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Arashi ni Shiyagare [2017.07.15]
└ “What’s wrong with you today?!”


Happy release day everyone!!! 

Cr: Documentary Film ~ Are You Happy ~

don-dake  asked:

Top 5 Japanese actors (male or female)/Top 10 Japanese dramas?

Zomg, someone actually asked me things! :D

I’ll just do top5 guys and top5 girls, cuz it’s too hard to pick them together xp

Top 5 Japanese Actors:

1. MatsuJun

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2. Oguri Shun

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3. Yamamoto Yusuke

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4. Mukai Osamu (love him overly much lately)

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5. Sato Takeru

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Top 5 Japanese Actresses:

1. Nishiuchi Mariya

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2. Koyuki

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3. Ishihara Satomi

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4. Horikita Maki

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5. Kitagawa Keiko

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Top 10 Japanese dramas (in not super accurate order):

1. Kimi wa Petto (romance)

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2. Maou (mystery, thriller)

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3. Kagi no Kakatta Heya (mystery)

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4. Hana Yori Dango (romcom)

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5. Okitegami Kyoko no Biboraku (mystery)

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6. Nobuta wo Produce (school)

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7. Nobunaga Concerto (historical comedy)

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8. Liar Game (mystery, thriller)

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9. Yamada-kun to nananin no majou (romcom)

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10. Vampire Host (mystery, comedy)

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I may or may not have obvious favourite genres xp

Eguchi Morio-san, 35 years (Mori-kun) - Matsumoto Jun 

He runs a restaurant called “Tratoria RIKI”.
He specialized in Italy to have his own restaurant.
For some reason, he did not want to be in touch with his former old companions…

Kiichi, 38 years (Kohara Yuki) 

Bus driver.
He works desperately because he is married and has 3 children

*Awww Concerned and responsible parent :’) Yuki come back T^T 

Akira, 35 years (Masaki Aiba)

Architect and first-class designer
Designed a memorial library in the reconstructed old site of Makuhara where the artificial satellite fell 20 years ago …

Kaze trio teaches the best way to celebrate 5x18 Arashi style~

To remind us all it’s almost 5x18…

… they invite themselves to Riida’s house! 

… in fact, E~V~E~R~Y~O~N~E is invited courtesy of one forever-17 gamer! Not just members!

The result: see our Riida turn on his switch and come alive!!!

… and continue his tirade to shut up our youngest (DoS Master of course~)!  See how Neens is obviously enjoying his Captain’s emotional response~

└ And THAT’s how to usher in 5x18! *throws confetti everywhere~~*

Cr: VS Arashi 14.09.2017


99.9 -Keiji Senmon Bengoshi- ✯ 2
┗ Cooking with Hiroto-kun ♦ 2



 Aiba: Well I’m sure that all of you guys have something you want to protect, right? Right? You have right? Right? I’m sure you do… 

Ohno: They do for sure! 

Aiba: Then let’s start with Mr Astronaut. 

Ohno: His jacket makes me curious, haha 

Aiba: It sure does! 

 Sho: You see, it’s because I’ll be going to the moon today… 

Aiba: The moon you say? 

Nino: He is quite the Moon-travler I may say 

Aiba: So what do you want to protect? 

Ohno: Is it the planet Earth? 

Everyone: Hahahahaha!! 

Nino: Good pun! *shakes Ohno’s hand* 

 Sho: You guys! Now I can’t answer!! 

Nino: So, he wants to protect the Earth! Got it! 

 Aiba: Let’s ask Matsumoto-kun. Is there something you want to protect? 

Jun: Something to protect…no, I have no such thing. 

Aiba:Eh?(00;) You don’t? 

 Jun: I have no idea what am I supposedto protect…what alternatives are there? 

Nino: You see…. I myself do have things that I want to protect..but there are so many of them… 

Aiba: For example? 

Sho: Planet Earth what else, duh! 

Sho: I mean just look at it guys! So beautiful! This soil, and the sea! Look! We all have to…. 

Nino: See you next week guys!(^__^)/ 

 Sho: We all have to protect this Blue Earth guys! Oi! DON’T YOU WANNA DO THAT?!


Happy Birthday, Jun-kun! ♥

17.07.01 MUSIC DAY - Kinki Kids Talk - Domoto Koichi-san, Aiba Masaki, Matsumoto Jun

MC: Kinki Kids’ Domoto Koichi-san. Thank you.
S: Thank you.
Domoto-san: Thank you.
S: Originally, today, Kinki Kids’ two members are scheduled to perform, since Domoto Tsuyoshi-san is not feeling well, Koichi-san will perform alone. Koichi-san, please say a word to us.
Domoto-san: Really sorry, we really bothered many people, while staff really respond to this situation flexibly and let me perform in this way.
S: We look forward to Tsuyoshi-san’s quick recovery.
Domoto-san: Right so.
MC: This year Kinki Kids’ two members are having their 20th anniversary since debut, 20 years ago you performed “Bokura no Yuki Miman City”, this summer, there will be a sequel “Bokura no Yuki Miman City 2017”.
Domoto-san: Yes. 20 years, when the drama ended, there was a script “let us meet 20 years later”. This sequel makes this script come true.
MC: Yes. And then, Aiba Masaki-san and Matsumoto Jun-san who perform in the drama also come to this stage. Thank you.
M: Thank you.
A: Thank you.
S: Aiba-kun, the filming is already going on, right?
A: Right, now in perfect progress.
S: How is the atmosphere?
A: Really 20 years, this was the first drama I acted, now I can perform in it again, and I work on it with the two member of Kinki, I feel that this lets them … lets me learn a lot.*
S: “Let them learn?”
M: “Let me learn.”
A: I feel that “this lets me learn a lot”. I apologise.
S: Matsumoto-kun, what do you think about the atmosphere of the site?
M: This noon, Tsuyoshi-kun called me and said “Sorry”, “Thanks for your assistance”. His voice was as usual.
Domoto-san: He is genki.
S: So, the theme song of the drama “Bokura no Yuki Miman City”, “Rather than being loved I want to love”, Aiba-kun and Matsumoto-kun as stand-in of Tsuyoshi-san shall, together with Koichi-san, perform this song.
Domoto-san: Sorry, I asked them for assistance in short notice, but if I have to find stand-in I can only think of them.
S: Because they perform in this drama.
Domoto-san: In such short notice, really thank you.
M: This is the most nervous moment.
S: We look forward to it.
Domoto-san: It’s encouraging.

(After performance of “Rather than being loved I want to love”)
Domoto-san: MatsuJun, Aiba-chan, thanks a lot.
AM: Thank you. Koichi-kun, Tsuyoshi-kun, and Kinki Kids’ fans, congratulations to 20th anniversary.
Domoto-san: Thanks a lot.

(After performance of “Anniversary”)
Domoto-san: Thanks a lot. I am really sorry making everyone worried. When Tsuyoshi-kun is back, Kinki Kids’ 20th anniversary, we shall re-start with a new feeling and feeling of gratitude. Today, really thanks everyone.

* Masaki-san’s original full sentence was “lets me learn a lot” but he paused in the middle and the meaning turned to be “lets them learn”.