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24.03.2014 Matsumoto

After a really foreign but nice breakfast in a cafe in Hakuba we went to Matsumoto by car. The weather was warmer than the last days and really sunny. Finding a parking place was a bit difficult, because everthing is kinda expensive there, but we parked close to the castle. 

The Matsumoto castle is really beautiful, but also depressing. It’s a really old castle which was built to protect the people inside. So they could shoot arrows like from every place of the castle. No wonder its nickname is the Crow Castle, it’s painted in black. I really liked that it still contains the wood and stones from the time it was built. But that means that many people died on the ground we walked. It was a bit scary. 

Walking around the castle was kinda dangerous sometimes and you had to be careful with the stairs. It’s totally worth visiting.

Back outside we had a short break with nice candy and visited the city. We found a nice part close to the river with many old buildings. There you could eat Taiyaki, but it didn’t taste as delicious as in Asakusa for example. 

You can find many nice shops around. When we continued to walk around Matsumoto we found many other nice streets. It’s a really great city.

On our way back to Hakuba we stopped at a nice restaurant here. So delicous!

Today’s calendar:
Weather: sunny and kinda warm
Distance: From Hakuba to Matsumoto
Accommodation: Friend’s apartment

Positive: The beauty of Matsumoto
Negative: finding a parking place was kinda difficult and expensive


松本城 (Matsumoto Castle) by demerval
Via Flickr:
Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture, Japan