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Matsuko Deluxe said that UFA’s weak point that drags them down is that they don’t listen to the fans. Even though she was so passionate about it and talking about MM in her shows, no wonder we haven’t heard her talking about H!P in over a year.


[Nihon Monitor] Female Talents with Most CM Deals in 2014

  1. Rola (14 companies)
  2. Arimura Kasumi (13 companies)
  3. Ueto Aya, Oshima Yuko, Kiritani Mirei, Shimazaki Haruka, Horikita Maki (12 companies)
  4. Emi Takei, Watanabe Mayu (11 companies)
  5. Anne, Kojima Haruna, Becky, Tsubasa Honda, Matsuko Deluxe (10 companies)
  6. Ishihara Satomi, Yamamoto Mizuki (9 companies)

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└ Matsujun Sinseh: Lesson on how to react when embarrassed or in a fluster.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 2-hour SP 09.04.2016


マツコ徘徊~秋葉原のアイドルショップで爆買い~ - YouTube

[Preview] TV Asahi program “Yoru no chimata o haikai suru” O.A. on May 14th ~0:15 O'clock (JST) - Japanese TV star “Matsuko Deluxe” wandering around Akihabara at night. Matsuko: “There’s a place I want to go.” so, she went to shopping at H!P shop Akiba and make a visit at “Hello☆Tribe” (ハロー☆トライブ is a H!P fan pub). Please looking forward to it!
FYI : She’s a H!P fan. xD


Matsuko: Sooo, you look stupid, are actually very mean and on top of that, you’re also a pervert…

Murakami: doesn’t that mean I meet all three important conditions?

Matsuko: and I am willing to accept all of that, so what do you think… 

Murakami: …



−coming up with ideas to make Matsuko a happier person−

Murakami: How about a stuffed toy! I’ll buy you one!

Matsuko: Okay, but one thing, I want a life-sized version of you. O and make sure it’s made out of soft materials.  Well, except for one part…


[Random] Nakamura (and other seiyuus) mentioned in Matsuko’s show

I am almost certain this video will get taken down eventually so check it out before it’s gone

The seiyuu-related talk starts from 13:04. Matsuko Deluxe is a celebrity in Japan, please search him on wikipedia for more info~ The other host is Ariyoshi Hiroiki, he’s on wiki as well

The topic is about recent seiyuus being mostly ikemen and are working just like idols. I won’t have time to sub this so I’ll summarize Matsuko’s main points:

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