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Memorable 嵐 Quotes ~ Sho Sakurai

“Write it as a dream, 
read it as a goal.”

"Tough situations form experiences from which we grow and learn. 
So I think it’s really better to have gone through tough times
than not to have any at all.”

"I don’t think I can save anyone with music.
I do think that I might be able to put a smile on someone’s face with music.
I believe that this is the power of music.”

"Some day, when the present has turned into the past
and we look back on this,
we should hold our heads high.”

"This day, last year, 2014.
This day, next year, 2016.
I also feel that this is ‘merely’ September 15th,
and nothing changes.
We should just look forward with determination.”

"What’s important is to keep going,
even if the results aren’t what you wanted them to be.
Just live your life to its best.”

"Just stopping and looking back
won’t lead to anything being born.”

"We couldn’t have been Arashi if it wasn’t the five of us,
but if it had been just us five, we wouldn’t have made it either.
It’s thanks to the fans’ support.”

“There’s no wall I can’t break through.”

“To know can serve as a trigger.
To know can serve as a deterrent.
To know can serve as encouragement.
To know can give courage.
Because only by knowing the past and the present can the seeds of the future be sown.“

“Nothing has been decided, therefore everything is possible.”

— Some of my fav quotes from the members.

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Memorable 嵐 Quotes ~ Satoshi Ohno

“No one is born a genius.
Just keep doing what you like
and that itself is a talent.”

"Arashi is made up of five personalities.
Our friendship is marked by accepting and understanding of our differences.”

"if you keep doing it continuously,
you’re definitely getting closer to your dream.”

"All I’m doing now is giving my best to what’s in front of me.”

“If you can’t put in the effort to finish the job in front of you, what can you accomplish?”

“Maybe the things you discover on your own
are more valuable than the things
that have been hammered into your head at school.”

"嵐で誰が1番なんじゃない。 5人で1番なんですよ。”
“It not who’s best in Arashi.  It’s best being that these five are as one.”

“傷は治さなくていいよ。 傷くらいあった方がいい。 生きた証じゃん。”

It’s alright if injuries do not heal completely.  It’s alright that there are several scars. It is the proof of having lived.

— Some of my fav quotes from the members.

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