny tiny happy #1 & #2 - manga by Asuka Sora, story by Chisa Asukai - Hakusensha

7) Papa ni wa himitsu na no desuga - manga by Mikan Natsume - Hakusensha

8) Yuusei no fool - manga by Yuki Kure - Hakusensha

9) & 10) 1001 knights #5 & #6 - manga by Yukiru Sugisaki - Kadokawa Shoten

11), 12) & 13) Kyou kara ma no tsuku jyuugyou! #16, #18 & #19 - manga by Temari Matsumoto, story by Tomo Takabayashi - Kadokawa Shoten

1) & 2) LaLa issues #6/2015 and #7/2015

3) & 4) LaLa DX issues #5/2015 and #7/2015


Maru-MA | Kyou Kara Maou! Official images

Temari Matsumoto

I don’t think I can post on x-mas because I’m not at home and with a lot of internet issues, so I’m updating today the thematic pictures ^^

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It seems Asuka magazine are trying to see how interested fans really are in KKM. It would be good to support the manga and let them know we’re here. It would be great if in the next month or two we also send Temari-sensei Fan mail!

In order to reach the magazine in time, this need to be quick! You need to decide right now to do, write it ASAP and go to the post office and send it, because it will take some time to reach Japan.

This is another project of Love Love KKM (here in Spanish), please check the link to the main project to write Takabayashi-sensei for her birthday in a couple of months. Every reblog is useful, let’s share this to reach more fans. If we can show we’re interested in the series this will really help to the publishing of the manga we all love. Remember to always support your favorite authors ^^



Matsumoto Temari-sensei

1-8-19 Fujimi,



“Your name” と申します、"your country"人 (pick: woman女性/man男性)です、"your age"歳です。

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(TRANSLATION, please remember this is for your reference, but don’t include english in your letter because japanese people will not read it)

To Matsumoto Temari:
I’m a huge Kyou Kara Ma no Tsuku juugyou! fan.
My name is “Your name”, I’m a “your nationality” (woman/man) . I’m “your age” old. Please treat me kindly. (or nice to meet you)
The plot of Chapter 108 was great!
Since I like the Ma-series a lot, I’m looking forward to the continuation of the manga.
Please try your best, I’m always cheering for you.
Send my regards to GEG-san !

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