All hail, our CONCERTMASTER!!!

/well, for me its useless to argue with other fandoms who pioneered such and such. Because every side has their stand. What’s important for me is that I believe Jun is legendary not just for the concert ideas he thinks, he creates and he give life into. He is legendary for we know how he works hard for every piece of it and why he works hard for it. 😉
And the most important thing is that we appreciate it and he appreciates us back, big time. 💜💜💜💜💜

A break down of Arashi’s singing parts on “Miles Away” song from [ Are You Happy ] album.

See? This is one of the reasons this song is my no.1 favorite from that album. Their voices have matured a lot 😭💗

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at beginning you gave off a very cool and scary impression. in fact you’re a very warm person.  there are many caring people out there, but in your kindness there is a great warmness. that warmness that’s makes me walk through.

Jun-kun, I’m glad that I met you _ Ninomiya Kazunari